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From Childhood Sexual Abuse

Healing From Childhood Sexual Abuse

Introduction Meeting Kiersten & Sarah
Topics were covering today
Could you be a sexual abuse survivor but not
remember it?
Traditional model of care for survivors
including talk therapy
Alternative treatments for coping involving
energy clearing
Repressed Memories
Intuitive Guidance as Therapy
List of local therapists/support teams

Healing From Childhood Sexual Abuse

Do you suspect you might be a survivor?

Abuse survivors often:

1. Have a very sensitive gag reflex

2. Cant tolerate having water hit them in the face (in the shower or pool)
3. May not enjoy bathing; personal hygiene can be a challenge; alternately they
may shower fastidiously and too often
4. Dressing inappropriately (either very modestly or very immodestly) for the
weather and their size
5. Obesity (in my clients about 1/3 of the obese women were sexually abused)
6. Have eating disorders, alcoholism andor/ virtually every form of addiction,
including sex
7. Abuse themselves cutting, picking at the skin, burning (usually from cigarettes)
8. Lack boundaries, physically, emotionally and spiritually
9. Have dead zones on the body (for example, may not know body has wet spots
after toweling off after a shower, or she may not know how she got a bruise)
10. Are unable to make love in certain positions
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Healing From Childhood Sexual Abuse

Abuse survivors often:

Cant remember periods during childhood or realize that everything happened a 8 or 9 or

Feel crazy, or different, or alone; also feel dirty and unworthy
Regularly see double entendres in ordinary conversation
Not trust the body (to be strong, graceful, reliable, healthy)
Suffer emotional abreactions: reliving the emotions of the abuse when confronted with specific
stimuli, e.g. smells (aftershave or cooked cabbage like Grandma always made) or sounds (a
footstep in the hall at night) or images (a type of bed or a sofa in the basement) or touch (the
hair, or lack of, on a mans chest) or taste (slimy, tart, or spicy). This is usually part of PTSD, but
that deserves a post of its own, because of the complexity of the topic.

16. Arousal when reading about a child whos been victimized. This is the bodys response to the
victims sexual education and is particularly prevalent if the victim was groomed over a
period of time. But it is the most shameful reaction for victims and one that is the hardest to talk
about. It is also the only item on this list that makes me mad. Im not talking about the arousal
of a perpetrator here, but the reaction of my client who feels ashamed because Something is
wrong with me if I feel this way. It reinforces the message they were given during the abuse
that said this is your fault or you like it. This message is incredibly complicated if the victim
experienced arousal during the abuse. (Yes it happens its natural and its normal).This isnt a
person who is aroused looking at a child but only when reading about the abuse done to
children. (All my women clients who report this symptom admit it only comes when reading, but
I have a small sample.)
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Integrated Life Messages Exercise

Holli Kenley

"Couples Reconnec-ng and Recovering From Sexual Abuse" excerpted with permission from "Recovering The Self: A Journal of
Hope and Healing, Vol. IV, No. 1" published by Loving History Press. Copyright 2012 by Holli Kenley, M.A., MFT

Healing From Childhood Sexual Abuse


As far as alternaMve therapies go, many of my clients have found help through modaliMes that focus on Mind/
body awareness....things like Reiki or energy work, EmoMonal Freedom Technique (EFT), Sensory Motor Therapy,
Mindfullness Based Stress ReducMon, Yoga, Art Therapy or Expressive Therapy, Use of wriMng, Equine Therapy,
and many more...

Because some of these modaliMes don't have specic training on trauma...I cauMon my clients to do their
homework in researching, genng referrals from trusted sources, and if needed nding a therapist who is open to
supporMng client's through their process. SomeMmes, unknowing professionals end up re-traumaMzing clients
due to moving too quickly in the treatment, not being aware of physical/emoMonal boundaries, or not knowing
how to deal with the intense emoMons that may come up in the process (for both clients and helping

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Healing From Childhood Sexual Abuse

Personal Experiences
Energy of abuse staying within the physical body until
Repressed memories
Techniques weve tried. What have you tried?
Intuitive Guidance as therapy.

Healing From Childhood Sexual Abuse