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Mobile Learning in Education

Wiki Final Exam

1. Which learning theory has developed from the new era of learners that rely on the
Internet and social media to gain and share knowledge?
a.) Socio-constructivist
b.) Social collaboration
c.) Connectivism
d.) Constructivism

2. Which of the following is NOT an aspect of mobile learning that needs to be addressed
before implementing the technologies in education?
a.) Curriculum adaption
b.) Cost of devices
c.) Network capacity
d.) Teacher experience curriculum adaption

3. According to the authors Collins and Halverson, a new central learning platform will
develop in adult education, online learning, and learning centers. This literature equates mlearning as the
a.) traditional classroom-based learning.
b.) direct opposite of classroom-based learning.
c.) digital revolution.
d.) Software as a Service.


4. What is VPAT, and what is its purpose?

5. Name one implementation design for a Mobile Game, give a short explanation of this