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Name: ______________________________

B.Ed. Teaching Practice Lesson Plan




8:10 45 min


Colleen Menichini
Letter P
No of
Main Lesson Aims
- Student will be able to:
Say to letter P correctly and it sound.
Know his shape.
Focus and/or topic of the lesson
- In the letter and the voice.

Asma Mohammed
Ahmed bin Majed
Grade 1
25 boys

Assumptions about prior learning

- Students know to say the letter and know how it look
- Some words start with P
Anticipated problems and possible solutions
- Not listen ask them to listen
- Walk in class- count
Personal focus for this lesson
- Students can say the letter correct and make the sound
- Focus in the time management.
Main tasks or activities
- Song A to P
- PowerPoint
- Write the letter P
- Match the images with the letters

Resources and teaching aids

- Powerpoint
- Worksheet + glue
- Worksheet + pecnil

- Whole class
- Individual
- Group

Consider where the children are working:

-in the desk

TP Year 2 EdTech

Name: ______________________________

Lesson Procedure
Time & stage

Teacher activity
(T will )

Student activity
(eg. In groups ss will )

Song Jolly song


Play the song and sing + act

Sing+ act

Listen and participate

Participate + asking and answer
Write the letter in the air

Write the letter

Do the activity and answer her


( 5 min)

( 15 min)

( 7 min)


Review the letter N+O

Present the new letter P
Write the letter in the air

Write the letter P


Give them the paper

Walk and check the activity

Match the image with the letter

- Walk around to see and ask student
what they do.

( 10 min)

( 5 min)


Review ( if there time)


Review the letter with students

Finally I saved the song of the letter and that big achieve to me. Students were participating with me and
that make me happy. We start to review the last lesson together and students do a great job in remembering.
As Skinner said students get motivation when they have a reward for that, I give the students a pirate hat to
give students to participate with me. Then I asked students to work in group as Vygotsky theory to make
them work together and share them knowledge. Students were done a great work when they help each other
in this activity.
This lesson plan is one of my successful lessons at teacher practice. The students understand the letter P
but they still confused between the sound of B and P so I will focus in next lesson. I should be specific more
when I give to students the instruction before give the activity and after it as I notice that some students are
playing in them pencil or write in paper so, I should develop myself in this area. In addition, when I give the
activity about cut and paste they finish it early than I plan to finish however, I was have an extra thing to
give them and that a song about pirate. Overall, this lesson was done by without any help from my teacher
and now I can see my strength and weakness more than before and will develop both sides of them.

TP1b 2006-7