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QUEST health insurance

Myra Cabus

What is QUEST?
The DHS offers medical coverage for low income
Hawaii residents through Hawaii QUEST insurance
Specific Demographic: Pregnant women and their

How to apply
Call or visit a nearby DHS unit office (many
locations) to request and submit or mail-in an
Visit any hospital or community health center

601 Kamokila Blvd


94-275 Mokuola St

Filipino Community Center

(WCCHC + separate QUEST office)

Who is Eligible?
Household income
must not exceed
185% of FPL:
includes SS benefits,
pensions, etc.
Must be a Hawaii
resident and/or legal
immigrant of U.S.
with proof of
citizenship, identity,

Who is eligible?

Pregnant minors and teens may apply: Parental

income will be included in household income
depending on living arrangements

What to expect after

submitting an
Letter of eligibility (rejection or acceptance into
QUEST program)
Letter to request specific plan (HMSA, etc.)
Mailing of insurance card(s) for pregnant woman and
household members
Mailing of Welcome Handbook from health plan

Welcome Phone Call from health insurance


What health plans are


Kaiser Foundation Health Plan (Oahu and Maui

Residents ONLY)
Ohana Health Plan

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan

What is covered/not
Provided that all income is current and does not
change, insurance is offered to all members of
Adults 18+: *Medically Necessary: Medical, Drug,
Emergency Dental, Eye Exam once per 2 years,
Hospitalizations, Behavioral Health
Children: Full Medical with Vaccines included,
Medically Necessary Drug, Full Dental, Eye Exam
once per 2 years, Hospitalizations, Behavioral Health
Does NOT cover cosmetic services

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