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Zachary Rapp
Jennifer Williams
December 9, 14
English 101

Baraka: The Effect of Nature and Organization in our Society

The film Baraka is a worldwide view of the planet Earth demonstrating the good, the
bad, the challenges and the beauty. It is a film without words, yet the viewer has little challenge
in fully understanding the imagery of the scene regardless of how complex or foreign the picture
may appear. The film entices the viewer from the onset as in the opening sequence of the film
you are immediately exposed to the deep riches and beauty of nature. The film was directed and
photographed by Ron Fricke. The filming spread across 23 countries including 6 different continents over 14 months of capturing magnificent images. The film was first released in the year
1992, and was rereleased twice when newer technology allowed for a clearer more vivid picture.
The film carries a brilliant message demonstrating how nature is organized and operates on its
own system, displays a picture of human society based on organization and the nature demonstration of various cultures.

Nature is a well-organized operating system that seemingly has no boundaries. The Director used focused scenes of different landscape and animals to show how nature is in perfect
harmony. One glowing example includes a scene of migrating birds flying synch as if they have
been rehearsing all week for the shot. In another example a lone monkey is found in an ice cold
mountain region that seems uninhabitable, but nature was wise enough to provide the monkey
with the use of a natural hot spring that keeps him safe and warm. Nature is a perfect society and

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everything in nature takes on a role in the responsibility in keeping the environment cohesive.
Each animal has adapted and been able to use the nature around them to survive and prosper.
Even though nature has been challenged by the actions of man, it continues to find a way to survive and thrive. Our Earth is an incredible vessel and we should do all we can to help continue
the safe voyage of Earth.

Just like nature humans also live in an organized society. The director offers a variety of
scenes that demonstrate the organization of people. One very descriptive example shows a massive factory; but its function was as methodical and predictable as possible. In another example
the film focuses on a crowded subway and other forms of transportation. While from a user view
it may seem like mayhem, from a big picture view these forms of transportation for humans have
movements that are very similar to the natural movements found in nature. The film clearly
shows how our society is based on organization as without it our world would be lost in chaos.
Even our everyday lives are based on organization as we have certain places to be at certain
times. Even in human environments that do not enjoy the modern day technology advances there
is still organization. As an example various pictures demonstrate different tribal dances that are
based on organization and tradition. In these beautiful dances and rituals everyone did their part
in the routine for it to be a success. There is also a great deal of organization in the manner that
people of all faiths worship. Many faiths believe that you worship in a group setting and use organized dances and prayers to demonstrate faith.

Nature plays a key role in different cultures. The movie showed many different cultures
and the different ways in which they interact with the nature around them. Nature has a huge

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effect on many cultures. Many animals have spiritual meanings to a culture and are worshiped or
feared. This belief has stood the test of time as the movie demonstrated prehistoric temples with
carvings that show a variety of designs of nature and animals.

Without any dialogue the movie was able to convey to the viewer its strong message and
to leave little doubt in the process. Nature is a huge part of our world and is something not to be
ignored. The beauty and power of nature are timeless, continuous and perhaps endless. For man,
no matter the language, the location or the time period, we are driven towards an organization
that is a copy of nature itself. The manner in which man relates to nature is a special relationship
as we start our day and end our day on this one Earth that we have to share. How we spend the
hours between sunrise and sunset in prayer, in production and in harmony will set the foundation
for tomorrow and for the many days to come.