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Chapter 14 Notes Outlines

Mr. Mooney


The Nations Sick Economy p. 464-471


Summarize the critical problems threatening the American economy in the late 1920s
Describe the causes of the stock market crash and Great Depression
Explain how the Great Depression affected the economy in the United States and throughout the world.
Economic Troubles on the Horizon
Industries in Trouble
Farmers Need a Lift
Consumes Have Less Money to Spend
Living on Credit
Uneven distribution of Income
Hoover Takes the Nation
The Election of 1928
Dreams of Riches in the Stock Market
The Stock Market Crashes
Black Tuesday
Bank and Business Failures
Worldwide Shock Waves
Causes of the Great Depression

Hardship and Suffering During the Depression p. 472-477


Describe how people struggled to survive during the Depression
Explain how the Depression affected men, women, and children
The Depression Devastates Peoples Lives
The Depression in the Cities
The Depression in Rural Areas
The Dust Bowl
Effects on the American Family
Men in the Streets
Women Struggle to Survive
Children Suffer Hardships
Social and Psychological Effects

Hoover Struggles with the Depression p. 478-483


Explain Hoovers initial response to the Depression
Summarize the action Hoover took to help the economy and the hardship suffered by Americans
Describe the Bonus Army and Hoovers actions toward it
Hoover Tried to Reassure the Nation
Hoovers Philosophy
Hoover Takes Cautious Steps
Boulder Dam
Democrats Win in 1930 Congressional Elections
Hoover Take Action
Hoover Back Cooperatives
Direct Intervention
Gassing the Bonus Army
The Patman Bill Denied
Hoover Disbands the Bonus Army