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TExES Competencies aligned with Education 1301

Professional Development Domain IV: Fulfilling Professional Roles and Responsibilities

Competency 007: The teacher understands and applies principles and strategies for
communicating effectively in varied teaching and learning contexts.
I believe this not only means teachers need to effective in communication with just the students
in the classroom but also with colleagues, administration personnel, as well as parents and/or
guardians of each student.

Competency 008: The teacher provides appropriate instruction that actively engages
students in the learning process.
Anybody can present and pass out worksheets from a curriculum, but the importance is
encouraging student excitement, along with positive motivation by the presentation of the
teacher. Presenting it in a way that ignites a passion within the student will fuel the spark of
learning they did not know they even had. Lessons will become invigorating and exciting. That
in turn, will increase student involvement and ultimately, testing scores.

Competency 011: The teacher understands the importance of family involvement in

childrens education and knows how to interact and communicate effectively with
I believe this goes alongside with Competency 007. Communication is essential with parents of
students. Keeping each parent up to date with their child on a personal level takes careful
concentration and skill. The majority of parents have expectations from the teacher to know how
their child develops in their classroom. Whether their child is behaving, struggling, or excelling,
it is believed to be the teachers responsibility to communicate such issues. This goes with the
home life of each individual child as well. Teachers need to be sensitive and conscious of where
the student comes from and what they are experiencing at home and keep that in mind when
communicating with their families.

Competency 012: The teacher enhances professional knowledge and skills by effectively
interacting with other members of the professional community and participating in
various types of professional activities.
Teachers have hobbies and lives outside of the classroom. It is nice to see their involvement with
within their communities. Not only does this build their reputation but it also shows their
students that they too can be just as involved and passionate about other things outside of their

Competency 013: The teacher understands and adheres to legal and ethical requirements
for educators and is knowledgeable of the structure of education in Texas.
Teachers are the intricate part in molding students not just in an educational sense, but also in
character, morals, and ethics. Teachers are role models whether they think so or not. What they
do in their personal time outside of school, can and most likely will, affect their reputations with
colleagues and parents. The responsibility in teaching and influencing the next generation needs
to come from an individual who takes pride in being an upstanding citizen who is not afraid to
show what it means to have great character and morals.