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Kaitlin E.

551 Observer Highway, Apt. 7E Hoboken NJ 07030

Teachers College, Columbia University New York, NY
Candidate for M.S. Dual Certification in Inclusive Elementary and Special Education
Expected: December, 2014
Hofstra University Hempstead, NY
Non-Matriculated Courses, Elementary Education, GPA 4.0
May, 2011
Hofstra University Hempstead, NY
B.A., Magna Cum Laude, English, English and American Lit; Psychology, GPA 3.73
May, 2009
Honors: Deans List (2006-2009); Candidate for the Nelson DeMille Endowed Distinguished Scholarship (2008); Phi Beta Kappa, the
Omega Chapter (2008), oldest academic honor society in the United States, is dedicated to the recognition of scholarly excellence
and attainment of high moral character.
Professional Experience
P.S. 24, Brooklyn, NY
3rd Grade ICT, Student Teacher
In my second and most recent student teaching placement my responsibilities included: collaborating with cooperating teachers in
planning and teaching daily lessons; working with grade-level educators to design and adapt curriculum across content areas; implementing
the EngageNY curriculum through whole-class and small group instruction; co-teaching effectively and strategically in various subjects;
delivering and analyzing formal and informal assessments; evaluating student learning over time; determining student needs and
differentiating instruction; and preparing and implementing positive behavior plans with students. Furthermore, I designed and
implemented lessons in accordance with student learning styles, strengths, interests and academic needs and adapted future lesson plans
based on each teaching experience. I worked to create a positive learning environment by encouraging students efforts, challenging
children to take accessible next-steps and praising academic, social and behavioral accomplishments.
P.S. 452, New York, NY
September 2013-December 2013
1st Grade, Student Teacher
Assisted cooperating teacher with: designing, planning and managing materials for daily lessons; managing transitions; adapting
instruction; creating, designing and leading a full day of lesson plans; and establishing a safe classroom community based on
fairness and consistency. Additionally, in my placement I developed and applied a variety of teaching strategies and practices
including small and whole group instruction, conferring with individual students, cooperative learning techniques, inquiry-based
learning, literacy-based instruction including guided reading and strategy groups, interdisciplinary instruction, reading and writing
workshops and project-based learning.
St. Peters of Alcantara
September 2009-Present
Teachers Aide, Substitute Teacher
Supported general education teacher with adapting preschool curriculum and planning lessons for a classroom of 15 students.
Responsible for leading morning meetings, taking attendance, managing transitions, small group instruction and daily interactive
read-alouds. Further responsibilities included: preparing materials, co-teaching lessons, designing positive behavioral plans,
supervising the classroom when teacher steps out, applying learning strategies, administering positive reinforcement, exercising
responsive teaching strategies and collaborating with students to reach objectives.
Cinderellas Corner- Daycare (School Aged Program)
January 2010-December 2011
Designed, developed and established a small daycare for neighborhood children that sought to prepare children for the academic
and social environment of an early elementary classroom. The teaching philosophy of this program was grounded in student
centered, inquiry-based learning opportunities that encouraged children to explore and make sense of the world at their fingertips.
Neighborhood-walks, spontaneous science experiments and creative projects promoted the development of fundamental critical
thinking skills for independent learning such as questioning, evaluation, interpretation and reflection. Collaborative group work,
positive peer interaction, and a strong emphasis on the value of being a member of a community supported children in their
social, emotional and behavioral development.

Kaitlin E. Duranti
551 Observer Highway, Apt. 7E Hoboken NJ 07030
Additional Experience: Tutor, CYO Assistant Coach, Swing for a Cure Organizer, CCD teen mentor, North Shore INN Soup Kitchen
volunteer, lead educator in the English Learners Program in Vladivostok, Russia, family photographer, volunteer at St. Francis Hospital
and active child care provider for 10+ years.