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Jake Wilkerson , Connor Soutter, Christian Brown

Erin Workman
Enc 1145
September 23, 2014
Introduction for Remediation
The concept of a presentation can often times provide more clarity on a subject than any
other form of learning, once people see real life examples of learning subjects a brand new level
of understanding is often achieved. Because of this thinking, we were given the task of creating a
presentation to better illustrate our term of reflection to a group of audiences. Reflection is a
word that can carry a variety of meanings to each and every person so our group didnt want to
restrict ourselves by only giving a one-example remediation. In an attempt to truly display what
weve learned through composing an annotated bibliography and looking at a number of
different sources, we agreed upon using 3 different objects and creating a PowerPoint to show
just how the meaning of reflection can alter.
The items we decided upon were pretty basic but we didnt believe that construction of
something else would get our point across better than these. The first thing we chose was a Flag.
We thought this would be applicable because a simple piece of cloth can hold such a significant
meaning depending on the design on it. Looking at the American Flag, this can be a perfect
example. To us the flag that holds the red, white, and blue is something that defines us as people
and represents where we come from. Its a way to generalize a group of people and for
Americans it symbolizes our freedom and right to be individuals. As American citizens we
appreciate the flag that represents us and often times will display it as a form of pride in our
country. However, when the audience and genre change, say to people from a foreign country,
the American flag carries a complete new meaning. To someone else, the flag that carries our
countrys colors becomes somewhat of a meaningless image, or if they are truly passionate
against our country, a sign of hate. People all over the world hate Americans for whatever reason
and often times they resort to burning our flag to exemplify their level of distraught. When we
Americans are the audience, this is a direct insult to our pride and a complete sign of disrespect.
People can look at it from a variety of different ways whether that be thinking their jealous of the
country we originate from or truly want the worst happen to us, but either way it emits some sort
of emotion out of us. For our example of the American flag, the rhetorical situation is set by the
country you originate from because not being an American would make it an irrelevant topic. We
thought the flag would push across the idea of reflection because if someone doesnt have
American in their blood, the feelings of pride and freedom would not resonate when it came time
to reflect upon the flag.
The next item we thought would be relatable for our remediation was a textbook. As
college students we are constantly surrounded by them every day and few of us see the purpose
as to why these pieces of paper that are binded together cost so much money or are required for
our education. If the students are taken as the audience then we look at these books as another

way that universities are exploiting us for our money and continuing to do anything just to make
a dime. Not only that, but students view textbooks almost as an outdated way of learning and
believe that with all these modern advancements in technology there has to be a more innovative
way. When the audience is switched, and the teachers perspective is taken, a brand new thought
of opinions comes to mind. Their ideas probably are formulated placing a much larger emphasis
on the fact that textbooks provide the education that is necessary to earning ones degree or
bettering their education. A professor could also view a book as something that provides them a
fallback in their teaching methods and something students can always reference no matter what
they say during lecture. Even changing the point of view from a typical college student to a 40
year old adult, the outlook on a textbook may vary. Once an individual has an established life
and completed their education their opinions about textbooks and their schooling would be
completely different. When reflecting back on their college days they now may view that old
textbook has the one thing that helped them land their first job or helped them ink their first six
figure paycheck. Even something as simple as a textbook can evoke a complete arrange of
emotions from different people, so reflecting upon it depending on the audience will lead to a
variety of responses.
For our final item, we agreed that an album would make an excellent example in
displaying our concept of reflection. Music for most people is a true sign of their individuality
and what makes them them. With that, by including an album in our remediation it truly shows
that everyone has their own viewpoints and it doesnt come down to one person being right and
the other being wrong. Music is something that has an endless supply of different styles and
rhythms which gives everyone the chance to express themselves differently. For example,
country music will hold a deeper meaning to someone who has experienced the things that are
mentioned in the songs, over someone who finds them completely un-relatable. The exact same
affects can be seen from rap music. Some view rap music as an incredibly vulgar type of music
that carries almost zero benefit to society, but others view it as the foundation for how they grew
up. In fact, rap music can be seen as such a strong influence because an entire rap culture
developed as a result of it. Some people have such strong ties to their kind of music because it
feels more like a way of life rather than just something one could blast out of his or her
headphones. Different genres and beats make people react in their own different way and thats
what makes the musical culture so special. Creativity is endless in music and that leads itself to
allowing everyone to show their own interpretation of all the things that make individuality a
special emotion. Without different opinions from a variety of different audiences music would
never grow and continue to build. We thought that shared a direct relationship with the reflection
process which is why we chose to place an emphasis on an album.
Overall, we believe that in order to make our presentation as effective as possible it was
wise to include some everyday items that people probably dont analyze as deeply as were
asking them to do. By looking at these items that are pretty much typical everyday items we
thought that our peers would gain a deeper understanding of the reflection process and learn that
there is never a definite right or wrong viewpoint. Like seen in some of our included examples,
reflection is a process that one will carry out throughout their entire life and no matter how old
he or she gets, reflection is a learning process. The rhetorical situation and audience will

constantly be changing when analyzing different reflections and through our presentation we
hope we made that point standout.