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Teacher: Miss Kuhn

Date: Monday, December 1, 2014

Grade: Kindergarten
Title of Activity: Gingerbread Writing Activity
Ohio Common Core ELA Standard:
With guidance and support from adults, recall information from experiences or
gather information from provided sources to answer a question.
Write a letter or letters for most consonant and short-vowel sounds.
Student Learning Objective:
Students will gather information from provided sources to answer a question and
write letters for most consonant and short-vowel sounds through a whole group
read aloud of The Gingerbread Boy by Brandi Chase to successfully write the
beginning and ending sounds within one word.
Anticipatory Set:
Hi friends! Today we are going to practice writing with a fun gingerbread
activity! I need your help to sound out a word. [Teacher points to CVC word on
board] D says. [Class responds] A says. [Class responds] D says. [Class
responds.] Great work! Which vowel are we working with? [Students respond]
Yes! How do we know that A is a vowel? [Students respond] What beginning
sound did we hear? [Student responds] What ending sound did we hear? [Student
responds] Is D a vowel or consonant? [Student responds] Awesome thinking! It
only makes one sound so it is a consonant. Kiss your brains! Please turn your
body towards the Mimio.
Instructional Strategies:
Whole group instruction
Read aloud
Technology integration
Academic Language:
Beginning sound
Ending sound
Materials, resources, technology:
Interactive Mimio
Large easel paper
Magnetic direction cue cards

Gingerbread Writing Activity (Teacher copy x2)

Gingerbread Writing Activity (Student copy x42)

Activity 1: Guided Mimio Introduction
Students will listen to an interactive read aloud of the book The Gingerbread Boy
retold by Brandi Chase. Teacher will pause on pages 5, 6, and 7 to ask what the
gingerbread boy is running away from. Students will turn to the rocking chair
after the story to complete an easel brainstorming session. Teacher will model
how to brainstorm. Hmmm I remember that the gingerbread boy ran away from
the old lady. I need your help to think of other things the gingerbread boy ran
away from. Students will brainstorm a list. After all options from the book are
brainstormed, teacher will open up new, creative ideas. For example, the
gingerbread boy ran from a zebra! Students will add to their list. Teacher will help
students stretch and spell two of the words.
Activity 2: Gingerbread Writing Activity
Students will listen to step-by-step directions. The teacher will model how to
complete the individual activity. Students will then be called back to their tables
to work on their own. Teacher support and scaffolding will be available during the
activity. Advanced students will be challenged to choose a word that is at least
two syllables long. Students who benefit from extra assistance will be given oneon-one help.
Thanks for working so hard friends! I chose _______s work to use as an
example. This friend was working extra hard during our activity. Kiss your brain!
_____ spelled the word dog. What vowel do we hear in the middle of the word
dog? [Student responds] Great! What beginning and ending sounds do we hear?
[Student responds] Awesome thinking! Are those sounds consonants or vowels?
[Student responds] Can you tell me why you think that? [Student responds]
Thanks for working so well today! We sure are doing a great job with our writing!

Accommodations for Special Learners:

Visual learners: Students will visually see the story being told on the Mimio.
Auditory learners: Students will hear step-by-step directions to complete the
activity and hear the story read aloud.
Tactile learners: Students are able to physically write and draw independently.
Speech IEP: Directions will be clearly spoken and visually shown on the board.
Student will sit near teacher on carpet to verbally communicate his responses.
Students who do not stay on task: These students will sit close to me on the carpet
so I can give positive reinforcement for listening and participating.
English Language Learners: N/A.

Informal: Through teacher observation I will monitor whole group instruction to
check student progress. I will actively check to see: Are students actively
participating to brainstorm ideas of what the gingerbread ran away from? Yes or
No. If the answer is yes, we will continue into the formal assessment. If the
answer is no, we will complete a second close read of The Gingerbread Boy.
Formal: Students will independently complete their own Gingerbread Writing
Activity. I will check: Can students successfully write the beginning and ending
sounds within one word? Yes or No.