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Thematic Unit

Field Trip Proposal

Number of Students Going: 24
Adults Going: 3 teachers and 2 parents

All emergency forms double checked? Yes

Location of Field Trip: Newberry Spring Farm, located at

Contact Person and Information:

Sheron A. Tyndall (760)662 5135 or e-mail-

Depart from Center: 08:30

Depart from Location: 3:00 p.m.

Arrive at Location: 9:00 a.m.

Arrive at Center: 3:30 p.m.

Mealtime? 11:30 to 12:30. Lunch would be provided either parents or the child has an option to
(sack lunch) lunch would be serve by the school.
How will you introduce this activity to the children?
At circle time, one week before the Field trip I will ask the children if they would like to visit the
The next question would to ask the children by raising hand, How many

Things to discuss with the children prior to the field trip.

Safety on the farm.
Use of the bubby system.
Things to bring to their attention while on the field trip.
Let children talk to the farmer, discuss with the children how the farmer take care the animals.
Encourage children observe animals and farm machinery.
During the field trip I will familiarize the children with the names of the different farm animals,
and the sound they make, foods that the farmer feed the animals, and uses of each farm animals,

Ask to the farmer to show to the children how the vegetables grow on the farm. Let children
observe the farmer growing, picking and/or selling the vegetables.
Observe some vegetable plant. Some vegetables grow at trees, vines, or underground

At the milk station the farmer would explain to the children about the cow and milk. What
do cow eat. How do cow produce milk.
At the pumpkin patch the farmer would explain how the pumpkin grow. During the tour
observe the shape and the various-sized pumpkins.
At the Apple Orachard the children observe the workers picking, sorting, preparing and/or
selling the apples. Observe the size, color and shape of the apple.

Learning Objectives

Students will identify farm animals.

Students will identify the babies of certain farm animals.
After exploring the noises farm animals make on the internet, the student will be able to
identify at least two farm animals when listening to the sounds they make.
Students will organize the animals into two different sections.
Students will sort the animals when playing a game and making a chart.
Students will illustrate the things that the farmer does to take care of the animals through
Students will tell what past jobs animals have done.
Students will be able to name at least one farm animal and the product the animal produces.

Activity Evaluation:

Students will demonstrate the things that the farmer does to care for the animals through
dramatic play.
Students will read and sing the words to the song.
16. Students will identify different types of machinery.
Students will list the farm machine and tell how it is used on the farm.
Students will name different crops on the farm.
Students will identify how the food gets from the farm to the table.
Students will identify or act like an assigned animal while playing charades.