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California Department of Education

Child Development Division

Childs Name: Jenny

Child's Developmental Progress

Date of Conference: 5/12/2014
This form describes your child's developmental progress in achieving four broad desired results for all children:

Children are personally and socially competent

Children are effective learners
Children show physical and motor competence
Children are safe and healthy

Your child's strengths include...

1.) Jenny has the ability to recognize the needs or interests of other children when there is conflict. She
knows how to create reasonable solutions to problems with other children.
2.) She gets involved with literacy activities and suggests what we should read during circle time or asks for
a particular book to read.
3.) Jenny is able to legibly write her own name and simple words. She also writes her name on her
drawings or words in pictures that she draws.
4.) She has the ability to understand the cause and effects of some actions. For example, she knows that if
you leave a marker out without a cap, it will dry out.
5.) Jenny can count up to 11 and explaining what she has counted.
6.) She is able to sort up to 3 different colors into 3 groups. For example, she can place different colored
pipe cleaners into groups by matching the colors.
7.) She understands how to share with other children sometimes without being told by a teacher. She waits
patiently for her turn to play with other children.
8.) She is very engaged with activities and doesnt let other children distract her she works on certain
Areas your child is currently working on include...
1.) We are currently working on having Jenny sit still and not interrupt during circle time.
2.) Sometimes she needs help on getting started while using the scissors. We are working on letting her be
able to use scissors without a teachers assistance.
3.) She remembers a few key familiar routines such as getting ready for snack time and going outdoors.
4.) Jenny watches and takes interest in what other children are doing during some activities.
We (teachers, caregivers, families) can help your child learn and develop in the program by...
1.) Having some silent circle times by doing songs using our hands and feet. By asking Jenny questions
during circle time, she might not get as distracted by other children.
2.) Offering Jenny papers with grid lines that she can cut along to help her to start using scissors by herself.
California Department of Education
September 2003

California Department of Education

Child Development Division

3.) Asking her of events that happened earlier in the day to help with her memorization.
4.) Involving Jenny in more activities that enhance her curiosity and initiative rather than having her watch
what other children are doing.
You can help your child learn and develop at home by...
1.) Asking her questions such as whether an object with float or sink when placed in water. This might cause
her to try and test it out.
2.) Asking her what she did in school today or what she did at her friends house. This could help with having
her think back on previous events.
3.) If she interrupts while some else is talking, tell her how she needs to wait her turn to speak. The silent
game for about 5 minutes might be helpful.

Person Conducting the Conference

Name: Michelle Iaquinta
Title: Preschool Assistant

California Department of Education

September 2003

Name: Mr. and Mrs. Jenny