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Fall Semester Final Exam Study Guide

All Examples MUST be complete sentences.

Elements of Fiction Use your notes (Define each term & Use A Christmas Carol for your examples):
Setting:____Where and when of a story_____________________________________________
Ex:_____London in the 1800s____________________
Exposition:____Beginning of a story that sets up characters, setting, and plot______________________________
Ex:____Scrooge was an old, greedy man who lived in London____________________
Rising Action:_____Events that build before the climax____________________________
Ex:____Scrooge meeting with the first 2 spirits___________________
Climax:____The most eventful part of a story, where the final conflict happens_________________________
Ex:____Scrooge realizes it is him who has died______________
Conflict:____Any opposition that a character has with something else____________________________
Ex:____Scrooge has a conflict with Jeeves when he asks for money for his charity.________
Person vs. Person:____A character has a conflict with another human___________
Ex:____Scrooge verses his nephew when he wants him to leave his office at the beginning________
Person vs. Nature:____A character verses something of nature/wild/the world_____________
Ex:______Tiny Tim verses his disease__________________________
Person vs. Society:_____A character verses something that society/community thinks or enforces______________
Ex:_____Scrooge verses the brokers and his community (they all are against him and dislike him)______
Person vs. Self:_____Also known as an internal conflict.. A character verses an emotion, change, within
themselves, or decision they are having to make____
Ex:______Scrooge verses his greed_________________________
Falling Action:____Events immediately following the climax but before resolution____________________
Ex:______Scrooge wakes up and buys a turkey for the Cratchets.________________________
Resolution:_________The main conflict is over.___________________________
Ex:______ Scrooge changes his ways, loses his greed and pays Bob more money______________________
Theme:_____The moral or life lesson we can learn from a story and apply to our own lives.________________
Ex:____Money cant buy happiness, It is wrong to be greedy, give to those in need, treat others as youd like to be
treated, etc.____________________
Protagonist:______The good guy in a story___ _____________________________
Ex:_______ Scrooges Nephew, Bob Cratchit, in a way, Scrooge __________________________
Antagonist:__The bad guy or character against the protagonist_________________________________________________
Main Characters:___The most important characters who are necessary for a story to make sense___________________
Ex:____Scrooge, 3 spirits, Bob Cratchit______________________________
Static Character:____A character who does not go through change in the story________________________________
Ex:__________Bob Cratchit, Scrooges nephew_________________________________________
Dynamic Character:______A character who does got through change in a story._______________________________

Point of View:______The view from which a story is being told_______________________
First Person:____The person telling the story is in it using I, me, we, etc._______________________
Second Person:_____The person telling commands using you________________________
Third Person:____The person telling the story is not in it and uses he, she, they, etc.___________
Information available in your yellow grammar workbook:
Verbs (Action, Linking, Helping):____________________________________________________________
Types/Purposes/Parts of a Sentence: Define and provide examples of each. Use your notes to help you.
Simple Sentence:____1 independent clause_________________________________________
Ex:_____He ran a mile________________________________________
Compound Sentence:____2 or more independent clauses joined by a semicolon or comma/conjunction_________
Ex:___He ran a mile, and he ate a banana.

He ran a mile; he ate a banana.______

Complex Sentence:_____1 independent clause and 1 or more dependent clauses______________

Ex:______Before he ran a mile, he ate a banana.________________________
Compound-Complex Sentence:____2 or more independent clauses and 1 or more dependent clauses______
Ex:____Before he ran a mile, he ate a banana, and the crowd cheered him on.____________
Pronoun Types: Define each type of pronoun and provide examples. Use your yellow workbook to help you.
Personal Subject:_____Personal pronouns that can begin sentences__________________________
Ex:______I, She, It, They, We__________________________________________
Personal Object:______Personal pronouns that act as the objects of sentences___________________
Ex:_______me, them, her, us______________________
Possessive:____Pronouns that show possession.________________________________________________
Ex:______His ours, my, their___________________________
Antecedent:___The noun that a pronoun is replacing._____________________________________
Ex:______Mr. Cown at an apple.

He ate an apple.

The antecedent of he is Mr. Cown__________

Memoir/Writing: Answer each question below completely. Use your notes to help you.
What is the difference between a memoir and autobiography? Memoir is a collection of stories or story about a specific
part of a persons life. An autobiography covers an authors entire life.____________________
What point of view should a memoir be written in? ____First_______________________________
What verb tense should a memoir use?_____Past___________________________________
What do you call the first sentence of a piece of writing that should draw in the reader? ____Hook___
Editing for Grammar, Usage, Mechanics, and Spelling: On the line provided, re-write the sentence correctly.
-can i get back to you on that
________Can I get back to you on that?_____________________________________
-will you walk into my parlour said the spider to the fly
_____________Will you walk into my parlour?said the spider to the fly.____________________________________
-she could stick a tire in the ground and grow a car
_________She could stick a tire in the ground and grow a car.__________________________________

-peter blushed
___Peter blushed._____________________________________
-i lie to myself all the time but i never believe me
_______________I lie to myself all the time, but I never believe me.___________________________