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1. How did the Cold War affect Latin America? Why did the United States get involved?

The United States and the USSR were the two major global superpowers and during the
cold war they asked all other countries in the world to pick a side. The United States intervened
with many communist Latin America countries including Cuba, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Chile.
The United States believed if you were a communist you were also evil and because of this it
increased the fight against the Soviet Union.
2. What is the difference between left and right wing? And why is it confusing?
The left and right wing refer to people with opposing political views. People who believe
in left wing government are usually known as liberals while people who believe in right wing
government are usually known as conservatives. Liberals believe more people should take part
in important government decisions which would help the greater could. On the other hand,
fewer people make the decisions in right wing governments and they also believe the
government should have less of a role in helping people. Also a leftwing government usually
controls businesses while right wing governments allow them to do their own thing.
3. Why did the United States get involved with Cuba?
The United States got involved with Cuba because in 1959 a man named Fidel Castro,
who was a communist, overthrow a man named Batistas government and suddenly because he
was a communist, Cuba became an enemy of the US. Today the United States does not trade
with Cuba and United States citizens are often not allowed to travel to Cuba.
4. Whats a banana republic?
A banana republic is a country that has an almost powerless government and is instead
ran by a company for the purpose of producing and exporting goods. Guatemala was a country
who experience this banana republic around the early twentieth century.
5. How did the CIA get involved in Guatemala?
A dictator named Jacobo Guzman enacted land reforms that were communist in nature
and because of this it upset the United States. The CIA helped to overthrow Guzman in 1954 but
because of this decades of violence followed under the leadership of a military junta.
6. What is the other infamous September 11th?
With the help of the United States a man named Pinochet was able to overthrow Chiles
government with a military coup in 1973. But under the harsh rule of Pinochet, the citizens of
Chile experienced major human right violations. Thousands were killed and tortured and when
Pinochet resigned there were hundreds of legal charges against him.
7. Who were the disappeared in Argentina? ]
Before the Great Depression Argentina was making tons of money but after the Great
Depression hit the citizens turned towards an authoritarian leadership. A man named Juan
Peron came into power and he supported a war called the Dirty War which approved the
killing of over 30,000 people who opposed government views. The people who were killed were

known as the disappeared because they were taken out of their homes by the secret police and
never heard from again.
8. Why was it controversial when the United States intervened in Nicaragua?
Nicaragua, at the time, was heavily connected to the Soviet Union and Cuba, which were
communist countries. The United States supported a group called the Contras who fought
against the communist leader at the time named Sandinistas. President Ronald Reagan in 1983
said that he couldnt support the Contras anymore but behind his back the United States
continued to supply the Contras by sending guns to Iraq who then sent them to the Contras.
9. What violence occurred in Brazil and El Salvador?
After the great depression Brazil also turned into a dictatorship and their leader Vargas
eventually turned them into a fascist state. In El Salvador civil war broke out between the right
wing and the left wing guerilla fighters. The right wings had the United States support and in
1992 a peace treaty was signed.
10. If democracy is a goal of the L.A nations, what does a nation have to have in order to achieve
this goal?
If a nation wants to become democratic then they have to realize that their citizens have
to have more rights and freedoms than before. They have to entitled citizens their own civil
rights and cannot take them away or just suddenly change them. Everyone should have a right
to participate in elections and should have a right to speak out about their government. Also,
the head of government should not make all decisions but should look to people and do whats
best for the people.