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Report Sample 1

Organization of the Report
We have organized this report on a cross-sectional basis to highlight the different major climate
change effects covered by the Pilots. We cover climatic phenomena in order of frequency of
coverage in the Pilots.
In the first section, we present a brief profile of the system(s) covered in the Pilot and the
analysis methodology utilized. Next, we present Pilot findings on flooding and extreme
precipitation. The third section reviews extreme heat effects and the following section covers
sea level rise effects derived from climate changes. In the penultimate section, we discuss the
Pilots that cover tropical storms and hurricanes. In the last section, we present our conclusions.
In each section, we discuss the Pilots in the following order: BART, CTA, MARTA, LACMTA,
SEPTA, Sound Transit, and Gulf Coast. Where a Pilot does not address a climate change effect
we omit it from that discussion and continue the analysis in the same order. In each of the
climate effect sections, we discuss the history of the climatic effect, predictions of the climatic
effects in the future, vulnerabilities to the transit system derived thereof, and the adaptation
strategies developed by the Pilots impacted by that climatic effect. We note here that the Pilots
address both rail and bus modes within their systems as pertinent. Where the Pilots address an

Active Revisions
Papa 3

A graph on Page 28 Figure 2-4 has inaccuracies. Numbers do not match numbers
presented in article. Representation is not consistent with states noted in article.

"Figures 2-4 shows average annual precipitation from 1972 through 2100." (Reads as 3-2
in edit)

Blank page 35

Blank page 42

Correction not made Page 44, line 6

Page 44, Dot header is missing. Indent needed following line 6.

Bottom of page 50 blank, end of section missing Dot footer

Page 51 needs section number and title

Page 60 several corrections missing; Line 2, line 13, line 20, line 21

Page 75 title boxes do not include funding amount or report number.

Page 81 correction not made link missing

Introduction reads: 50-year time horizon, with the potential to significantly affect
operations and assets should include time lapse 20-to-50 year.

Table 2-5 missing transit summary

Victor 2

Page 2, first paragraph, line 6, first word, delete the.

Figure 3-1. Should indicate that the lighter colored bars are the low emissions scenario
and the darker colored bars are the high emissions scenario. Maybe in the explanation on
the side under "Figure 3-1" It could state: Projected Number of Days per Year over 90F
and 100F in Philadelphia, PA. The lighter colored bars refer to a low emissions scenario
and the darker colored bars refer to a high emissions scenario. [5]

Correction not made Page 37, line 5, should say vulnerabilities rather than
vulnerability (i.e. the line should state " may continue to be significant
vulnerabilities for SEPTA. The time and...")

Page 38 (text and Table 4-1), pages 43-44 (Table 5-2 and text), and page 57 (continuation
of Table 5-6). Fix table sizes and text layouts on these pages.

The fonts on page 38, pages 43-44, and page 57 are off - not the same as the font for the
other pages.

The actual texts on page 38, pages 43-44, and page 57 are off. It is very small, compared
to the font/text in the rest of the report. Needs to match with the text in the tables and
(especially) the font of the actual report text to match with the rest of the report.

The final table (I think a continuation of Table 5-6) on page 57 should have its own title
and probably be its own separate table as well. The title of this table should state: "After
Action Report: SEPTA's Preparation for and Response to Hurricane Sandy from October
28 - November 3, 2013"