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18 December 2014
Type One Diabetes
Type one diabetes is an unsolvable problem unlike type two diabetes that is a growing
solvable problem in America. Type one diabetes is more serious than type two diabetes.
Although type one diabetes can be diagnosed at any age, it is most commonly found in
children, young adults or adolescents says the national institutes of health. Type one diabetes
is when your body doesnt create insulin. In order to keep blood sugars at a normal level,
someone with type one diabetes must inject insulin into their body. They can inject insulin
through shots or a pump.
Type one diabetes is mostly diagnosed in children, but children are more irresponsible
than adults because they have not grown up yet. Whether or not the child uses a pump or shots
to inject insulin, it still is a difficult task. Children are forced to grow up faster than other children
without this disease. They must pay attention to the foods they eat and check their blood sugar
levels to make sure they are at a healthy level.
Because children lack responsibility, kids die every day. According to Centers for
disease control and prevention: The death rate among youths aged <10 years decreased
78%, from 1.80 per million to 0.39 per million, and the death rate among youths aged 1019
years decreased 52%, from 3.56 per million to 1.71 per million. Instead of being a normal kid,
children with diabetes have to grow up faster than children without this disease. If the child
forgets to check their blood sugar levels and their blood will either become too high or too low. If
their levels are too high or too low for long periods of time, the possible consequences are
organ damage and possibly a coma. If it is too low, you could pass out and possibly death.
The overall spotlight of diabetes is predominantly on type two diabetes. The spotlight
does not need to be on adults with type two diabetes who can fix their own problem. Kids who

live with this torturing who cannot fix their own problem. The kids who have type one diabetes
never get to have the freedom to be a normal kid. Adults with types two diabetes can fix their
problem. With diet and exercise adults can get rid of their diabetes. There is no way for children
to get rid of their diabetes.
Unlike the growing problem in America of type two diabetes, type one diabetes is an
unsolvable problem that leaves parents and kids across the nation bewildered at how to care for
themselves or their child. As quoted by the national intitules of health, type one diabetes can be
diagnosed at any age, but it is most commonly diagnosed in children and young adults. More
than 15,000 children have type one diabetes in the United States. People should donate to
JDRF organization to help people with type one diabetes. Type one diabetes is a life threatening
but it never goes away.

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