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Do you think of any appropriate psychosocial therapies that would be especially

beneficial in helping individuals with HIV/Aids?

Since at the dawn of HIV/Aids, psychosocial support has became a cornerstone of the

wide array of treatments for many persons infected by HIV/AIDS. Psychosocial therapy
interventions have been an essential requirement since then in the search for meaning of life
during the course of struggling with the disease. These therapies sought to aid the patients by
addressing the conditions that may interfere with their acceptance of the HIV illness or their
ability to work cooperatively with the health care team.
In line of which, out of my perspective, the best psychosocial therapy which could be
advised to a patient is to make him feel that he has still a purpose to fulfill and that he needs
to fight against the illness. This can be done not purely within the four corners of a room, but
moreover, within the societal range. This is to be more than a direct assistance through
parameters of social support, social coping and overall adjustment to HIV infection - but
likely to be a direct application through bringing back the life of the patient, whos been
socially disfranchised, normal.
This treatment works in the ground of making the patient feels back an ordinary life. How
is this? One is that, he may be secured membership to a formal group, such as a team which
missions to reduce HIV/Aids among others. He may have given a job too aligned of his skills
while under the supervision of a medical team. My point is, the less he will feel sick and
different if he could talk, not only to psychiatrists or counselors, but to ordinary people
whom will make him feel not alone. The core of this therapy is to make the person feel as if
he has no illness, and as if that he feels he has, he should have to belief that a lot still care for

him, and that he is important. The knowledge of feeling love and not isolated to peers can be
a very good conditioning unit to bolster the patient in fighting against the disease.

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