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Student Profile

Name of student: _Dan (pseudonym) __

Grade level: _Kindergarten__
Describe the students learning differences in the area of disability and/or giftedness: (How does this
student differ from typical classmates?
After working with and observing Dan, I have identified him as a student who is gifted. Dan easily
grasps new concepts and skills introduced into the classroom. Along with this, Dan often gives detailed
responses and explanations of his work.
At this point in the year, many of the students are continuing to work on writing and identifying CVC
words, Dan however has already mastered these skills. He is able to read with little assistance and is one of
three students who will soon begin creating/writing their own short stories.
Dan has a genuine interest in learning. He is always focused on the task. Dan is attentive and highly
interactive during group discussions as well.

Based on observations and inventories, what are this students learning styles in the areas of Multiple
Intelligences, learning styles, preference for group or individual work, etc?
Based on the Multiple Intelligences Inventory I administrated to Dan, he is an interpersonal and spatial
learner. Interestingly, Dan expressed to me that he prefers working on tasks alone, rather than with his
classmates or teacher (perhaps this is because he enjoys the challenge of completing a task without
assistance). However, based on observations, it seems Dan does enjoy helping his peers. I often see him
keeping others on task and assisting his group mates who need help. It seems that when it comes to his
assignments, he would prefer to work alone, however he is more than willing to help others with their
assignments. Dan scored high on a bodily kinesthetic, intrapersonal, and musical as well. I think Dan would
benefit from a variety of forms of instruction. It seems he likes the responsibility of helping others, but longs
for the challenge of working tasks out independently as well. I think he would also benefit from tasks that
keep him up and moving, along with ones that incorporate rhymes and song. I feel Dan has a variety of
interests and strengths, and it would be best to give him a wide range of opportunities to explore content and
express learning.

What are this students interests?

Dan is an extremely active young boy. He plays soccer year round, both indoor and outdoor. He also
takes gymnastics class a few days a week. Dan is a big fan of both soccer and hockey, he really loves to watch
both sports. Dan told me he also loves to go sledding outside and play with his ninja turtles and Legos. Dan
said he is very busy, but likes to find time to write and draw in a journal he keeps to record what he does each

Please describe how you came to these conclusions about student interests.
Like I did with Abby, I had the opportunity to sit down and ask Dan about himself and the things he
likes to do, toys he likes to play with, etc.
Based on your pre-assessment, please describe this students strengths and weaknesses regarding the
content of your unit.
Strengths: Dan is aware of the continent we live on. Again, this will be helpful background knowledge
to have and relate to when learning about the different continents and places traveled to and from. Dan
already has a bit of background knowledge of Columbus and the Pilgrims as well. He is familiar with a few facts
surrounding Columbus and the Pilgrims, such as what Columbus wanted and the idea that the Pilgrims came
to a new land, where they met people who were living there. He expressed further knowledge during the
group discussion portion of the pre-assessment. Dan explained to the class that Columbus sailed to America.
When I asked the class who they thought paid for trips to new places, Dan offered the idea that Kings and
Queens would pay. Dan raised his hand multiple times throughout the class discussion. To me, this
engagement suggests that Dan feels comfortable with and is interested in this upcoming topic of Columbus
and the Pilgrims.
Weaknesses: Dan lacks background knowledge about explorers. He was unable to identify an
explorers job, and was unaware that Christopher Columbus was an explorer (however, he did know Columbus
went to the Americas, which leads me to believe he understands who Columbus is, just does not understand
or has not been introduced to the term explorer). Like many of his classmates, Dan also carried the
misconception that long, long ago, people traveled by plane.
Attach pre-assessment with pseudonym.