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Importance of Mission Statements

Emily Caillier-Waye
STDV9110 01
Professor John McTavish
1 October 2014

Caillier-Waye 1
The importance of having goals in ones life is, in my opinion, crucial in
sustaining a sane and organized lifestyle. Setting goals helps one have a clearer focus on
desires and intentions of things that they would like to achieve. It helps with time
management and using time effectively instead of thinking what needs to be done and
panicking over it. Goals can also help with having composure within ones self by
writing them down and applying that perspective and priorities, making sure they are
achievable, timely and realistic. My mission statement at this point in my life revolves
around my education and people most important to me.

My mission statement includes the importance of my education. In the past, I

have made some poor choices regarding my education and time management regarding
schoolwork. During that time, I was not thinking of the repercussions and consequences
of what could happen if I did not keep up with my schoolwork. Ever since I was fifteen in
high school, I always told myself that I was going to apply to Brock University for the
concurrent education program. With this, I understood I would need to greatly exceed my
overall average if I wanted to achieve this goal. Unfortunately, it did not happen for me.
Which is understandable considering personal aspects may get in the way of anyone
while trying to achieve their goals. I then realized the pathway in which I wanted to
create for myself, was not the only one I could go down to achieve my ultimate goal.
Sometimes taking a step back is what people need to do in order to be successful. I am
now fully dedicated to my education and completing all my schoolwork, asking questions

Caillier-Waye 2
when something needs to be clarified, just so that I am successful for the future- wherever
that may bring me.
Another aspect to my mission statement is my personal life and family. Family is
one of the most important aspects in anyones life. For myself, finding happiness, a value
in living and fulfillment of life is extremely important. I try not to let my own limitations
keep me from doing the things I love and pleasures I experience. The most fulfilling
delight of life is being well intentioned and admired by my family and significant other.
Knowing I have the support and confidence from the people I love makes me feel like all
of my goals and priorities are achieved and met. This, as well as maintaining a healthy
lifestyle by being properly nourished, doing every possible physical activity I can to stay
active and to alert my senses. Being there and supportive to my friends and family also
plays a great role in my lifestyle. I will make sue I continue to keep in touch with all of
my family members and friends to keep my sanity of everything else that could be going
on in my life.
My final aspect to my mission statement is my professional goal. After I am done
at Niagara College, I still plan on going to Brock University. When I get there, I hope to
do a major in History and a minor in Theatre. While in high school, I realized my love for
history and the arts and knew I wanted to do something with it for a career. I would like
to then go to Teachers College for two years after my duration at Brock, however, I am
unsure of where I would like that to take place. I am definitely considering studying
abroad in the future, and I will do everything in my power to make sure that happens
when I know that that is what I would like to do. My ultimate goal is to become a teacher.

Caillier-Waye 3
With this, I know that keeping up with my schoolwork while maintaining my personal
life is crucial for myself to succeed. Thinking about being a teacher in the future gives me
much excitement and anxiety. Knowing that I will be doing something I love will give
me the ultimate fulfillment and satisfaction. I have been greatly influenced by my
teachers and professors throughout the years, and knowing that I have the capability of
achieving that success only makes me want to push harder and thrive for the things I
desperately want.
The value of having goals and mission statements in a persons life is essential in
developing proper time management, peace of mind, and organization while achieving
desires and priorities. For my mission statement, I have concluded that I will do
everything within my power to make sure I am successful with my education by keeping
up with schoolwork, attending classes and clarifying something when I am unsure. As
well as with my personal life, I plan to keep the people I love around me who encourage
and support me and continue to help me develop the confidence I need in order for my
priorities and successions to be met and well maintained. In conclusion, I have set myself
the goal of becoming a teacher as my future profession, and knowing that if I pursue
everything the way I have been, I hope to be a teacher within the next six to seven years
if I am fortunate enough. Time management is very important to a lifestyle, it can keep
your life in order, even when you think its not going as you planned. As Peter Drucker
would say, If you want to improve how you manage time- stop doing what doesnt need
to be done! (

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