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Kunqian Li

410 Bonnie Bay Ct

League City, TX, 77573

Aug 11-Present

Clear Springs High School

League City, Texas


Sales Associate at Abercrombie Kids

10 hrs/wk 8 wks/yr

Extracurricular Activities



Aug 14-Present

Aug 11-Present

Marching Band
Section Leader (2012); Drum Major (2013-2014)
Led saxophones and low reeds section
Assisted in the teaching of marching drill
Taught show music and stand tunes
Managed band at rehearsals, contests, and football games
Concert Band
Principle Bass Clarinetist (2011-2015)
Led Bass Clarinet Section
Organized sectional rehearsals
Performed various collegiate/professional level solos
National English Honor Society
Secretary (2013-2014); President (2014-2015)
110 active members
Participated in an annual Letters to Soldiers project
Hosted two annual book drives one for Books of the
World and one for Literacy Advance of Houston
Encouraged students to assist English teachers in the
classroom and peer-tutor other English students in writing
Encouraged students to attend school plays and enter in
essay competitions and scholarships
PALs (Peer Assistance and Leadership)
Encouraged young people to use their potential to make a
difference in their lives, schools, and communities
Went regularly to elementary schools to assist students
with various needs
Participated in multiple events to better the community
and the school
Culture Club
Secretary (2012-2013); Public Relations (2013-2014)
Promoted the awareness and acceptance of all cultures

25 hrs/wk/16 wks/yr

14 hrs/wk/24 wks/yr

3 hrs/wk/ 40 wks/yr

6 hrs/wk 40 wks/yr

2 hrs/wk 20 wks/yr

Aug 12-Present

Aug 11-Present

Aug 11-13

Aug 13-Present
Aug 14-Present

Aug 13-Present

Jan 13-Feb 13

Organized bi-weekly meetings to teach a culture of the

Hosted monthly socials to celebrate a culture of the month

4 hrs/wk 25 wks/yr
Placed 1 at Regionals in Business Operaitions Research
Event (2013)
Developed a website and marketing plan for local business,
Jem Books to increase profit
Placed 1st at Regionals in Sports Business Operations
Research Event (2014)
Developed a web-based promotional plan in order to
increase income for the Houston Texans franchise
3 hrs/wk 30 wks/yr
Participated in various health-related volunteer and charity
Raised over $1,000 to support the HOSA sponsor who was a
victim of drunk driving and spread awareness of the impacts
of drunk driving in the process
Placed 3rd at Regionals in Community Emergency Rescue
Team (CERT) event (2014); became a certified CERT
Speech and Debate Team
10 hrs/wk 16 wks/yr
Varsity Debater: Public Forum (11-12) Policy Debater
National Forensics League qualifier
Rho Kappa/Social Studies Honor Society
2 hrs/wk 9 wks/yr
Volunteered at local historical and cultural events
National Honor Society
3 hrs/wk 10 wks/yr
Promoted a standard of all around academia in the school
Volunteered at local events where requested: competition
assistance, local theaters, seasonal festivals
Interact Club
1 hr/wk 20 wks/yr
Participated in local and international projects as a service
and leadership organization
Raised over $1,500 for American Red Cross to aid
Moore, OK
Raised $715 to benefit residents of Hope Village Home
School Musical (Curtains)
15 hrs/wk 8 wks/yr
Performed in the Pit Orchestra
Featured in 3 solos

10th, 11th
8th, 9th

Commended National Merit Scholar

AP Scholar with Distinction
AP Scholar
Texas Music Scholar
First Chair All-Region Bass Clarinetist


2005, 2008, 2011

All-Region Bass Clarinetist

Grade 1 on UIL Class 1 Solo
Grade 1 on UIL Class 1 Ensemble
Outstanding 9th Grade Marcher
Superintendent Scholar
Met the academic requirements required in all classes to be recognized by
CCISDs superintendent of schools
1 Place CCISD Science Fair in Behavioral/Social Science
American Math Competition Winner
Earned the highest score at Clear Springs High School on the AMC 10
National Federation of Music Clubs
Received three Gold Cups for piano performances
Judged on proficiency of memorization and performance of multiple pieces

Volunteer Services


Volunteer at Literacy Advance of Houston

Expanded tutor support in the Bay Area location
Pianist at Creekside Chinese Church
Rehearsed and preformed hymns for the congregation one
to two times a month
Creekside Chinese Churchs Vacation Bible School
Taught specific lessons to children ages 8-12
Organized unique activities every day
Volunteer with National Honor Society
Aided through Senior year in community service events
Volunteer with Peer Assistance and Leadership (PALs)
Aided through Senior year at local elementary school,
community, and on-campus events
Rosenberg Public Library Aid
Focused primarily on reorganizing the library which was
affected by hurricane Ike
Volunteered at library hosted events
Helped with documenting summer reading event hours
UTMB Victory Lakes Town Center
Taught and helped patients set up a MyChart account,
an online resource that allows them to view their
medical records

2 hrs/wk 36 wks/yr
1 hr/wk 52 wks/yr

24 hrs/wk 2 wks/yr

3 hrs/wk 10 wks/yr
2 hrs/wk 40 wks/yr

15 hrs/wk 4wks/yr

12 hrs/wk 4wks/yr

Musical Instruments
Trained in both clarinet and bass clarinet performance
Classically Trained Pianist

8 hrs/wk 50 wks/yr

o Taught under the late Dr. William Chaisson

o Participated yearly in Gold Cup, Guild competitions,
annual theory exams, and spring and winter recitals
Communication Skills
Extensive experience with working with large organizations
o Drum Major and Section Leader of the band (150 Members)
o NEHS President and Secretary (110 Members)
o Culture Club Secretary and Public Relations Officer (100 Members)
Fluent in Mandarin Chinese