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To The Parents

The 2005 South Carolina Education

and Economic Development Act
includes a focus on the 16 nationally
recognized career clusters. The Office
of Career and Technology Education
directly supports programming that
impacts many of those 16 career
clusters. Career and Technology
Education plays a significant role in
the implementation of this
comprehensive legislation, including
an emphasis on:

work-based learning
rigorous career-technical
course work,
other career-technical
EEDA offers Resources for Parents
School Directory* School Letter
Grades* Report Cards* Resources &
Information on the 16 career clusters

Parent Involvement
Active, involved parents are an
essential resource for South
Carolinas schools in making the
most of every childs educational
experience, from pre-kindergarten
all the way through high school.
The EEDA has information parents
can use to help guide your childs
education and strengthen
partnerships with teachers and
other school leaders.

Director of EEDA
Mrs. Susan Flanagan
1429 Senate Street
Suite 912-A
Columbia, SC 29201
Tel: 803-734-8412

Education is the key to

success in life

Career Curriculum
Education, Economic
Development Act




Professor: Mrs. Marcia Wright

Career Clusters
Resources~ Agriculture isnt just farming
anymore. Opportunities abound in this
wide open field, from working with small
animals to designing newtools and
machines for farming and processing
(2)Architecture & Construction~ your
work in the field can lead all the way to
owning your own firm. Architecture and
Construction is one of the last industries
in which you can start as an apprentice
and rise to the top of the ladder.
(3)Arts, A/V Technology, &
This cluster specifically focuses both on
the act of creation and on the
technologies that make artistic creation
and communication possible.
(4)Business Management &
Planning, organizing, directing and
evaluating business functions essential to
operations. Available in every sector of
the economy
(5)Education & Training~ Everyone wants
to make a difference, but teachers may
have the best claim to being able to shape
the future. By helping children learn how
best to make their way through life,
teachers prepare the corps of time
travelers who will be responsible for
mankinds fate 50 years from now
(6)Educators Guide~ By combining rigorous
academics with relevant career education,
these career clusters represent the most direct
answer to the questions all students ask of
the education system: Why should I care
about school? Why should I work hard to do
well in class? Whats in this for me? What
do I want to be when I grow up?
(7)Finance~ career in finance offers endless
possibilities with jobs ranging from
insurance to investment banking and
accounting. For people interested in math,
organization, and technical expertise, this
could be your ideal career path.

Career Clusters

(8)Government & Public Administration~ As one of the

nations top employers, Government and public
administration has boundless career opportunities for
people with all skill sets. You can have a number of
career opportunities including a city manager, global
imaging specialist, security specialist, computer
programmer, court clerk, linguist, social worker, and, of
course, that little job called president.
(9)Health Science~ Health Science is the fastestgrowing sector of the South Carolina job market, and
high demand for healthcare workers means
Their jobs are among the best paying in the state, as
well. As South Carolinas population ages and more
people need healthcare services, opportunities expand
for employees who like working with people and have
mastered the basics in math, science, and
(10)Hospitality & Tourism~ the states natural and
cultural attractions draw more than 29 million visitors
every year and make hospitality and tourism the states
number one industry. From start-up jobs in restaurants
to high-level corporate management of multimilliondollar hotel chains, hospitality and tourism offers
engaging, people-oriented work in picturesque
(11)Human Services~ a career in human services
connects people with each other. Meeting human needs
is a part of everyday life, and individuals in human
services careers are committed to improving the quality
of life for people.
(12)Information Technology (IT)~ (pronounced eye
tea) has transformed the way the world does business,
has boosted workers ability to produce, and even
changed the forms of global art and culture.

Career Clusters

(13)Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security~

careers in law, public safety, corrections, and
security offer rewarding opportunities and unique
positions not available in other industries. Jobs
range from protective services such as homeland
and computer security, firefighters, security, and
police officers to rescuers, lawyers, judges, and
legal assistants.
(14)Manufacturing~ almost 5,000 manufacturing
and manufacturing-related businesses are in the
state in fields ranging from plastics to technology,
and pharmaceuticals to minerals. In fact, 97% of all
South Carolinas total merchandise exports are
manufactured goods.
(15)Marketing~ within the world of marketing,
sales, and service are a wide range of jobs that
allow individuals not only to use their
interpersonal and communication skills, but to
help people get what theyre searching for with
continued ease.
(16)Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
(STEM)~ if youve got the urge to figure out how
things work and advance the frontiers of
knowledge, a career in Science, Technology,
engineering, and Mathematics might be right for
you. These jobs pay well because technological
progress is so important to the growth of our
economy, to our countrys security, and to the
quality of future life on earth
(17)Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics~
Doing business in America means moving people,
raw materials, and products by road, rail, air, and
water. To keep things moving requires millions of
workers in supporting industries such as
infrastructure planning and management, logistics,
and maintenance of vehicles and facilities.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to

change the world.
~Nelson Mandela