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Why we need a social media networking

Section 1: Proposal

I choose very interesting topic which is social media problem because computer is
essential for communication in todays society. Some people usually refer their expression in
their blog or other social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
However, sometimes, they have including violent contents, and social media can delivery wrong
information from media networking. It is caused trouble with government office. Also, wrong
information can instigate people to do attack. In todays society, web suffer play an important
role in Information Delivery. In addition, almost all young people can do anything with a
computer. They want to have freedom of speech. I am one of the online users, so I want to know
detail this topic and figure out this situation because I think they can be differently
circumstanced. Even though networking looks like unnecessary, it is really essential goods in
own socialization. It looks like having a lot of problems in social media which is including
violent contents, but it needs in our life for right to known and freedom of speech should be kept.

Section 2: Process

First of all, I made a research plan. It is similar with essay outline. I chose my topic, and I
thought what is interesting topic for me and other people. Also, I thought how I raise interest in
peopele. I tried to write all of that so that describe and narrate my general ideas. If I thought of a
brilliant idea, I organize my thoughts and make a few notes. This porcess can be simplify.
Secondly, I started to research my topic on internet. I tried to find every problems of
media networking and what was the issue about that. I thought that what is the biggest problems
in today society. when the new had poor content, I read all comment by onlie user.
Third, I organize the topic and narrow resource of topic before writing.
If I do not this step before writing. My wrting looks like something that is too complicated. This
step should be more detail than first step. Because This is last step before writing.
Finally, I write everything which I found on internet. I need to rewrite thesis statement.
Thesis statement is most important in my essay, so I writed more especially careful. In addition, I
checked my grammar or my pronouns. englsish is my second laguanage, and english grammar i
very different from Korean grammar, so I needed to check my grammar mistake again and again.

Section 3: Paper
According to Social media research raises privacy and ethics issues, they report "Using
social media for academic research is accelerating and raising ethical concerns along the way, as
vast amounts of information collected by private companies including Google, Microsoft,
Facebook and Twitter are giving new insight into all aspects of everyday life." Privacy concerns
with social networking is a one of the biggest problems. We can get and collect amounts of

information by Google, Facebook and Twitter, so anyone can be found everyone and almost
everything. Some Facebook users say who left the site that it was over privacy concerns. And
says it is easier to think you have found something. However, Social media networking is so
important for our communication and delivery information.
Accoding to South Korea: Comedian Sued for Making Fun of Politicians, they show us
that why we need social media networking. Comedian satirized and mocked at a person who was
member of the National Assembly in South Korea. This was big event because the congressman
charged the comedian with a crime. They report "Choi Hyo-jong is the 26-year-old male
comedian in question, from one of South Korea's top comedy shows, 'Gag Concert', which airs
on Sunday primetime network television." and "Kang Yong-suk, a policymaker who was ousted
from the ruling party after he made lewd remarks against several news announcers, sued Choi on
November 17, 2011, for making his defamatory comments." However, "This move has shocked
the Korean public.As a sign of support, several thousand net users have filed an online petition
[ko] in Daum Agora, the nation's largest public forum, to protect Choi.Twitter users have
encouraged each other [ko] to follow Choi's Twitter account ( @hyojong66 ) to empower him
with numerous followers.Their goal make choi have 100,000 followers." People could not accept
about congressman's behavior. People complain him that was incomprehensive and lack
understanding. For these reason, people want to say what they want without interference, and
they have already known they can have a freedom of speech.
Last year, on April 16 Ferry Sewol happened a disaster in South Korea, and the Ferry
boss jailed for 10 years over. Actually when was happening this disaster, a lot of students
reported that situation from Facebook and Twitter. Every Korean could know this case soon, but
finally, almost all people dead more than 300 people, mosrly children. Surprisingly, Korean

president did not know this disaster after happening the disaster 3 hours laster. After that, people
pointed out the government problems, but it could not be received all. According to PARENT
parent, and tell people the truth. they report " She expressed her frustration and anger on the
current situation and revealed that everything that was being broadcast through the news were all
lies and exaggerations. She gave several examples of which news sources were lies, such as the
information regarding the fact that divers had entered the ships restaurant, where most of the
students were reportedly stuck in. She explained that this information was completely false, yet
they reported it on live news channels as if it were real."Furthermore, parents of the missing
students have been updating their personal Facebooks to spread news of the current situation,
however she revealed that all of her posts with true information on it were being deleted just 2
seconds after she uploaded them. Even now, the original video of the parent interview has been
deleted several times, and copies or re-uploads of the video are slowly being deleted one by one
by unknown sources." It is real Korean governnet. Korean government killed the 300 children
over, so Korean have been indicated the Korean government problems until now from social
networking. As mentioned above, they show us either that why we need social networking.

Section 4: Ponder
This is my first research paper, so I learned a lot about social media networking. Also, I confused
many times when I wrote and research it. Media networking is really essential goods in own
socialization, and we need to save and protect our right to speak and need to know, also we
should keep fought for public rights. We are human, so we can say including violent contents
sometimes. But, if we cannot express our opinions, we cannot do anything. We are just living

like machine. No one limit people's rights and freedoms. Although a public intrerst defense is not
something that is always neatly apparent, government need to ensure that the public interest is
safeguarded. Democracy system is the honorable achievement of our fathers.Democracy guards
and respects the rights of the individual. For these reason, we have to say anything and know
everything thought the internet. Without discrimination between rich and poor, people can get
many information speedily on internet.Thus, people can speak free everything more easily with
preconceived opinions. our communication have to be free intention.