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Web 2.

0 Project

EDCI 270
Web 2.0 Project
Planning and Assessment Guide
Purpose of this project:
In the information age that we are currently living within, there are more and more needs to
find applications that help us in our daily lives. For example, most of you will be familiar
with Web 2.0 applications that focus on social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter). Many of you
are also familiar with other Web 2.0 applications such as YouTube, Pinterest, or Google
Docs. There are literally hundreds of these applications that are now available for all kinds
of different tasks (for a review of many of these apps, go to ).
The purpose of this project is to help you become more knowledgeable and acquainted with
one or more of these apps that have been found to be very helpful. (Example:

How will this project be completed?

Explore each these Web 2.0 applications:
o Glogster ( you can create interactive posters
o Jing ( you can create videos of the computer
o Prezi ( presentation software (like what PPT does, but
in a different manner)
o Toondoo ( or Powtoon ( you
can create cartoons to teach concepts
Select a minimum of three of these applications and develop a short/small theme
based instructional activity using the selected applications. For example, if your
theme is art history then you may want to consider using Jing to create a short
video that walks students through a section of the Musee du Louvres web site. Or
you may want to create an interactive poster with Glogster that would describe
and illustrate the works of specific artists of the 18th century. Or you may want to
create a short Prezi presentation of the different brush techniques of the artists of
the Renaissance. Or even a Toondoo cartoon for two artists discussing the work of
a different artist.
NOTE: You can create three different instructional activities and use a different
Web 2.0 app in each of the different activities or you can develop one
instructional activity and present it 3 different times using a different app to show
how that specific app would be used with that same activity.
Post links to your Web 2.0 Project instructional activities on your Web Portfolio
Project website.
On your blog page of your website (Web Portfolio Project), make a minimum of
two posts:
1. Your thoughts and ideas of how each of these types of Web 2.0
applications could be used in your future classroom, training, or work
environment and your opinion if you would ever really use such
2. A specific post about your experience of developing your instructional
activity(ies) using each of your selected three different Web 2.0 apps

Web 2.0 Project

EDCI 270
Web 2.0 Project
Assessment Guide
(60 pts. maximum)
Name ________________________________


Assessment Criteria and Point Values:

_____ Instructional activity(ies) (10 pts. possible)

The instructional activity(ies) developed were clear, concise, and well-constructed. The
intended audience is be able to use the activity to successfully accomplish the purpose
of the activity(ies).
_____ Integration of the Web 2.0 apps (30 pts. possible)

Each instructional activity has integrated the use of one of the selected Web 2.0 apps.
The app is well integrated and facilitates the learning process for the learner. There are
a total of 3 different apps being used (NOTE: either one instructional activity that is
repeated with a different Web 2.0 app being integrated on each different use OR 3
different instructional activities were developed and each has a different Web 2.0 app
integrated within it.)
_____ Linked to Web Portfolio (5 pts. possible)

Each of the activities embedded/linked/attached to the web portfolio.

_____ Narrative blog posts (15 pts. possible)

A minimum of two well written, clear posts were made on the web portfolio blog page
that discussed the use of the 5 designated Web 2.0 applications and specifically what
was created using three of those apps.