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Word Work - Assessment

oo ui short u, long u
December 4, 2014
ELA 2.1:
Students will identify by sight an increasing number of high frequency words and familiar words from favourite books.
Students will figure out, predict and monitor the meaning of unfamiliar words to make sense of reading, using cues such
as pictures, context, phonics grammatical awareness and background knowledge.
Students will associate sounds with same vowel combinations, consonant blends and diagraphs, and letter clusters to read
unfamiliar words in context.
ELA 4.2:
Students will use phonic knowledge and skills and visual memory to spell words of more than one syllable, high
frequency irregular words and regular plurals in own writing.
Students will use phonic knowledge and skills and visual memory to attempt spelling of unfamiliar words in own writing.
Use the conventional spelling of common words necessary for the communication of ideas in writing.
ELA 5.2:
Students will work in a variety of partnerships and group structures.
Students will identify word structures oo, ui short u, long u and oddball words.
Learn to identify sound and letter structures.


Students eat their snacks, clean up and get ready for Word Work by meeting me on the rug.


Let students know it is time for word work. I will be assessing the group working on sounds ui, oo,
short u and long u. Let students from previous Word Work group know that once they are done
cutting all their words, I would like them to try sorting their words on their own. Ask students I am
working with today to grab their pencils and a clipboard and come back to the carpet. While those
students are doing that, ask everyone to think about what they will be working on in Word Work. Ill
tell them to take 10 seconds and tell it to someone sitting near themselves on the carpet. Then I will ask
Word Work groups to get up together.


Give each student two words to put into categories each. Have them place words into categories oo,
ui, short u, long u, and oddball words.
*While students are doing this, check with other students


Ask students to spell four additional words:


Students can write three sentences using three headings from above.
*Give students a two minute warning. Try finishing up what youre doing and if you are close to done,
then you can finish and clean-up.


Thank students for their hard work. Ask students to clean up their Word Work and move back to the
carpet for health.
Word Work Assessment