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Overview of the Sumerian word-trees for Grandfather

Chapter from The Sumerian Water-Codes by jwr47

Inspecting the ePSD ( Sumerian Sign-name Index) I discovered there were three different trees
for the word grandfather, which all had been using different roots. The oldest roots were either:

from ~3000 BCE: a (water, probably a seminal fluid), leading to aya (father)
from ~3000 BCE: ad (voice, cry) leading to adda (father) and
from ~2500 BCE; ab (sea, seawater ?) leading to abba (father)




Adadda - "grandfather"
old babylonian
wr. ad-ad-da
akk. abi abi

adda [FATHER] (~3000 BCE)

ad [VOICE] (~3000 BCE)

Old Akkadian, Ur III, Early Old

Babylonian, Old Babylonian,
unknown) wr. ad-da; ad
"father"Akk. Abu

Old Babylonianwr. ad
"voice; cry; noise"
Akk. Rigmu

Adda'abba - "grandfather"
wr. ad-da-ab-ba

abba [FATHER] (~2000 BCE)

wr. ab; ab-ba; abba2 "old
(person); witness; father; elder;
an official"
Akk. abu; bu

ab [SEA] (~2500 BCE)

Old Akkadian, Old
wr. ab; a-ab-ta "sea"
Akk. tmtu

Ayaya (~2000 BCE)

(3x: old babylonian)
wr. ayayax(|a.a.a|); a

aya [FATHER] (~3000 BCE)

Old Akkadian, Ur III, Early Old
Babylonian, Old Babylonian)
wr. a-a; aya2; a-ia "father"
Akk. abu

a [WATER] (~3000 BCE)

aya [CRY] (~2000 BCE)
(Old Babylonian)
wr. a; u3 "a cry of woe; to
cry, groan"
Akk. ahulap; nqu

Table 1: Overview or the Cuneiform "Grandfather"- Word-Trees