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Memoir/Life Writing: A Celebration

This celebration of writing serves as the culminating event for our graduate-level course in
Memoir/Life Writing. Hear authors share selections from their memoirs and celebrate with them
in a reception to follow.

Mary Jane Vance, If You Knew Suzy

Bobby McDonald, The Storekeepers Son
Majel Redick, Strategic Operations
Christine Sheehan, Growing Up Purple
Charles E. Perry, The Light
Beverly Croydon, The House That Jack Built
Vivian Freeman, The Unkept Promise
Beverly Thomas, Christmas in Ethiopia
C. Dewayne Bethea, Jesse Franklin Stephenson: An American Hero
Shirley Moore, What a Difference a Year Makes!
Joe Jefferson, Burnt Toast Wont Kill You . . . Not Learning to Read Might!
Lewis Allen, The Scales of Justice

For brief abstracts of each project and author bios, please visit our course blog at