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PHED 239 Module 4: High School

Site Observation/Teaching Assisting Assignment

Due one day after the observation

Directions: Read and become familiar with the questions below BEFORE the observation.
Submit answers to the questions on a separate sheet (word-processed/double-spaced). Points
will be deducted for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes. Total = 30 pts.

Include the following general background information:

Agawam High School

Mary Murray

9-12 grade

20-26 students per class

Two gymnasiums, both hard wood floors, one with six basketball hoops and a regulation
basketball court with a divider that comes down when necessary and bleachers along both
sides, other is smaller with a mat on the ground and that has lower ceilings, there is also a
weight room with cardio and strength training equipment. There are fields and five tennis courts
outside for use as well.




Describe how students interacted with each other, teachers, and/or administrators.
Students interacted well with each other, and positive interactions with the teachers was
present. Most students had their own friend groups and based their enthusiasm and effort on
how their friends approached these aspects.

What characteristics of a high school student did you witness? Give examples.
High school students will say almost anything, they sometimes strive to be obscene and get the
teacher off task. When we first walked in to the gymnasium some of the boys commented on
the Springfield College girls. Some students love competition and can easily become
aggressive. While other students struggle with effort need more encouragement from the
teacher to participate.
3. What rules, routines, and management techniques are used by your cooperating teacher(s)?
The teachers have a regular warm up which includes about three minutes of jogging (this time
increases by 10 seconds every class), 10 three count jumping jacks, 10 push ups, and 10
crunches. Safety is a major focus of the rules, making sure all equipment is completely out of

the way when students are engaged in activity is very important. Using whistles effectively and
using a strong teaching voice will improve management.

What units are the students participating in during this time of year? How do the teachers
determine what units the students will be involved in? How long are the units?
Teachers at Agawan HS follow the games and activities presented on their website. These units
include indoor soccer, nitro ball, floor hockey, yoga, and a fitness unit. They choose how and
when to teach certain units based on their students. Mrs. Murray said that she asked the
students what fitness components that students wanted to work on, and set up her fitness unit
based on that. Mrs. Murray stated that fitness unit tries to focus on gaining fitness without using
a gym, such as using free weights and bosu balls. Units at Agawan HS are typically two weeks


Any discipline issues? If so, how were they handled? What is the teachers
discipline policy?
First the teacher would address the issue and identify a solution to the student. If the students
were to act out again, they would be told to sit out for one minute, and then again for 2 minutes
if the action occurred again. For specific sports, like when playing floor hockey, a penalty for
aggressive play is to sit out for one minute.


What are the average class sizes? How are classes divided (i.e. by grade level, skill level,
The average class size was between 20-25 students. The D period was smaller than the C
period. The students get to choose which activity they want to participate in, there are typically
three options and this determines the overall class size.


What is/are your biggest concern(s) about teaching at the high school level?
My biggest concern with teacher high school level students is how close we are in age. I am
confident in my teaching ability and setting formal relationship with the students, but I do think it
will be a challenge to have these students respect and listen to me consistently.


What are you most looking forward to in regards to teaching at the high school level?
I am looking forward to interacting with these students, and being able to have real
conversations with them, relating to their fitness and physical activity outside of class and ways
for me to help them improve. Getting their opinions and relating to the students will be exciting
for me as well.