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Tyler Fain

UWRIT 1102-018/11/10/14
Relationships with people that have cancer


Introductory paragraph
After doing research and reading many different pieces such as articles, interviews, and
overview of books of people with cancer and their relationships with people that were going or
helping them fight through the process of chemo radiation therapy and everything else that
came along with it. Surprisingly, to me it seemed that everyone had the same experience and
felt the same with their relationships with family and friends. They all talked about how the
support from friends and family gave them that extra push to fight through the pain and
struggles of cancer. They also explain how the feeling of having those relationships were like
having a net to fall into when they were feeling depressed and down on themselves.
A. Background Information
Relationships help people battle through hard times and give them a sense
of security when things are going bad and not in their favor.
Cancer, itself, can put a lot of strain on those relationships and in some
cases tear them apart or make them weaker.
Friends and children that have close relationships with the parent or friend
that is going through chemo radiation therapy and seeing the physical side
effects on that person can have emotion effects on the child or close


B. Qualified Thesis Statement

Body Paragraphs
A. First Body Paragraph
1. Topic Sentence- Relationships can play a big part in a persons fight with cancer
and in some cases and some peoples stories, they give a lot of credit to the
support and love given by their friend and family.
2. Hoda Kotb says, in her book that, even though my children are older they
supported me 110 percent through the entire process of my fight with cancer
and if I didnt have them I dont think I could have done it by myself, seeing
there smiles, when they came, and hearing their voice, and them showing their
love for me helped tremendously
B. Second Body Paragraph
1. Topic Sentense- Also, Sometimes the fight isnt always about fighting for
yourself. In my research there is a women who was battling ovarian cancer but
took matters into her own hands. While going through her battler she did her
own personal research and found that chemo therapy, which is a treatment
they use to kill caner, doesnt have much effect on this type of cancer and that is
wasnt a very common type either. She found that older women we being
diagnosed with it, where it was the most common, but it was showing up in

young women that ranged from 13-18 and even middle age women from 27-33.
So after she conducted all of this research she took matters into her owns hands
firing, not one, but multiple of her nurses and refused to accept the chemo
radiation therapy. Last, while in the process of all of this she because fed up
with all of these women being diagnosed with this disease rarely anything ever
being done about it so she went on her way and created a foundation that
helped raise funds and money for those who couldnt afford it and gave them
support while battling cancer. Some of the women said that it was great to have
that foundation and that is was almost a security blanket and it took a lot of
stress off of them.


1. I will conduct a research about cancer and people and find biographies or articles and
interviews of people with cancer.
2. I will find stories of people with cancer or I will research on how cancer can impact the
personal relationships between a person and their family such as parents, spouses, or
even children, and even friends.
3. Also, I will try to find research on how cancer affects your identity on how other people
look at you.


Personal Experience towards identity change

A. Paragraph 3- Before my mom had cancer I was a completely different person so
when she was diagnosed with this nasty disease it changed everything, it change my
entire identity. When I was younger I use to be a loud, non-stop talking kid, and
never seemed to run out of energy. I would always want to do something or be with
my friends and more than anything, I wanted to play baseball but when my mom
was diagnosed with cancer, it stopped everything. I became depressed, stop playing
sports, grades started falling, and I stopping going outside with my friends. I just all
of a sudden stopped wanting to do anything that involved associating with other
people. So, I became a quiet kid that kept to his self and I did it for so long I have a
hard time speaking out, about anything, and sometimes talking to people my own
age and I hate it.