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I first visited Tallahassee Memorial Hospital when I was 15 years old.

My sister had undergone

an emergency appendectomy and my family traveled to visit her. I had never been in a hospital, I didnt
know what to expect, I was in disbelief; this was not the cold sterile block house buildings I had seen in
films, this was warm, caring, and alive. I never forgot the level of care my family received at TMH, and
on entering my final semester of nursing school I thought again of TMH. I chose to apply to TMH not
only because of my personal experience, but also to participate in TMHs recently established nurse
residency program. My goal upon graduation and licensure is to continue my education, training and be a
part of evidenced based research and practice through TMHs nurse residency program, and transfer into
a perioperative career. TMH is set to begin development on a new surgical and critical care tower which
will offer unparalleled access to start of the art technology and the best in patient care.
I plan on making a career out of my residency at TMH. I fondly remember my time in
Tallahassee while attending FSU during my first undergraduate degree. My wife and I wish to be closer to
family in Pensacola, and we both envision a permanent future in Tallahassee. TMH offers
multidisciplinary care, from pediatric to psychiatric care, providing opportunity for constant growth and
As a field biologist and research assistant I am familiar with experimental project design and
management, data parameters and collection, management and synthesis of research and data, a variety of
statistical computer software, and communication of research goals to individuals involved in the
collection of experimental data. I believe this is critical knowledge required by contemporary nurses to
provide evidenced based care and best practices. I plan on contributing to the nurse residency programs
support of evidenced based practices, and was impressed to learn of previous cohorts contributions in the
annual nurses report. I believe my past experience in research is a key resource to TMH and coupled
with my experience in patient satisfaction and conflict resolution as a patient care advocate I am
deserving of a residency at TMH. I expect this program to foster an environment of evidenced based
practice and continue my education by providing mentorship by experienced and willing nurse mentors. I
would like to gain med-surg experience as a nurse resident and I expect TMH to provide opportunities to
transfer this experience to a perioperative nursing career.
During my term as a patient care advocate and surgical waiting room receptionist, I was allowed
to observe any surgical procedure with the providers permission. My most memorable clinical
experience, and what ultimately drove me to a career as a registered nurse, was observing an organ
harvest. I was awestruck by the surgeon and supporting staff and was floored simultaneously by the
selflessness of the providing family, the support and care by the nursing staff, and in pure awe of the
human anatomy witnessed firsthand. I decided that night I would become a perioperative nurse.
A nurses responsibility as a patient educator and advocate for patient rights and autonomy in the
hospital is pivotal to TMHs goal to "Lead our community to be the healthiest in the Nation. Providing
education and information on community healthcare resources to increase patient access to healthcare is
critical in the prevention of future complications from chronic conditions and acute episodes. To truly
become the healthiest community in the nation, a nurses role can not be limited to the hospital, and it is
essential that nurses reach populations by volunteering their time at community health events providing
care to at risk, low socioeconomic and low health literacy populations. I would gladly represent TMH
within the community and volunteer my time to provide care.
I eagerly await your response, and thank you for your consideration.
Brian Poirier