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Pre-Production Booklet for Animation

Name: Guy Andrews

Order of contents (italics show areas you must add in yourself)
Assessment criteria

Mind maps of ideas

Risk assessment

Format of your animation

Subject and storyline

Character notes and profiles

Movement of characters



Audio and soundtrack

Sound table

Props list


Storyboard and script (add script to booklet)

Frame rates

Lighting design

Production schedule

Crew details

Frame Numbers

Dope Sheets


How to use this booklet

You will need to complete every page of this booklet, and all sections /
questions required.
Assessment criteria for Distinction grade;
Plans will show a full consideration of movement and continuity, perspective, point of
view, transitions and special effects.
Precise and workable planning of timing and synchronization to a soundtrack will be
produced. It will be clear at this stage, from the documentation, what the finished
piece will look and sound like.
Learners will follow industry conventions and terminology used in storyboard
production correctly.
Plans for the construction of models, sets and props will be realistic and clear.
Drawings, script and storyboard will all show a creative interpretation of the idea.

The documentation linked to the production will be full and detailed and there will be
evidence that the production management and scheduling of the project has been
effective and carried out in a professional manner. The techniques used in the
production of the work are likely to be related to an understanding of current trends in
the industry.

Both LO2 and LO3

In all practical activity learners will be capable of working autonomously and
effectively. They will work on their own initiative, will not need constant support or
supervision, will give the work their full commitment, work positively and
cooperatively with others, and meet deadlines. In other words, they will have the kind
of self-management skills that would be expected of them in a professional context.
Note also that this criterion should not be taken to mean that learners do not seek
advice or that they work without discussing things with their tutor, but rather that they
are not dependent upon the support of others and that when they take advice they
weigh it carefully for themselves.

Brainstorm / mind map (add extra pages if necessary)

Twinnings is a very posh tea, so I will be using things like a china

cup and a small milk mug to pour the milk into the tea cup and also
some sugar cubes that will help each other jump into the tea cup
along with all the other stuff that go into the tea.

Attach a 400 word treatment of your idea

Talk about advert and sell it to the audience

The advert will start in a kitchen, a china cup of tea will be
there on its own, a tea bag will pop out of the tins its in, see
the tea cup and be surprised, he will whistle to his friends and
then all his friends will reveal themselves, there are 2 sugar
cubes, a small jug full of milk and a spoon, the tea will then
climb out of the tin and make its way to the cup, the 2 sugar
cubes will then jump on the kettle button boiling the water,
the milk will push its self slowly to the cup and then all of
them will climb in and start making themselves, the sugar
cubes will use the spoon as a catapult and then the spoon will
jump in and stir it, then footsteps will be heard and the spoon
and empty jug will make its way out of the kitchen, the person
will then see the tea and drink it, the logo for Twinnings will
come up with the cup of tea next to it, and then a tea bag will
gesture coming out of the twinnings box. This will appeal
from the ages 12 60, this is such a wide age range because
tea is huge and is drunk by millions nationwide. Seeing as
Twinnings has a rather posh reputation I will be using a china
tea cup and making it look fancy, sugar cubes is posh as well
which is why I will be using those instead of just normal
sugar, its also easier to animate with, I will use formal posh
music to give off the impression that its taking place in a posh
environment, which is why I am using the china tea cup.

How will you meet the requirements of your brief?

I will make sure I meet the requirements that need to be met in the brief, I will
make sure that it is 30 seconds long, I will make sure there are enough frames
per second in each shot and that it adds up to the right length in the end, I will
also make that it meets its target audience, and tea is one of the most popular
drinks in the UK so I will have to make sure it appeals to more than one age

Risk assessment: Are there any health and safety issues you may encounter?

Boiling hot water Boiling hot water from the kettle could scold your
skin and can leave permanent damage, be careful when using the
kettle. Hold it by the handle and this can be avoided, also hold it at a
right angle and it wont spill.

Breaking the cup Breaking the cup would not only be a problem for
the production but the broken china from it could cut your hand and
also leave quite a mess. This can be avoided by taking extra care when
handling the cup and not hold anything else while tampering with it.

Spilling liquids spilling liquids like milk or water, you could slip and
hurt yourself. This can be avoided by taking extra care when not

Discuss any legal issues you may face. Eg; sound, plagiarism, age restrictions

Sound would not be a problem as I will be using Royalty Free Music that is
music that can be used in productions without having to deal with copyright
Plagiarism wont be a problem either, this advert is all my own idea and I
havent seen anything like it from my knowledge so I think I will be ok on the
plagiarized part.
I worry if I will have the problem of the Twinnings company will block my video
because I'm using their brand that they made and I havent given any credit to
the company. So because I'm using Twinnings I will have to make sure I'm not
putting the company in a bad light.

Use of possible formats

Circle which of the following formats your animation will take;
stop-frame techniques
time lapse photography
plasticine animation
using found objects
combined formats

Why are you using that particular format?

It is something I have been researching in class for quite a few weeks now and I
think it would be something good to try as I have not done much stop motion before
and have next to no experience in stop motion, I made a small 7 second video but I
feel like I have learnt so much in the area that I'm ready to make a 30 second one.

What are the different possibilities you could explore using this format?
I could explore movement in this format, learning how to move objects is going to be
really helpful as I want it all to line up nice and look professional, I dont want to
overstep it as well, I want to make sure that I havent moved the models too far.
The sugar cubes could be made in different shapes as well which could really help.

What are the limitations of using this format? (i.e what problems/ obstacles might
you have?)
Moving objects too far would be a real issue as it could mess up the whole
production, I want to make sure I move it only a little bit during photographs, if I

accidentally move it too far then it could look very unprofessional and that is the
opposite of what we want.
Lighting can be a big problem, when using natural light the lightness in the room will
change around meaning one photo it could be normal and then another could be
darker, this can be a big problem and look very unprofessional, you can avoid this by
using lamps
Camera problems are also a problem, moving the camera can be a problem as then
it wont look the same as before and that can really be a pain.

What imaginative or inventive animations have you seen which use this
Add in links and screen shots of three examples of animations using this format.
Some examples of animation that also use this format that I have watched would be
an Advert for Green Tea which I watched in class.
Another one would be a Lurpack advert which uses stop motion to create a man who
is made out of lurpack butter.
another stop motion advert I saw which I like would be the Xbox advert, it uses
plastiscine to model shapes and games.

What will the subject of your animation be?
The subject of my animation would be about relaxing and having a cup of tea,
millions drink Tea everyday in the United Kingdom as it is the #1 most popular
beverage. Thats why I think it is such a good thing to advertise seeing as there are
so many tea brands everyone has different taste in what tea they like, advertising
your own brand is bound to get you more people. The storyline in short is about a
cup by itself and then all the ingredients that go into the cup make themselves.

Describe the storyline of your animation. What events will happen to your
It will start with a cup by itself on a kitchen counter, then a tea bag will notice it and
alert his friends, then all of these objects such as the tea bag, Milk, Sugar cubes and
a spoon start heading towards the cup and then they all decide to make themselves
and the cup of tea is brewn.

What characters will be in your animation?
There are no certain characters in my advert but there are certain objects who have
goals in it.
The Teabag sees the cup by itself and wants to fulfill its goal of being in a cup of tea,
it then whistles to its friends and they all head together to the cup.
The teacup is just there on its own, it has no goal but it waits patiently to be made.
The sugar cubes are very enthusiastic, which ties in with the fact are made out of
sugar, they will jump on the kettle button to turn it on then head to the tea cup.
The milk is in a small jug and then uses the jug to move itself to the cup and pour
itself in.

Complete the character profiles for each character in your animation









Add in images and drawings/ sketches of what they will look like.

What will they be made of?

All of the objects will be made out of their own materials, no plastiscine or anything
will be used for them.

Movement of characters

How are you going to make your characters move?

Stop Motion (Go into detail)
I will be using stop motion to make the objects move. For when the objects are
climbing down or up something I will stick blue tack to the bottom so they stick but it
wont be visible. With the sugar cubes and milk I will just move them ever so slightly
every shot, I want the frames per second to be very good, possibly around 35 fps.

What is the purpose of an armature?

The purpose of an armature is to make the model stays in the same shape, it also
makes moving models a lot easier as you dont have to pinch the models so it
doesnt ruin them, it also makes the models so much easier as the wire is very strong
and can keep them still.

Will you use them for your characters?

I will not be using them for my objects, mainly because all of them are real objects
and are not made out of plastiscine, even if I was using plastiscine models I dont
think I would be able to use armature models mainly because they are so expensive,
they are around 200 each.

If so, how will you make it?


Mood board
Create a mood board showing what look your animation will have. Add images
showing ideas of mise-en-scene, characters, costumes and colours that will be
present in the different shots.