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HINDUISM T()Qf.Y was founded on January 5.

1971l, by Salguru Slvaya Subrnmuni- PUBLISHER: Salguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswaml

March,1997 "'2.95 yaswami 10 strengthen all Hindu lineages. 'Published by Himalayan Academy, lO7 ADMINISTRATIVE DIRECTDR: Acharyn Veylanswami
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CIIRRESPONDEH1S: Cowri Shankar & Anandhi Ramachandran, Madrns; ChoocIamaoi PROMOTlON/ PRODUCTlOH: '!Yogi Kathirswami
Shivaram, Bang:aJore: Rajiv Malik & Mangala Prasad Mohaoty, Delhi: Vrinda- MANAGING EDITOR'S AIDE: 1Yagi Sbanmuganathaswami

vanam S. Gopalalaishnan, Kerala: Shyamal Chandra Debnath. Bangladesh: Ar- ADVERTISING MANAGER: Sadhaka JOlhinathn
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Rajesh, London: Ravi Perumon, Son Francisco: Dr. Devananda Tandavan, Chicago: DEPUTY MANAGING EDITOR: Yogi Kasinalha
Affirming Sanatana Dharma and Recording the Modern History of a Billion-Strong Global Religion in Renaissance Y.G. Julie Rajan, Philadelphia. Web Masters: Deva Seyon: Sadhunathan Nadesan.

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Law and Order: A Cross Comes Down 17 i
Cover Story: Bangalore Battlefield:
Beauty Pageant Turns Ugly 22 '
Sage of Arunachalam: Ramana Maharshi
and His Teaohing of ''Who Am I?" 26
Mental Heath: A Curative Temple for
the lv,[entally Challenged 34
Religion: Catholic Fathers Adopt!Adapt
Hindu Worship Rites 4'9
Photography: Marcus Leatberdale Plays
with Light in a-Darkened World 52
InSight: Tulsi and Rudraksha, Two of
OUf Most Venerated Botanicals 30
Horology: Seven Days for Seven Gods 36
Fashion: Wow! You Look Just Divine ,,0 -
• Cinema: 'Deep River,' a Japanese
Spiritual Odyssey in India 47
Striving: Yoga in the Indian Army 48
Publisher's Desk: Meditation Can Be
More th~ You 13argained For 6
Editorial: Fear of Clashing Cultures 8
My Turn: Malaysian Mentor's Musings 10
Letters , ' '- 14
Heallng: DHEA: Fountain of Youth? 44
Minister's Message: Yoga's Daily Gifts 50
Quotes" Quips 9 Evolutions 44
Diaspora 11 Digital Dharma 54
Briefly 20

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PUBLISHER'S DESK Internal resolution: The meditator must become master of hts own
mind, facing positively each past eXperience as it arises
.............. . . ... ...... . . .. ...... . ..... ............. . . ..... ........ . . . . . .... ... . . . . .. ......... .,1•••• • • • •••• • ••• .. ......... . ..
Meditation Can Be More
. ,
mind into tne Self is the destiny of all living on this planet, for
most in a life to come.
Meditation can be sustained only if one lives a wholesome life,
free from emotional entanglements and adharmic deeds. Intensive,

Than You Bargained for consistent meditation dispels the antagonistic, selfish, instinctive
forces of the mind and converts those channels of energy into up-
lifted creative action. The same force works to'make either the
saint or the sinner. The same force animates both love and hate. It
is for the devotee to control and direct that one force so that it
On the path to enlightenment, every .paxt of works through the highest channels of creative expression. When
this soul force is awakened, the refined qualities of love, forgive-
ones nature has to be faced and reconciled ness, loyalty and generosity begin to unfold. In this ascended' state
of concentrated consciousness, the devotee will be able to loOk
down on all the tense conditions and involvements within his own
B Y, SAT G U R U S I V A Y A SUB RAM U N I Y A S W A M I mind from a v.iew far "above" them. As the activity of his thoughts
subsides, he begins to feel at home in that pure state of Being,
ESPERATE STATES OF thought p'ictures recognizable also has released from his identification with and bondage to lower states
mind are disturbing ' its source in God, and nothing can or of mind. A profound feeling of complete freedom persists . .
many people these days. has happened that is not of one's own Meditation is similar to watching the play of light and pictures on
They are caught in emo- creation in a past life or in this. Thus television. Identify with the pictures, and emotion is experienced.
tional turmoil and armed with Vedic wisdom, we are in- Identify with the light, and peace is experienced. Both light and
entanglement, scarcely kn9wing vincible to the emotions connected with energy forms have .their source in God. Begin this evening, while
how to get themselves out of it, or the memory of formerly locked-away watching the news on TV, by keeping awareness more within the
even fully realizing what state experiences. When they come rolling light than the pictures. By all means, begin tlilS ancient, mystical
they Me in. This condition, which out, patiently write down the emotional art, but as you progress, don't be surprised when regrets, doubts,
often deteriora!es as \he years go impressions of hurt fE{elings and injus- confusions and fears you hardly knew you remembered loom up
by until nervous difficulties and tices of years gone by and burn the one by one to be faced and resolved. Perform the vasana daha
mental illnesses set in, can be paper in an open fireplace. Seeing the tantm: simply write down all the regrets, doul;>ts, confusions and
alleviated by the simple practice fire consume the exposed vasanas, the fears in as much detail as possible, then burn the paper in a fire
of meditation. Those who are garbage of yesterday, is in itself a great place or garbage can. Claim the release from the past impression
content to live in a mesh of men- release. The experienced meditator that this tantm imparts. Begin searching within now. .
tal conflict, which is not only seeks -out the unwholesome areas within
conscious but subconscious, will hims'elf, enCieavoring to expose and.rid
n~ver get around to meditation or himself of each knot of karma. The be- THE VED A S SAY .. .
even the preliminary step: concentration. But a person who is wise ginning meditator may be shocked and
enough to struggle with his own mind, to try to gain the mastery
of his mind, will learn the vital practice of meditation. Just a few
shrink from even continuing the prac-
tice of meditation as his inner mind The Search Is Within
moments each morni,ng or evening enables him to cut the entan- plays back unhappy thoughts that im-
gled conditions that'ereep into the conscious mind during the day. pose themselves upon his shanti. Many The mind, indeed, is this fleeting world. Therefore, it should
The consistent practice of meditati<m allows him to live in higher stop meditating altogether at this point be purified with great effort. One becomes like that which is
states of consciousness, with increasing awareness and per:ceptiol1 and turn instead to the distractions of in one's mind-this is the everlasting secret."
u~~~~~ . modern life lor solace. KruSHNA YAj UR VEDA , M AITREYA UPANISHAD 6 .24
'There are surprises, many of them, for the beginning meditator, But true meditatien happens because
as well as for those who are advanced-unexpected consequen~es of soul evolution. We evolve into medita- One should meditate on the, which consists of spirit.
tha~ are often more than either bargained for, because on the road tive practices from bhakti, the yoga of whose embodiment is life, whose form is light. whose essence
to enlightenme~t, every part of one's nature l.!as to be faced and devotion. The transition is earned is space which changes its form at will. swift as thought"
reconciled. This can be difficult if the experiences of life have through past good karm,(l,$, not chosen
been unseemly, or relativeiy easy if the experiences have been as an intellectual'or recreational pas- The Self cannot be attained by the weak. nor by the careless,
mostly comfortable. What is it that meditation arouses to be dealt time. As the transition of external wor- nor through aimless disciplines. But if one who knows strives
with? It is the reactions to life~ happenings, recorded in. the sub- ship to internal worship is made, the by right means. his soul enters the abode of God.
conscious mind, both the memory of'each experience and the devotee has to face all bad karmas I ATHA1WA VEDA, M UNDAKA U PANJSHAD 3.2 .4

emotion connected to it. Buried ~way, normally, waiting to burst cheerfull)( and honestly in order to re-
forth in the next birth or the one to follow it, these vasanas, or solve them and move forward. The cosmic soul is truly the whole universe. the immortal
deep-~eated impressions, often come forward at the most unex- - Sitting in a state of real meditation, one must be more alive and I source of all creation. all action. all meditation. Whoever
subconscious of the past and the conscious, external, waking state
pected moments gfter serious meditation is begun. It is the shakti alert than a tight-rope walker suspended without a net, on a taut discovers Him. hidden deep within. cuts through the bonds
concerned with the present and future. The experienced medita- of ignorance even during his life on earth.
power of meditation that releases them. There can be no repressed cable 300 feet above the earth. He must be the master of himself, tor learns that he is the watcher, pure awareness. When concentra- ATRARVA VEDA, MUNDAKA UPANlSHAD 2 . 1. 10
secrets, no memories too woeful to confront for the serious medita- all the while seeking to identify with his pure soul being, not al- tion is sustained long enough, he dives into the superconscious,
tol':' These experiences can be scary if one is "in denial" about cer- lowing attention to be pulled here and there-to the physical body, intuitive state of mind. It enables ilie meditator, in time, to unravel He who knows God as the Life of life. the Eye of the eye.
tain embarrassing or disturbing happenings. to outside sounds; to thoughts of the past or to concerns about the the mystery. An integrated, one-pointed state of being is the goal- the Ear of the ear. the Mind of the mind-he indeed
When this upheaval occurs for you, and it will, combat,the pa- future. a state of inner perception without vacillation, with the ability to comprehends fully the Cause of all causes.
per dragon with the deep inner knowing that the energy of the . Upon entering a state of meditation, one may find that aware- move awareness through the mind's various states at wilL To 'be- S HUKLA YAJ UR VEDA. BRlBADRARANYAKA UPANISHAD 4.4 .18

body has its source in God, the light of the mind that makes, ness is enmeshed in a struggle between two states of mind: the come the ruler of the mind is the goal. To then go beyond the


has grown from a few billion dollars in
EDITORIAL 1980 to nearly 250 billion in 1996. Com-
panies no longer tie themselves to geo-

"Nonviolence i~ mightier tn8n the mightiest we8pon

graphic or political boundaries; they play

Zzam.mpf-Kaboom! in any country where it pays. British Tele-

com merged with the Yankee firm MCI,
and folks wondered how the Brits would
, of destruction devised by m~n."
take the new American bosses. A tall
Knowing thii, you know much about life: Texas woman, Marjorie Scardino, who
once ran a shrimp boat, was named cor- Mah~tma Gandhi (1869-1948)
"What is the sound of one culture clashing?n porate head of a UK publishing firm,
Pearson. In Germany, Ernie Drew, anoth- Amassing great wealt~ is gradual, like the gathering of a theater
er Texan, made it on the board of
BY THE EDITOR Hoechst, a chemical giant, and soon the
crowd. Its d,ispersal is sudden, like that same crowd departing.
Tirukural, Vers e 332
meetings were conducted nicht au,f
AS IT ALWAYS BEEN THIS WAY, THIS ANGUISHING ABOUT Deutsch but in English! More amazing yet is the head of f.ipans "-
who we are, this defensiveness bordering on paranoia about auto titan, Mazda. LastJune Scotsman Henry Wallace was ap- "If you create enough papa '(bad karma), you'll need another mama."
our cultural turf and collective identity? Or h?s something pointed to lead the failing company, and he doesn't even speak
changed and no one sent out a notice? Clearly, all around us Japanese! Unthinkable a few years back, such things are happen- "Being a vegetarian doesn't actually make you live longer. It just
groups are reevaluating their intellectual and social histories, ing fast and furiously now.
reestablishing their place in the human cosmos. It's a tribal thing, Global cultural invasion is empowered by technology. ·Phones, seems longer."
though tribes can be as big as all of Islam or Buddhism. The Hopi CPUs and TVs are ubiquitous, FedEx can send a package to any
Indians in New Mexico are fighting the US government to keep remote hamlet, and films are instantly translated, dubbed and "East meets West and West eats meat." Title of a song on Tana
electricity away from sacred sites. Europe's Pagans are coming out repackaged for foreign distribution, a task that took years before Ravi, t hey say this
Mana, by sitarist Ravi Shankar.
cave-dwelling yogi
of the closet, advancing themselves as an alternative to the relative- and only month* now. If you loved the old ways, the new ones can is profo undly
ly young cultures that sidelined them. In many places once-con- be downright loathsome. On top of all this comes the 'newest inter- connect ed to
quered peoples and their once-silenceq heritages are making a loper, the Internet, rushing information, ideas and images across the cosmos. DID YOU KNOW?
comeb,ack that their once-smug conquerors find threatening. borders in a nanosecond, without stopping to be frisked, without
In the media cultures are clashing as never before. Witness the
page 22 feature on the Miss World beauty pageant in Bangalore,
flashing a visa or declaring the purpose of its visit.
Though this is changing fast, so far the Internet is a North
Smokin' Guns! f

India. Not that such things never happen in India. They do, but American and European tool, and other cultures are rightly fearful UNPOWDER, THE FIRST" /' \ •
seldom have they engendered such a virulent response from the of its power to change and inform citizens. China is working fran- explosive invented, is a ,f/j
masses. The world took it seriously when that youngman immolat- tically to have its own Internet. Malaysia is creating JARING (q na- potent mixture of saltpeter,
ed himself in protest of what he deemed a kind of human "cattle tional net that will sift out unfit content from abroad) and Arabian "The nuclear family is just waiting to explode." Satgurti Sivaya
sulfur and charcoal used ~o
show" that spelled, for him, the unacceptable desecrat'6n of Indian nations are outright outlawing it. The Internet provides the ulti- Subramuniyaswami, on the trend offamilies breaking a~rt power guns, cannons and ar-
tillery. It was long thought that ;<~~~~~
womanhood. Though one man died, tens of thousands lived to mate in cult;ural traffic and therefore collisions.
strike, blockade, march, parody and speak out against the coql.- But wait a minute! Do I hear the sound of one culture clashing? A m~untain climber falls off the edge of a precipitous cliff, but
mercialization of a woman's body, reflecting a similar sensibility Outside of Asia these ·very struggles proliferate. The mythic the Chinese invented it, but re- '~,
iconography of Michael Jackson, the halfway to the bottom, grabs a vrotruding root and hangs on. cent translations of ancient Hindu manuscripts issued from an
that is awakening in the US, with beau-
ty contests quietly refocusing on con- evils of Internet, the tyranny of1:ele- Casting his eyes heavenward, he cries out, "Is anyone.up there?" A American university prove that Hindus had,the formula long
testants' oratory, personality and talent. vision, the menace of materialism, voice floats down to him, saying, "Yes, my son. Let go of that root before it was recorded in China.
Yet, many educated Indians sided the loss of childhooCl innocence are you hold, and I will briRg thee up here." After a long paus~ the
with South African journalist Ramesh all on the minds and agendas in the man reappealed, "Anyone else up there?;
Jetpalal who offered that "In matter~ of West, too. Peoples of all nations are
sex, Hindus as a rule avoid the ex- clashing with the selfsame t::ulture, A minister and an unbeliever engaged in a public debate. T,he
trem~s of prudery and prurience," call- usually branded Westernization. Disciple! "0, all knowing one, take me to the place of perfect minister was declared the winner because, after listening to his
ing the protest "fatuous and asinine" Those who worry underestimate peace." Master: "If I take you there, it will no longer be peaceful." opponent, the unbeliever snickered, "Thank God I'm an atheist!"
and the protesters "freaks and fanatics." the staying power of our heritage,
And there are other such clashes in this and overestimate the damage that
issue: one on foreign media invading changes bring. To fight for zero ' 6UT ONLY A TEACHER
India, another on foreign morals invad- ehange is retrothink, reminiscent of ' EXPLAIN CLEARLY
ing Malaysia, a third on foreign mis- those who struggled vainly against HOW TO GET INTO
sionaries appropriating Hindu sacred the automobile and the airplane (re- A P05TURE ...
ic0ns, and more. We didn't even have space to write about the
township of 500 cowherders who .decided to ban television from
member the fatuous argument "If eod wanted man to fly, He
would have given us wings"?). Would we want to live today in the YOU CAN'T LEARN
their borders lest precious time in the dairys be squandered. one-bath-a-month US cowboy culture? The Japanese Samurai HATHA YOGA FROM A 600K. o
Business is perhaps the most talked-about crossroads where manner? Indias Harappan society? Most would say no. Our global t YOU NEED A TEACHERI
these clashes happen. McDonald's felt the cr]lnch with the Hindu Hindu family is strong enough to have our chapatti and eat it too:
aversion to beef-eating and caved in last year, opening the only
one of its 20,000-plus restaurants. that does not serve cow carcass-
to allow some among us to keep the ancient fires burning, even re-
sisting modernizations, and to encourage others to explore and ex- o
es....Pepsi and Coca Cola have struggled mightily to gain a foothold periment. Even as individuals, we can run after change while o
in Bharat, and had to learn new ways of operating a company. keeping both feet on the Eternal Path. In fact, there is no way on
In its November 25 issue, NEWSWEEK noted the trend for corpo- Earth that we can destroy the Sanatana Dharma, anymore than
rate heads of multinationals to come from other cultures. in dollar we can destroy sunshine. So, stop worrying, everyone. Be happy.
term~, the transnational mergers and acquisitions of compantes Better yet, be blissful.


Our Future in a Fast- TECHNOLOGY

Rock Crusher
Moving World ,
V work with hand-held ham-
mers for a we~k, suffering in-
juries, to produce a knee-high
In Malaysia,. as elsewhere, concerns pile of gravel worth US$8 for
roads and concrete. A South
about cultural survival abound African Bahai, Crispin Pember-
ton-Piggot, has invented a rock
crusher that requires no fuel,
BY DR. S.M. PONNIAH oil or spare parts, only costs
US$1,435 and weighs just 200
WELCOME THIS OPPORTU- me, and the indifference of kg. It can safely produce ten or
Loving Ganesa, at once simple, more wheel barrows of crushed
nity to "take my turn" and Hindus toward their cultural
)herald the advent of a new and religious identity. I often rock a day. Designed in consul-
deep and practical, teaches ever so _millennium in HINDUISM To- ask myself, "Will Sanatana One of Sorcar's spice Ganeshas tation with the ladies and com- /
DAY. This allows me to take stock Dharma be able to survive in puter modeling, the machine's
the new millennium before us?" SUCCESS STORY hand-turned fly wheel shatters Six trained masseurs giving ayurvedic oil therapy
many ways that Ganesas grace of some of the major historical
events that have affected Sana- Besides international terrorism any rock between two plates
can be attained by sincere devo- tana Dharma and to anticipate and religious fundamentalism, Multi-Media with a sudden 15,000-kg force. HEALTH
what the new millennium holds international developments are It could revolutionize village-
questioning our time-tested ANICK SORCAR'S SPICE level gravel production through- India's Ayurvedic "Tourism"
tion, song, prayer and meditation
for Hinduism and its adherents,
both in India and beyond. belief in dharma. M Ganeshas bring India's
multi-media to the US. His re-
out the world.
Is ,Sanatana Dharma equipped to con-
to bring greater harmony,
India is a sub-continent that gave birth to
Hindu civilization but has been, in the last front the powerful forces of modern sci-
ence and technology, which have no doubt
cent Denver show drew world-
wide attention for his collages
P O. Box 3223, Manzini,
S seeing visitors but a growth rate of 10% among tourists com-
ing to India for health reasons. Many "five-star" ayurvedic clin-
500 years, subjected to alien rule and to t

contentment and spirituality into thought alien to Sanatana Dharma. The brought progress but have, at the same of news clippings which ics are completely booked. Dr. T. R. Chandrashekaran, from
price of freedom from British imperialism time, dehumanized mankind? The modern portray newsmakers like Kerala, who oversees the small, four-rooms only, quality care
was the division of the sub-continent. "Secu- mass media, which has brought the world Gandhi. As a boy, he ex- Kairali Health Resort in New Delhi, told HINDUISM TODAY, "We
ones daily life. An BOO-page illus- closer, has effectively exploited human celled in helping his ma- are seeing about 100 visitors a month from Japan, Germany,
lar India," the birthplace of Sanatana Dhar-
rna, is today wedged between two theocratic weaknesses, rather than its strengths. The gician father with light- Switzerland, USA, etc. They stay an average of 14 days for seri-
trated resource by Satguru states. It has ceased to subscribe to the combined forces of sciE1nce, technology and ing, backdrops and sound ous problems like arthritis or spinal spondylitis which require
Hindu, Buddhist and Jain concept of ahim- media have made the Hindu quest for per- effects. Later he received complex treatments and deep daily oil massage. We provide
Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. $ 19.95 sa, and does not accept the principle that fection of man (sadhana) somewhat irrele- awards for his Denver everything, all the food and ayurvedic herbal preparations. Oth-
"the light is one, but the lamps are many." vant to present-day Hindus, who live in a Airport lighting system, ers may only have single-day treatments like the 17 Japanese
However, Sanatana Dharma, the eternal rapidly changing world which leaves little multimedia art and ani- coming tomorrow." A 14-day stay would cost 25-30,000 rupees
plus shipping (US $2, mati0n. Such is the value (US$700-835). Very reasonable, considering that a simple two-
dharma of the Hindus, has withstoocl. the time for reflection or meditation) Social ills
test of time for the last five or six millennia. and crimes have assumed global dimensions. of taking a career that hour knee operation in the US would cost US$8,000 and you
Foreign $4). Also in bookstores. It is like the iofty Himalayas that stand Throughout the world, moral decadence is flows fmm the family would be out of the hospitial in 6 hours, while a hospital stay of
firm, silent and serene, or the mighty Gan- swelling into a tidal wave difficult to stem. It's in his blood. Rock crusher--an amazing 16-ton punch, 14 days with physical therapy would run US$20,000 and up.
1-800-890-1008 ga which continues to flow unhindered. I Having been cut off from the roots of
The Sanatana Dharma continues, to give their ancestral religioN and its values, t}le
1-808-822-3152 spiritual strength and sustenance to every m.odern Hindu youths' future in Malaysia
INDONESIA where he had been charged with trapped in a church blaze. Ac- - will work shoulder to shoulder t~
Hindu, whose faith is in God. It stands - is becoming a cause of concern for all par-' blasphemy against Islam. It was cording to Christianity Today, foster peaceful coexistence be-
firm upon a philosophical foundation, ents. They have begun to refer to th~ir Muslims Burn rumored he hid in a church. Five more than 200 Indonesian tween religious communities."
kauai. hi. us/ashram strengthened by its language and literature, children as the '10st generation." Have we a people, a Christian minister, his churches have been been The incident marred Indonesia's
dance and drama, art and sc,ulpture. It is remedy? I Java Churches family and one worker, died burned 9r vandalized since 1991. reputation for religious harmony
sustained throughout the ages by its Vedic In answering these questions, the leaders S'tubondo Muslim, In this worlds fifth most popu-
and Agamic practices. The ancient Vedic of the Hi.ndu community everywhere have N OCTOBER A MOB OF
10, Catholic, Protestant lous nation, 85% pr,ofess Islam,
LOVING voice echoes: "Lead us from the unreal to an urgent duty to perform to renew our O 2,000 enraged Muslims
from the town of Situbondo, East
and Hindu leaders
promptly issued a joint
but acutally the majority follow a
unique, syncretic faith of Hindu-
the real. Lead us from darkness to light. faith in Sanatana Dharma. We must join
GANESA Lead us from death to immortality." It is a
voice which continues to excite the hearts
forces not only to endeavor, ensure and
enlighten, but also to defend Sanatana
Java, Indonesia, destroyed one
Hindu temple, two Christian
statement condemning
the riot, saying, "We
ized indigenous spiritual beliefs
overlaid with Islam. The consti-
and inspire the minds of millions of men Dharma and our Hindu heritage. scho61s, an orphanage and 24 hope religious and tution includes religious tolerance,
HIMALAYAN ACADEMY PUBUCATIONS and women. Christian Churches. They were cornrnuni~leaders and representatives from Islam,
I 07 KAHOLALELE ROAO However, my faith in Sanatana Dharma, DR. S.M.PONNIAH is an educationist, poet, seeking a local Muslim sect Hinduism, Taoism, Catholicism
KAPAA HI 96746-9304 USA as a Malaysian, is often shaken by the fath er and former National President of the leader named Saleh who had es- Java church gutted by and Protestant Christianity hold
events that occur daily in the world around prestigious Malaysia Hindu Sangam. caped from a court hearing angry Muslims government seats.
New from Blue Dove Press...
'J\n extraordinary account of the Roy Eugene Davis,
Two Incomes experience of selflessness." Joseph a widely-traveled teacher,
Goldstein, author of The Experience author and direct disciple of
Equ'als Double Stress of Insight . Paramahansa Yogananda,
has taught in the kriya yoga
HE AVERAGE ANNUAL US home." It can be done, she ad- Collision with the Infinite tradition for more than four
T family dual-income is.
US$54,865. When only the hus-
vises.'First figure the cost of
working.,Add up child-care,
by Suzanne Segal
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quit. But Linda Kelley, author ally lose money on their second
of Two Incomes and Still income. P:mject a tighter bud- Center for Spiritual Awareness
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huge amounts because-they come. Prepare for more time . Lakemont, Georgia
don't have time to comparison alone and finding new friends 30552-0007 USA
shop. They may spend on such and activities. Mothers who Sivananda Yoga'Teacher Training
stress reV':'ards as get-away- quit work cite the one-year 4-weeks intensive in the Tel: 706-782-4723 • Fax 706-782-4560
from-it-all vacations. Then mark as the point when they Sierra foothills of California. http://web.infoave.netl-csainc • E-mail
there are guilt-buys for the chil- felt comfortable in their new May 3-Jun 1 '97.
dren whose parents are rarely [original?] roles. Asanas • Pranayama In India:
Meditation • Mantras A Master Guide to Meditation (Rs. 55)
SPORTS Raja Yoga • Vedanta The Book of Life (Rs. 65) by Mr. Davis.
Page for July 14, 1997: wild polar bears resting on rrwm's back Bhagavad Gita • Kriyas Motilal Banarsidass
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ELF-REALIZATION FELLOWSHIP' S 1997 DESK CALENDAR ticed yoga throughout his 20- achieve elasticity, persistence

S Inner Reflections is, no exaggeration, simply stunning.

Each weekly page is faced with a phenomenal photograph
from life's awesome visual wealth highlighted with a spiritual
year career, even after he
converted to Islam. Yoga maga-
zine reported that the 7-foot 1-
or whatever he wants." When
he retired in 1989, Kareem had
set NBA records for most
quote from Paramahansa Yogananda. Even the occasional sur- 3/8 inch Ka'reem says, "Yoga points (38,387) most field goals
realism remains true to the radiance of real nature. For the fifth was the best way to keep my (15,837) and most minutes AN APPEAL
year in a row, the calendar won the gold medal in the US Na- elasticity. I used it preventively played (57,446).
tional Calendar Awards competition. because its really effective in
ing mystical books, holistic
Mystique '96 health systems, magnet therapy,
village handicrafts, spiritual, so-
, AST SEPTEMBER, NEW DELHI cial welfare, educational ;md re- Krishna's New Rock Opera HEALTH IS WEALTH is an adage. Even if one possesses wealth,
L-ho'sted a 5-day event called search institutions, rudrakshas, he must have health to enjoy it. Where one does not have
"Mystique India, '96" coupled gems, yoga, aura photography, i\ SWISS I8KCON DEVO- material wealth but has physical health, then he or she
with a Non-Resident Indian wpnosis, vastu, yantras- you .t=\tee Guido J. von Arx has can be happy and earn the wealth needed for living.
(NRI) conference. An estimated get the i~a. Over 150 as- conceived a rock opera
300,000 visited over 100 consul- trologers, palmists and numerol- called "The Song Divine,"
tants and 200 modern stalls ogists gave free consultations. dedicated to ISKCON's
r-/1 bout 7 !ears ago, a dreadful fir~ env~loped Sri Mathrudevi Vishwa .
(costing US$I,OOO each) present- Ayurvedacharyas and other founder Srila Prabhupada ~ Shanthl Ashram and surroundmg villages. Helpless women and chil-
therapists gave visitors on the occasion of his 1996 dren lost their lives. Mother Sri Vijayeswari Devi, with innate com-
free treatments, while birth centennial. Based on passion, took on herself to provide relief, for 'which the victims have been
NRIs tackled every- the Bhagavad-gita, Maha- most gratefuL Then she devised a plan for permanent medical relief to the
thing from internation- bharata and the Srimad- poor and needy tribespeople of some 150 villages near her ashram. Qualified
al banking to match .- Bhagavatam, it "synthesizes medical volunteers responded quickly, surveyed the area and the people, and
making. For informa- the ancient wisdom of the
counseled about health and hygiene. Centers were set up and medicines made
tion on the '97 event: East with the modern music Opera's art: Krishna at battle.
Bharat Nirman, and art of the West." With Bhagavathi Karunamay i, Sri Sri Sri Vijayeswar~ Sri Penusila available. But is was too little and malnutrition remains rampant. The
588 Asiad Village, music by Vlatko Stefanovski and Hariprasad Chaurasia, the Kshethrtam, Rupurmandal Nellore Dst., AP, South India beloved mother began supplying a balanced diet wherever possible, then pro-
New Delhi, 110049 English script by Arx is in clear, rhyming verse. In Scene Three, . " .posed t~at a fully equipped hospital with at least 30 beds to begin with be set
Krishna advises Arjuna: "Perform your duty. Stand and fight! up to. much-needed ~ehef. ,ThIS noble project, w:hIch may cost Rs 10 crores, has yet to manifest and is in dire need of fi-
Organizer M. C. Bhan- Rejoice in its beauty. And spread its light." nanCIal aSSIstance. Some of Ainma s devotees have contnbuted and Mother, who believes "example is better than precept" has
dari, 2nd from left . donated one of her kidneys for a needy patient. Please help .
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Purushottam Tirtha: Paramhansa Yogananda
Don't Believe in MantrasP request yo'u to keep this point in mind when of Indians will look at our culture as a relic (author of Autobiography
THE FOLLOWIl:'IG STORY WHICH I READ IN publishing articles on such divisive issues. ofyn ancient civilization. Yoga Vani ofa Yogi).
T~e Essentials of Hinduism by Swami RAHUL DEOLIA ED VISWANATHAN Instructions for the attainment
Bhaskarananda 'provides an afuwer to ~e UNITED KINGDOM NEW ORLEANS, WUISIANA, USA
of Siddhayoga during sadhana. • Yoga and Meditation
question "Why are mantras powerful?" " postpaid: US$13.50 (USA) Retreat.
raised by Mr. A: Subramaniam (LETTERS, Impressed $16.50 (Canada) • Yoga teacher training.
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"During a religious discourse, a Hindu I NEED TO POINT OUT THAT THE PHOTO- ary issue. I am glad to have .read your Pub- Guru Bani • Catalog of books,
saint told the assembled group tlJ:at a person graph on the cover depicting a jtiint family lisher's Desk and am so impressed with the 100 ways to attain inner peace. music and videos.
",)10 chants a mantra regularly for, many in Kerala is reversed left to tight. I fear that integrity otyour mission. It makes me want How to live a spiritual life-for • Ananda's home-study
years develops a pure mind, which enables this might give rise to a wrong idea as to to be even ,more invollled. Congratulations monks and families. course in yoga and
him to see God. At this, someone in the au- how one should wear the holy threads across on what you are doing. postpaid: US$9.50 (USA) meditation.
dience stood up and said, 'Sir, I can't believe their chest and also how the sari is worn in STEPHEN P. HUYLf"R $12.50 (Canada)
in the efficacy of mantras. A mantra is just a South Indian states. • CAMDEN, MAINE, USA
, -/
word. How can' it have the power to purify R AJARAMAN Ayurvedic Products Distributors-wholesale or retail For a free cassette on Mystical Music and Talks
anyone's mind and give him God-vision?' " ,Aryan Invasion Was TrueP Not catalog: $1.00 (free via e-mail) • Consultations • I-year call or write:
'What! You don't believe in the power of I READ WITH INTEREST THAT THE ARYAN
Ayurveda Certification Courses in person or by correspon- Ananda
manliras?' exclaimed the saint, 'You're the Same Goal in Different Ways invasion theory was a myth according to Mr. dence (US mail, or e-mail). 14618 Tyler Foote Rd
worst fool I've ever seen in my whole life!' I :AM THE CURRENT PRESIDENT OF THE Dinesh Agrawal (Aryan Invasion Theory, MY Nevada City, CA 95959-8599 USA
Since the saint had called him a fool in the Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America.: As you TURN, July '96). How does he ~xplain Rig Ayurveda Holistic Center
presence of the entire audience, the man mentioned in your current editorial, Hindu Veda verse 1.32 which says, "Indra fighting do Swami Narayan Tirtha Math Tel: 9l6-47~-7560 Extension 7025
felt extremely hurp-iliated. H,is face red- solidarity is the mission of your monastic or- to break down the fortresses to open the cave 82A-H Bayville Ave • Bayville, NY 11709-1671 USA
dened and he starred shaking with sup- der ("Ghronicling Hinduism's Modern Ex- to free the floods imprisoned and set the sev- TeVfax: 1-516-628-8200 Ananda Home Page:
pressed anger. Pointing out his reaction, the perience," PUBLISHER'S DESK, January '97). en rivers loose, while the black captives Ask for Swami Sada Shiva Tirtha E-mail:
saint said, 'You don't believe in the power of You are t,rying to achieve this by informa- watched under guard." The world's ancient, E-mail:
words, but look at thte power of the word tion .and communication. We at the VHP best irrigation scheme and the cities with Ananda, founded in 1968 by Swami Kriyananda, a
'fool'-what a strong effect it's had on you, are trying to do the same by working at the straight streets were destroyed. By whom? Web: http//www.holistic.comllistings/11709acl.html direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, is not
and yet you de~y the power of mantras ?'" grassroot level. Hindu unity ,and soJidarity is Was it not by those who did not know the Free interactive dosha self-test and articles. affiliated with Self-Realization Fellowship.
ASHIM K. BHATTAOHARYYA the goal of VHP also. We can be comple- value of the irrigation scheme and their cul-
METAIRIE, LbUISIANA, USA mentary in this great effort. Most of us are ture or language-the Aryans who came
full (j)f zeal and enthusiasm but lack the spir- from beyond Himalayas on recently domes-
Understanding the Transition itual and philosophical knowledge. Your ticated horses? If, as Mr. Agrawal says, they
I LIKE TO BELIEVE THAT· DEEP WITHIN US teachings and various articles in your mag- were indigenous people, they would have
known the value of the irrigation schemes
all is the knowing that death can be a glori-
ou,s experience, thal it is only the process
azine do a wonderful job in fulfilling that
deficiency. and the cities. The Aryans further went to Vedic
divide the people by despising black and
that most fear and many try to delay. One of
the many good points in this ediltorial
BWOMFIELD HILLS, MICHIGAN, USA brown people, and}<eeping kings, the army
and the rich landowners on their side, heap-
(' Great Departure," EDITORIAL, January '97)
that deserves the reader's Closest attention is Concerned about Children
the following sentence: "Many terminal pa- I DO NOT SEE VIEWS OF CHILDREN
ing untold suffering on the ordinary masses.
in Paradise
tients are under ·sedation, so instead of the pressed in your magazine, and that has to be ISAACS, CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA
March 14- 11, 1991
conscious death Hindus esteem, there is a corrected. 'We have to know what exactly
dim and drugged insensibility. at the end." I their views are on a regular basis. Growing Rig Veda verse 1.32 cited by Mr. Mmlva-
wish I could convey to you how much I . up in a Western society with our Eastern
agre..e with this. At the most critical point in value system is not easy. Unluckily, temples
one's' life, this practice becomes nothing are riot offering a lot of opportunity for chil-
ganam does not contain the statement he
quotes. We have not dis overed any irrigation ,
schemes. The cities and straight streets
,.-which we have discovered were not de-
ASTROLOGY for more
more than a pain killer for the liviOg, and dren to express their views. Children are contact:
the one moving on is not fully keen and u~der quite a lot of peer pressure. In schools 'stroyed by any hum1l9 hand. There is no ev-
able to celebrate w hat follows. and colleges, they are subjected to name idence whatsoever for the destrucflon of In- INSTITUTE OF
calling as weIr as extreme anti-Eastern pro- dus Valley cities by human hands. March 14-11, 1991 VEDIC
" paganda. Many of them- find it difficult to PROF. SHIVA G. BAJPAI KEAUHOU BEACH HOTEL, ASTROLOGY
relate their problems to tneir parents, sinte CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY
Squeamish about Vegetarianism . most of the parents are brought up in India (5 miles south.of Kona
in very"'congenial surroundings. All of us, SEDONA,
vegetarianism, but I feel that I must bring have to know all their problems and come Letters with writer's n~e, address and daytime ARIZONA 86339
the following points to 'Your notice. Our out with proper solutions. Views of children phone number, should be sent to: (520) 282-6595
Hindu community is divided enough as it of South Africa, United States of America, Letters, HINDUISM TODAY
to register with Visa
stands, in this present day and age. The veg- Mauritius, etc., that you have Rublished 107 Kaholalele Road 9 SPEAKERS, INCLUDING:
KAPAA, HI, 96746-9304 USA or Mastercard call
etarian debate is a very touchy issue which were an eye opener to all the Hiti'dus. I do or faxed to: (808) 822-4351
drives our people farther apart. This is only not see Hinduism as a religion but as the or e-mailed to: CHRISTINA COLLINS, DENNIS FLAHERTY, JAMES KELLEHER, 800-900-6595
causing damage to our communitY, and oth- true culture of India. We have ' to focus on EDITH HATHAWAY, LINDA JOHNSEN, AND WILLIAM LEVACY
ers, not to mune names, are taking advan- chil'clren to safeguard our culture. Other- Letters may be edited for space and clarity and may
tage of the fact that our community is divid- wise, we will lose our children, and they appear in electronic versions of HINDUISM TODAY. BEGINNING AND ADVANCED CLASSES
ed and blind to see these facts. I would will lose our values, and future generations " INDICATES LETTERS RECEIVED VIA E- MAIL REGISTRATION FEES: (FOR MAIN SYMPOSIUM 3/14-3/16)
Autobiography of a Yogi Superconsciousness
of ~vangelicals, ''All of a sudden, are we ex-
by Paramhansa Yogananda by J. Donald Walters L AW AND ORDER pected to renounce our faith? Do only un-
(Swami Kriyananda) faithful people have rights in this city?"

City's Cross Must Go,

The verbatim reprinting of $10.99 On foe other side, attorney Fred Blum,
Yogananda's original 1946 unedited A culmination of nearly 50 years of representing the American Jewish Congress,
edition, with all its inherent power, teaching the science of meditation to a plaintiff in the case, said, "The worst part
just as the great master of yoga first thousands of people worldwide, by a of the city argument was that the Gross rep-
presented it. A treasure for all leading exponent of yoga and medi- resented San Francisco. What it told me is I
tation. FUll of insight for advanced cannot be a San Franciscan, because a ,
seekers. Latin cross could never represent me." Bar-
To order or for a free catalog, call To order or for a free catalog, call bara Bergen, regional director of the Jewish
Crystal Clarity Publishers: Crystal Clarity Publishers Anti-Defamat\on League, commented, "We
1-800-424-1055 1-800-424-1055 are gratified that the court upheld the prin-
cipal of separation of church and state. We
consider it fundamental to the protection of /'
both'majority and minority rights."
A few months earlier tMe same court had
ordered the removal of a 51-foot cross in an
Celebrate Phagwa (Holi) in India Yoga and Meditation Aids Oregon state park because it "clearly repre-
'Sents government endorsement of religion."
The hand-crafted

Twenty exciting days touring India, That cross had been challenged since its
Mar. 14-Apr. 2, '97. DeparUarrive: meditation and yoga aids
New York City. Kali Travel is
uniquely qualified to organize
offered by The Ananda
Collection are designed,
~~~~~ .
San Francisco: The MOl,IDt Davidson cross has stood atop the city'~ highest hill since 1934
construction in 1965, and was ruled against
in 1969. City officials then redesignated the
cross as a "war memorial." That ruse sur-
custom-made tours for any type of crafted and distributed COLLECTION vived two more court challenges eefore the
group, organization or individual. from Ananda Village, a appeal's court final ruling to remove it.
Go with confidence with Kali Travel. spiritual community in Landmark violates religious neutrality laws The same court's ruling in favor of the
Northern California. Quetzalcoatl statue in San Jose (about 50
For more information, contact: Our products include zafu and half moon pillows, zabutons,
miles south of San Francisco) was based on
Kali Travel Ltd. • 169-12 Hillside Ave. meditation mats, as well as padded benches.
N TWO DECISIO,NS JUST DAYS APART BY "The Mount Davidson <;ross carries grf;at re- their assessment that the figure had little
Jamaica, NY 11432-4498 USA the Un~ted States Federal Court of Ap- ligious sigaificance. Indeed, to &uggest oth- "current religious significance," as the Aztec
Tel: 1-718-291-9292 peals in San Francisco, California, a 103- erwise would demean this powerful reli- religion is no longer practiced on a large
foot cross on top of that city's highest hill gious symbol. Thus, we conclude that its scale. This mattered little to fundamentalist
was ordered removed, while. a ten-ton statue presence on public land violates the No €hristians who, according to newspaper re-
of the Aztec God Quetzalcoatl was allowed Preference Clause of the Califc;>rnia Consti- ports, "contend that Quetzalcoatl was a
to remain in a San Jose city park. The seem- tution." FUrther appeals to his decision are blood-thirsty demon who demanded human
Printworld Services Pte. Ltd. ingly contradictory Au g6st, 1996, decisions possible. sacrifice," ignoring the fact that the cross is
have provoked new controversy, and further Many Christians were upset with the also an icon of human sacrifice. In the Aztec
Specialists in ~nglish language books from around the world appeals are ~xpected. court's verdict and hoped some way would religion, the Quetzal; bird represents the
Shri Anandi Ma-Master in
the tradition of Kundalini
which focus on Hinduism, Indian civilization and culture. The Mount Davidson cross, as it is known, be f~md to keep the towering cross stand- heavens and the. coati, or snake,. represents
Maha Yoga, will be has been a southern landmark for San Fran- ' ing. "I don't think th~ rights of Christian the Earth. Quetzalcoatl was worshiped by
• Ma, Who is a Hindu? By N.T. Nair. Provides a common cisco since 1934. In 1990 seven individuals people are to be thrown out," said Rev. P. T. the Mexican civilizations until the Spanish
offering public meditation
platform for all sects and classes of Hinduism. Not dry or of various faiths filed a lawsuit arguing the Mammen of tlJe San Francisco Association invasion 500 years ago. The San Jose statue
programs in:
technica. Suitable for enhancing life's everyday. cross was a "pre-eminent symbol of Chris- depicts a plumed snake coiled
• Yoga Philosophy by N.T. Nair. I~sights into the phil~sophy tianity" and alienated people of. other be- upon a pedestal. . -
• Antioch, CA: Feb. 28 &
Mar. 1. Tel: 510-757-9361 and practices of Yoga, as well as Its goal: the unrav~lm~ of liefs. The first judge to hear their case dis- San Jose has a large number of
the mind's mysteries, leading to the Self and emanclpatlOn. missed)t, but the appeals court ruled the Chicano residents originally from
• Boulder, CO: Mar. 7 & 8.
• The Worship of Lord Ayyappan by N.T. Nair. The Pilgrim- cross did indeed violate the "no preference" Mexico and Latinos from coun-
Tel: 303-443-1604
age to Holy Sabrimala and the worship of Lord Ayyappan.. clause in California's state constitution. That tries of Central and South Ameri- .
• Albuquerque, NM: Mar.
14 & 15. Tel: 505-899-9135 • Journeys to The Lands of the Gods by ~jalingam. Rajathurm. clause protects the :'free exercise and enjoy- ca. The US$409,000 sculpture was
The authorinduces in the reader a deSIre to realize-self- ment of religion without discrimination or commissioned by the city iN hon-
• Tucson, AZ: Mar. 21 & 22
realization and God-realization-through pilgrimage. preference." It is a much broader assurance or of their ancestors. But that
Tel: 520-744-1891
• Understanding Hinduism by P.N. Unni ~d T.P. P.aran: The of government neutrality than the U.S. fed- community is itself divided on
harmonious synthesis of theory and practlce of HmdUlsm eral Constitution's First Amendment guar- the ~culpture. Manuel Salazar, a
Shaktipat initiation will be
offered by appointment each weekend. integrates the temporal and spiritual life. Hinduism is man- antee of separation of church and state. devout Latino Catholic, said, "It is
centered. From the vast body of speculative and rational . In 1993, the same aPEeals court ruled the demonic. W~ wish not to be rep-
"With Shaktipat, the student is saturated with Divine literature on Hinduism, this book extracts the essence of CIty of San Diego in Southern California resented in this way." But Valdez,
.Energy. After Shaktipat, the Kimdalini is permanently Hinduism. Supported by appropriate graphics. . had to remove two crosses on a playwright, said at a meeting of
awakened and, like a mother, constantly cares for and • The Shakti Worship in Hinooism by N.T. Nair (in preparation) public land. tn doing so the justices set supporters and opponents of the
nourishes her infant. One may be of any religion, caste, • The Non-Resident Indian- From Non-Being to Being by down five considerations ill cases of public sculpture, "To those people that
or creed to benefit; for all persons, the field of inner joy is Chandrashekhar Sastry. ''A verbal panavision of the Indian ownership. They are: religious significance resist the true spirit of Quetzal-
the same. After Shaktipat, the Shakti will take the student immigrant the world over. Flawlessly authentic. Every Indian of the symbol in question, size, visibility, ab- coatl, let me tell you, speaking as
to the ultimate goal, without doubt." should read this highly researched work." sence of other religious symbols nearoy and a Chicano, that we have had 500
possible historica1' significance. years of the Sp~ish Inquisition.
For general information about Shri Anandi Ma, Kimdalini Printworld Services Pte. Ltd. • 80 Genting Lane, Genting Blk In ruling against the San Francisco law- We don't need another month of a
Maha Yoga or Shaktipat contact: #04-02 Ruby Industrial Complex, Singapore 349 565 SUit, Judge Diarmuid O'Scannlain wrote, Aztec God: Ten-ton Quetzalcoatl in San Jose, California Protestant Inquisition."
Dhyanyoga Centers • PO Box 3194 Tel: 65-744-2166 Fax: 65-746-0845.
Antioch, CA 94531-3194 USA • Tel: 510-757-9361 E-mail: MARCH , 1997 HINDUISM TODAY 17! Website:
Tamil, Hindi, Sanskrit Summer Courses Moneesh Gifts and Books
June 26-Aug 19, 1997 • Religious Books: Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism,
Judaism, Islam, Christianity and other modern faiths.
The Center for South and Southeast Asian Studies, University • Religious Statues: wood, stone, metal, crystal-1 in. to 5 ft.
of Michigan (USA), offers intensive Beginning and Interme- • Pooja Items: incense, dhoop, floral oils, beClds and malas.
diate Tamil, Hindi and Beginning Sanskrit in the Summer • Clothing: kurta pyjama sets, silk saris and punjabi sets, pooja
term. Courses are equivalent to a full years language instruction. clothes, wool shawls, cotton, rayon and silk prayer shawls.
Discover the • Natural Remedies: homeo, bach flower, vitamins, ayur-
College students, high school seniors, and other adults are vedic and herbal preparations, massage oils and and more.
Way of Grace- eligible to apply, no later than April 15. • Posters and Pictures: posters and calendars of deities, all sizes.
• And much, much more • Mail Order Inquiries welcome. Free
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nutrition, pulse diagnoses, Ayurvedic skin care, massage, interpreters of Advaita Vedanta.
Panch Karma (cleansing and rejuvenation), and herbal Excerpts where Swami answers his

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The Tallest Hanuman Ever in India

For the Welfare of the World Community
Jr,.e most beautiful and colorful way home The Shri Viswaroopa Panchamukha Anjaneya Swamy Foundation has started a project to
is the Way that is both ancient and new. install a SHRI VISWAROOPA PANCHAMUKHA ANJANEYA, in Periyakuppam village, near
That is the Way of Grace. Tiruvallur, Madras, India. The idol of the Lord will have five faces - Lord Anjaneya, Lord
Veera Ugra Narasimha, Lord Pakshi Raja, Lord Lakshmi Varaha, and Lord Lakshmi
In a drop of grace even stones melt. Hayagreeva. It will be 32 feet tall and sculpted in a single gr.een Granite stone; the size will
reflect a look true to his name and stature.
Lecture & Darshan Tour The cost to complete this project is approximately one-half million US dollars, financed
entirely through the donations, gifts, sponsorship of kind hearted devotees, philanthropic
Date: Locality: Contact: institutions, and business establishments throughout the world. Our immediate need is to
908-560-3521 shape the stone at Hassan, Karnataka and to reduce its present 400 ton weight to a more
February 5 New Jersey transportable size. .
February 6 New York City
215-247 -3305 Shri Viswaroopa Panchamukha Anjaneya
Swamy Venkatesa Bhattachariar is a divine
February 7* Philadelphia, Pennsylvania spring of our time. Fondly called
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94 1-334-4294 Your kind contributions by cash or cheque may be sent to: devotees around the world, Swamy is the
February 9-16* Fort Lauderdale, Florida
770-937-9323 Shri Viswaroopa Panchamukha Anjaneya Swamy Foundation founder trustee of SHRI VISWAROOPA
February 16 Atlanta, Georgia PANCHAMUKHA ANJANEYA SWAMY
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Mandir, "You will BEWARE THE KARMA "OLICE. A reporter re-
have·the equal
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your religion with full dignity and honor,

staunchly atheistic Communist Party of In-
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beauty~whence the new Miss World slo- differences and GOming to an understanding court judge told HINDUISM TODAY' during
S P ·E C I A L REP 0 R T
gan, "Beauty with a purpose." with the protesters, resort~d at public func- an informal chat, "These women obviously
Eric Morley defended his contest: "Pro- tions to scathing verbal attacks on the did not come up with an intelligent, coher-

, Contested Contest testers go on about culture, but it does not

help to have a closed society." His wife, Julia
appealed to them, saying, "There's apurpose
behind this pageant. Let's give up this rebel-
lion and join hands." •
But the protests only heated up. Various
protesting women. He even stated at one·
point, "If women want to show themselves
in the nude, let them, and let those who
want to see, see." In fact, it seemed as if the
government was a de facto sponsor of the
event, which irked many protesters.
ent ar$Ument against the contest."
With this, clear battle lines were drawn
betr-reen the government and the protesters.
Kinay Narayana Sashikala of the Mahila Ja-
gran Samiti announced a twelve-member
suicide squad would immolate themselves at ,
the pageant while the show was. on. But due
Beauty pageant syrs often violent debate OI}; future of India's culture Burning an effigy: Delhi university 1pud.ents, in traditional Indian garb, bum conte$(ant ef- to the extreme police protection, or last-
figiesJ to denounce pageant as cultural invasion of India by West . minute second.. thoughts, none did. Members
By CHOODIE SHIVARAM, B'A NGALORE persons-women and men-from the field did storm into a Godrej showroom and
WORLD '96 BEAUTY PA- of cinema and art supported the pageant smeared cowdung on the equipment.' An
is now over. The world with a cocky, "What's wrong? Such contests unknown (and likely fictitious) group call- ..-
was crowned on Novem- have been going on for years." • ing themselves "Indian Tigers" threatened
23 in Bangalore, India, be-" Communists deplored the event as capital- bomb attacks. BJP parli'amentarian Uma
a live TV audience of 2.5 ist exploitation of women and part of the Bharati threatened: "We will give our lives,
viewers in 120 countries.
multi-national ' corporations' carefully we will take lives, but we will not allow the
The other 87 pretty representa- planned plundering of India. Women's ·show." On November 14 India was stunned
by the self-immolation of 24-year~old Suresh
tives' returned to their countries. All the groups found the e.vent degrading to women.
Kumar. He lit himself afire in front 'of hun-
n€>ise and flurry has died down. The newly The organizers were surprised by 'the pro-
anointed Miss World, Irene Skliva of tester's vehemence, but not by the opposi- dreds of people at the Madurai train station
Greece, US$80,000 and many perks richer, is tion, as beauty contests have been a favorite while shouting anti-pageant slogans. He was
a member of the Marxist Democratic Youth
rendering service 'under the banner of target of feminists since the 1960s.
"Beauty with a Purpose." When Amitabh Bachchan's ABCL compa- Federation. His death especially shocked
the event organizers. •
What remains behind are the issues the ny announced Bangalore as the venue, com-
pageant raised. Thousands of women (and plaints began. Mrs. Hemalatha Mahishi, em- . Additional security forces were called,
men) across Bharat protested, calling the inent advocate-and general secretary of Jagriti and 12,000 police personnel posted for duty
in Bangalore-at a cost to the event of more
beauty pageant "demeaning to our culture," Mahila Adhyaana Kendram, condeJIlned his
than US$l million. Section 35 of the Police
"deval~ing to our tradition," "promoting vul-and alL-such contests: "They' are a disgrace
garity and obscenity," and "a disgrace to to womanhood. Our women throughout the Act, prohibiting assembly of four or more
persons, was invoked-a law meant f0r
womanhood." An equal number of eminent ages,have been known for their prowess. Is
beauty any achievement? I can Hmes of severe unrest and rioting. "This was
understand if these women were required in the wake of threats to disrupt
competing with intellectual the pageant, and also the safety of the con-
achievers." testants who had come from different coun-
. "Such contests do not enhance tries," saia the police commissioner.
the prestige of women, but only More voices joined in chorus. About
demean them," stated Ms. Ku- 10,000 women from allover India came to
midhini Patti, general secr~tary Bangalore and took out a march from the
of All India Progressive Women's city railway station. "Some groups from out-
Association, during a protest side India wrote to us expressing solidarity,"
march. reported Mrs. Nesargi. The city witnessed a
"An Indian woman is a beauti- host of seminars and panel discus;;ions oy
ful person. Her role as a mother, both pro- and anti-pageant activists. Televi-
wife, daughter, her patience and sion channels were full of interviews and
values make her a total person. discussions on the issue.
She does not let go of her family, At a seminar organized by the All-India .
come what may. Beauty contests Mahila Samskritik Sanghatan, prominent
jwige the physical attributes of personalities from the fields of law,1itera-
women by the Western yardstick. ture and science spoke against the contest.
It's an insult ,to Indian women. A literary figure and former chief justice of
We cannot allow this precedent," sentiments is the suspicion that India has factions ranging from rightist groups to ex- Dismissing a court challenge to the con- Karnataka, High Court nonagenarian, Nit-
stated Mrs. Kamal Kanteer- become a dumping ground for the West's re- treme leftists, youth organizations and vol- test by Mahila Jagran Samiti (Forum to tor Srinivasa Rao, expressed full support to
avaswamy, a housewife who reg- jects, and the Miss )Yorld pageant surely fits untary societies jOined to voice their Awaken Women) , Bangalore Justice S. Ra- the protest, and said, "<;ontests based on the
ularly assists needy people. the bill." protests. Akila Bharatiya Vidyarthi Pari- jendra Babu lectured: "Coming as you do attraction of a woman is unacceptable to the
Eric Morley and his wife Julia , This isn't the first threat to Miss World. In shad, the BJP youth wing, wel?t from college . from the' land where there is worship of country." Among tho,'le who also raised their
founded the Miss World pageant the early 70s a British activist group, the to college condemning the pageant as "a cul- nude women by tantrics,... where erotic voices were former chief justice of India,
/ in 1951,.and held it annually in Angry Brigade, planted a bomb near the tural .invasion and promotion of Western sculpture is part of traditional temple archi- M.N. Venkatachaliah, E.S. Venkataramiya,
London until 1990. Ra'pidly di- event site. In the late 70s protesters stormed concepts of beauty, degrading to our tecture, where Vatsayana wrote on the'art of fmmer supreme court judge V.S. Krishna
minishing interest in England the stage at the pageant finale at London's women." Bangalore colleges and schools had love in the Kamasutra, necessary sense and Iyer, Magsaysay award winner K. V. Subban-
forced moves first to America, Royal Albert HalL Conti~ued pressure from to be closed for two days before the contf0- sensibHity regarding culture and decency- na, the doyen Kannada Foet, Pu. Thi.
~ then Sun City, South Africa, and feminist groups has forced a recasting of versial event. ..- to discern between art and beauty on one Narasimhachar, prominent literary figures
~ now India. The Los Angeles contests in the West as a judging of talent, Matters worsened when the Chief Minis- hand and obscenity on the other hand- A.N. Murtliy Rao and Channavira Kannavi.
Sponsor: Amitobh Baehc~an meets press at pageant. Times observed, "Among current intelligence and accomplishment, as well as ter of Karnataka, instead of ironing out the should always be maintained." One high To counter growing opposition, ABCL put

forth a survey report supposedly conducted were crying foul about culture, a number of purpose? Godrej co-sponsored the Miss on the 'global pathway. I attended all the more than a ~lorful entertainment pro- opportunity to showcase India and' its cul-
by a reputed institute of management show- organizations and intellectuals were oppos- World program to launch a new product. events and later watched a re-telecast of the gram. I noticed the event did nothing to ture to the world was lost.
ing Indians were mostly pro-pagtJant. The ing.J:he pageant as it promoted "commodifi- The first thing they did after the event was final show. I hear<;l some people in the audi- project Bangalore to the world, and the I found that the last round of questions,
pageant-supporting All-India Mahakal cation of women," and entry of multi-na- to get Miss World to model for their product ence commenting, "Our local programs are backdrop of Hampi (the Vijayanagar em-- whicl;..judged the five semi-finalists, were
Bhakta Mandal had a special puja per- tional companies whom they , called, in Bombay," stated Mrs. Mahishi. bette}: organized." Obviously, they left disap- pire), though well done, failed to impress. the same that were asked the previous day
for-med for eight days qt the Mahakaleswar "imperialists." "Women are being used as Amitabh Bachchan Corporation Ltd. pointed-most people had paid d~arly for Renowned dancer Mallika Sarabhai de- at rfhearsals. I saw truth in the statement of
temple in Ujjain for the pageal'lt's success. raw material to promote a product. They say promised that this ten-crore-I:upee event the tickets. For all the media hYP'e and pub- scribed the cultural show as "Bollywood Vimochana, "Beauty contests and the hype
Says Mark West, South ~frican film mak- 'Beauty with a purpose,' but what is the would showcase Ihdia and launch Bangalore licity it received, the 'final show ~as nothing eulture of India," and regretted that such an around them not only convey the idea that
er who bought the TV rights beauty is an achievement
for the pageant, "I simply can- (rather than a happy accident
not understand how a 2,000- of birth), but a privileged
plus year-old culture can be ~chievement superior to ac-
destroyed by a two-hour enter- complishments in various
tainment program. This event fields of work. Compare the
is too small a thing to make a publicity and rewards given to ,;
impact on this ancient culture. beauty queens to the scarce
I have been to a few Indian notice taken of women whb
movies and there is far more have won prestigious interna-
nudity and obscenity in them tional awards for their excep-
than in our beauty contest." tional work or performance in
Countering these views, jus~ a variety of professions and
tice M.N. Venkatachaliah cau- activities." .
tions, "The rationalist are try- The protests no doubt
ing to justify obscenity. We dampened the show for the
should remember that our organizers. TIfey faced a dis-
country has been known for aster had any of the threats of
its ideals and spirituality. Yes, self-immolati on been carried
society should be open, but out at the final show telecast
not permissive. Con{,entional live around the world. Several
values must be maintained. international publications
Ours is a duty- and obligation- noted that India was only
based society. DegeFleration of learning that beauty pageants
values will lead to moral insta- attract protests-the Los Ange-
.., les Times , for example, head-
bility and destruction." u
Many pointed out that when '<" lined their piece, "India Sees
Sushmita Sen and Aishwarya Crowning Beauty: New Miss World Irene Skliva of Greece is honored by Indian pageant hosts Bangalore: Human chain of women protesters halts traffiC as thousands demonstrated in the streets Ugly Side of Pageant." The
Rai both won world beauty Washington Post said, "India's
contests in 1994, Imlia cele- be judged on these aspects, too. types of women as self-sacrific- feminists, asserting arguments
brated wildly. Mrs. Mahishi
countered, ''All these years we
It's Harmless All of life is to be enjoyed.
"Pleasure as such is not to be It's Dangerous ing and subordinate house-
wives, the new role models of
also made in Western coun-
tries, sald that suc.h pageants
would watch Miss World on condemned," writes the great- glamorous playthings are no less demean women by turning
est Hindu savant, Dr. S. Rad- limiting, and indeed may go them into commodities."
television and forget about it
after a few hours. It was incon-
Fanatical reaction has hurt Hinduism hakrishnan, former president of Pageants increase oppression of women further in preventing the possi- The other day I watched a
sequential. But when the big India. bility of true equality between little five-year-old girl on tele-
event comes right to our In matters of sex, Hindus as a the sexes. When vision saying she wants to be a
doorstep, it is bound to influ- ELIGIOUSLY HEALTHY pageants are mere "cattle pa- rule avoid the extremes of prud- RGUMENTS FOR AND tion to the Miss World these images are Miss World like Aishwarya
ence our youth. Our girls will Hindus don't share the rades," with only the physical ery and prurience. Dr. Rad- against beauty contests contest is much more relentlessly pur- Rai. I spoke to a group of col-
become more fashion con- protesters reactionary aspect receiving attention. hakrishnan approvingly quoted are presented in the in- serious, and has noth- veyed, not only by lege girls who admitted that
scious, and this will find its sense of moral outrage at However, the intellectual, cul- Havelock Ellis' statement that in dian media as a case of ing to do with spuri- the media, but they were a little more bold in .
way into their litestyles. These such an innocent activity. Ob- tural and personality factors are India "sexual life has been sanc- international cultural moderniz- ous ideas of national even by politicians their fashi;9n after seeing all
wrong values will tear our tra- jectors claim the contest re- evaluated in many such specta- tified and divinized to a greater ers fighting swadeshi votaries culture, nor does it lie and others, they the beauties. "Whats wrong in
ditional culture and spell dan- duces women to sex objects and cles, and high standards of be- extent than in any other part of resisting cultural invasion. They in moralistic sermoniz- can have very it?" they asked me.
ger. The consequences of thi~ condemn it as a flesh market. havior are upheld. There's noth- the world. It seems never to are alternatively described as ing on the extent of detrimental effects Beauty pageants may come
pageant can already be seen in India has participated in such ing inherently immoral in have entered into the heads of resulting from an aesthetic re- clothing that should on the life changes and go, but the issues they
advertisements now. They are contests for decades, without adjudging beauty. To admire the Hindu legislators that any- pugnance for the vulgarity or cover the female body. Jayati Ghosh of young women. raise cannot be ignored. We
more bold than before." peI:verting the morals of its so- feminine beauty is not to ogle at thing natural could be offen- supposed immodesty of the en- The Miss World These women may note that;nost of the countries
"Today it's Miss World; to- ciety. This unknown coterie of girls. The judges themselves are sively obscene, a singularity tire exercise. It is possible that contest and similar competi- fail to realize their potential, not of the world have either
morrow it's electrolysis, lipo- women was seeking nothing but normally qualified people, not which pervades all their writ- the spectacle of an ageing Bol- tions are fundamentally objec- only because of the many con- shown.the door or outright re-
suction, artificial eyes and publicity for threatening suicide lay lecheI:s. Glitter and glamour ings, but is no proof of the de- lywood megastar, in his recent tionable because they seek to straints society overtly places on jected such beauty contests.
face-lifting," said BJP state leg- over this pageant. The media eventually end, but they there- pravity of their morals." Thus reincarnation as trendy impre- create and to perpetuate no- them, but because their own as- At least in a land where Manu
islator, Pramila Nesargi. "The , has given them excessive pub- fore cannot be ignored. To be- these protesting Indian women sario peddling this kind of soft tions of female desirability pirations have been colored by had written, Yatm naryastu
West wants all women to look licity, fueling their fanaticism have as if they do not exist, sim- are not in the Hindu tradition. and brash entertainment, may which are actually oppressive such representations. pujyanthe, mmanthe tatm De-
alike, and the only way to do and needlessly hurting the fair ply because they do not persist, RAMESH D. JETHALAL be distasteful and even slightly and restrictive for most women. JAYATI GHOSE vatha-"The Gods are pleased
this is with makeup and name of Hinduism. is wrong. Femineity and grace Jottmalist degrading. If earlier, more traditional soci- Frontline Magazine where the woken are held in
surgery." Perhaps a few of these endure, and contestants ought to Durban, South Africa But the substantive opposi- eties created unfortunate stereo- Chennai, India esteem," let the women's voice
While some women's groups - be heard. ~


Tiruvannamalai: Arunachala hill overlooks l J!.is
REALIZATION magnificent Siva temple on the plains below. Bot-
tom: Ramana lived for years in Virupaksha cave.

Mountai us 8 "The mind is a form of en-

ergy. it manifests itself as
the world. When the mind
Ramana Maharshi's around the world sinks into the Self, then the
Self is realiz'ed; when the
mind issues forth, the
world appears and the Self '
is not realized."


mana Maharshi. I remember that self" He taught, '1\ conscious bliss ensues system. They marched into the hall and sat penetrating my being." Brunton's book, A of spirit)."
it was a crowded day and only when one abides as the Self, by inquiring before the silent Ramana. He did not speak, Search in Secret India, brought Ramana to In an enlightened p'erson, Ramana once
vaguely recollect the ashram and 'What is the true imp~rt of I?' This oliss is a.rd·1hey dared not initiate a conversation. the attention of the world. explained, "the existehce of the ego is only
people we saw. spontaneous, indestructible and limitless." Finally, they left the hall in frustration and Among the many renunciates to visit him apparent. He enjoys unbroken transcenden-
Many years later, in 1992, I was His method is called vichara, Self-ponder- returned to Chennai. Afterwards Bhagavan was Dilip Kumar Roy, who asked about the tal experience. This ego is harmless; it is like
in Trondheim, Norway.' I went to ing inquiry. playfully offered, "I wondered what they need for a guru, as Ramana was often de- the skeleton of a burnt rope-though it has
visit a friend, and she introduced Devotees found him the embodiment of came here for. Did they come to reform scribed as having had no guru. "I might have a form, it is of no use to tie anything with."
me to her friend, Sol. When I en- ' compassion. One said, "The m~st striking themselves or to reform the ashram?" had at one time or another," Ramana replied. Boyhood Realization: Venkataraman Aiyer
te;ed Sol's house on the fiord, 1 feature of his physical structure, which even The English novelist and playwright Som- "Guru is God or the Self First a man prays to was his childhood name. He was like any
saw p,eaceful eyes looking down the casual visitor ought to observe, is his erset M,.augham went to the ashram in 1936. God to fulfill his desires. Then a time comes other boy. What was being kindled in him
on me and felt a thrill. There was ever-shining eye~. They can be compared to When he entered the ashram after a tiring when h~ does not pray for the fulfillment of nobody knew. He went to school, played
the photo of Bhagavan. Ramana powerful electr4c lights that shed always a journey, he fainted. He was taken to a hut a desire, but for God Himself. So God ap- wi-th friends, swam in the village tank and -
By A NAN DHI RAMAC HANDRAN , CHENNAI Maharshi. Sol was devoted to him as were sqower of cool and gracious looks upon and remained unconsoious. When he pears' to him in some form or another, hu- always won in any comp$ tition or game. He
NCE AS A CHILD I ASKED MY FA- many non-Indians I met in Europe. everybody who came before him." opened his eyes, he saw Ramana Maharishi. man or nonhuman, to guide him as a guru in was also devout. He went to Tirupara'nkun-
ther '1\re there rishis like Agastya, At that moment, I regretted not having Being with Bhagavan: Ramana qid not "He bore himself with naturalness and at answer to his prayer." dram and used to go around the temple in
Vishwamitra and Va,shishta living had darshan of Sri Ramana Maharshi again travel; those who desired wisdom had to the same time with dignity. His mien was When Ramana Maharishi was still ob- pradakshina with a Muslim classmate
today? Can we find them residing when I was older. He attained Mahasamad- come to Arunachala, just as Ramana himself cheerful, smiling, polite. His eyes with a serving total silence, Sivaprekasam Pillai, a . whose name was Sab Jan. "God's creation is
forests?" My fathe( took my hi on April 14, 1950. At the e~act :q).oment he had done. Many are the popular stories told gentle benignity rested on my face. His very learned gentleman, asked, "What is the alike. There is no differentiation in creation.
question seriously. "Ramakrishna left his body, witnesses saw a bright shoot- aoout these visits. Once the great Tamil body was absolutely still. He smiled and nature of consciousness?" Ramana wrote on God is the same, the agparent differences in
Paramahansa was a great sage who ing star m9ving towards Arunachala, the sa- saint, Yogaswarni of Jaffna, Sri Lanka, came' said, 'Silence is also conversation.' " Somer- his slate, "It is sat chit ananda (being, con- God are created by men," the youngster told
lived in recent times and had seen Devi. He cred hill above his ashram. I could have to visit Ramana. They sat together for half set Maugham's famous Razor'~ Edge is a sto- -sciousness, bliss) in which there is not even his Muslim friend. •
lived in Calcutta: his discipte was Swami gone many times to have his darshan. Young an hour. Neither uttered a word. Later, in ry of a seeker who finds such a satguru. the trace of the T thought. This is also In his boyhood years, he was prone to ab-
Vb.ekananda. You must read about them.' A people do not attach importance to spiritu- Jaffna, Yogaswami told his devotees, "We Pal:l!l Brunton wrote, sitting silently before called mauna (silence) or atma (Self). That normally deep sleep. He recounted, "The
gr~at sage, Ramana Maharshi, lives today in al aspirations, and that opportunity lost was said all there was to be said." Hamana, "One by one, the questions which is the only thing that is. If the trinity of boys didn't dare touch me when I was
Tiruvannamalai. He is a Jivanmukta. He has lost forever. .Not all visitors were so enlightened. Once I prepared with such meticulous accuracy world, ego and God are considered as sepa- awake, but if they had any grudge against
attained freedom from rebirth." What was his message? It is very simple. a group of devotees, professionai men from dropped away. It does not seem to matter rate eatities, they are mere illusions: like the me they would come when I was asleep,
After a few days, we journeyed to. Tiru- He said ''Know Thyself" Read his many Chennai, came in a specially chartered bus whether they ar~ asked or not, I know only appearance of silver in the mother of pearL carry me wherever they liked, beat me,
vannamalai (100 miles southwest of Chen- books in English and TamiL Again and to demand the total removal of the ashram that a steady river of quietness seems to be God, ego and world are really Sivasvarupa paint my face with charcoal, and then put
nail and had darshan, sacred sight, of Ra- again it is the same message, "Know Thy- ,management and the institution of a new flowing near me, aNd that a great peace is (the form of Siva) or Atmasvarupa (the form me back, and I would know nothing about it


, Oeolog-A Forum for Beliefs Worldwide Construction
until they told me the next mbrning." waiting outside the gate to take any devotee home page at For three years, DEOLOG Sankara and Sons
One day when Venkataraman was alone anywhere he wants to go. There is a branch manalindex.htm with information about vis-
in his home, the fear of death over;whelmed of the post office close by to handle the
iting the ashram and linKs to related organi-
magazine has been providing
a unique "public square"
•• • • " • ~ . • I , ••

• masonry
him. He explained, "The shock drove my heavy mail the ashram receives and sends zations in the US, Canada, UK, Sweden and committed to fair-minded • concrete SANKARA AND SONAS
mind inwards, and I said to myself mentally every day-when he was alive, a letter ad- Russia. The mailing address is: Sri Rama- examinations of belief sys- • construction
'New death has come. What does it mean?' I dressed "Maharshi, india" would reach him. nasramam, Tiruvannamalai, 606 603, India. tems in both academic and • specializing in Vijay Sankara
dramatized the occurrence of death. I lay As I enter the precincts of the ashram, I The ashram has published many good spiritual arenas. difficult concrete Hawaii License Be 1 89~6
with my limbs outstretched stiff as though sense ,the all-pervading shanti. The office works of Ramana's teachings, and a beauti- Regularly featuring articles formwork.
rigor mortis had set in, and imitated a rooms are on the right. We go straight to a ful pictorial biography. There are a number by academics, spiritualists,
corpse. 'Well then,' I said to myself, 'this big hall 'ehere a few ladies are stringing gar- of books in various1anguages-over a hun- authors of books on religion ''A good foundation
body is dead. It will be carried to the burn- . lands and softly talking. A German lady dred separate titles. Nearly fifty years after and the readers themselves, is needed for
ing ground and burnt and reduced to ashes.' comes in with a little girL The other women his great departure, the ashram work is in- DEOLOG has served as a any project."
But with the death of this body am I dead? greet the child with smiles an4 give her a
't1oeZoNtlllt · lkw LototDeooIl1Wll ..
creasing through the dedication of its staff. sounding board for believers ~"",a.d:MM;Kb""·s..I,,,*,,,r...

Is the body I?" Suddenly the fear of death few flowers. She is delighted. Many flowers: Ramana left no formal.suc- (and nonbelievers) of every We will travel anywhere.
vanished, and he became absorbed in the One of the women tells me that this cessor, but his teachings today guide many, religion, consistently delivering 25 years of quality contracting,
Self. Venkataraman's life changed. woman from Germany has moved near the many thousands around the world. Some insightful comment, provoca- Extensive references available. Free estimates .
His father died when he was 12, throwing ashram because she wants her little daugh- his books and visit the ashram; others tive fiction, and lively debate over spiritual issues and their
the family into hardship. O'ne day when he ter to-grow up in this atmosphere. She is for- follow a teacher who perpetuates Ramana's social relevance. Vijay Sankara
was 16 he was writing his grammar lessons. tunate. The child will absorb the values of wisdom. Visitors to Tiruvannamalai may en- I
Among the featured issues within the past year, DEOLOG has Sankara and Sons
Suddenly he plit away his books and sat peace, worship and meditatioIl; She must counter the beggar saint, Yogi Ramsuratku- focused on the New Age Movement, the Question of Miracles, 6136D Kala Kea
down to meditate. His orother'heckled him, have been only S!X years old, but she was mar, who counts Ramana among his t~ach- the State of Hinduism, the Effect of the Internet on Religion, Kapaa, HI 96746-8642 USA
"What use is all this to such a China, Tibet and the Panchen Lama, Zen Buddhism in
one?" Venkataraman recognized America and Apocalyptic Fervor-plus reviews of the most Tel/fax: 1-808-823-6698
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cided to leave the house. He took DEOLOG is distributed free of charge at places of worship, E-mail:
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namalai below Arunachala Hill. For editorial and advertising information:
He entered a trance-like state of Tel: 212-674-0952 • E-mail: DeologMail@aoLcom.
tapas in a IJ.~arby cave: Day by
day his austerities increased. So
deep was his meditation, so re-
moved from body consciousness,
that ants had eaten into his skin;
the scars could be seen through-
out his life. Nearly a year later,
his uncle Nellaiappan found him.
Venkataraman would neither
speak nor hear what was said.
Nellaiappam notifi~d the boy's
mother, who arrived shortly. Ini-
tially rebuffed by her son, she
and l].er younger son were later
allowed to stay.
More traditional devotees did
not like Bhagawan's mother and Receiving guests: Bhagavan met with dozens of visitors daily in the ashrar)1,'s main hall
brother staying with him. Once -\ ,
Seshadri Swamigal, an ascetic in Tiruvanna- gentle and seemed so content for her ag~. er,s, He has neither home nor home page,
malai, joked about it, calling Ramana a They do puja for Maharishi. Ramana did but hi's devotees may be reached via Insti.;-
householder. In India, Hindus believe that not believe in rituals. He did not believe in tute of Indian Thought and Culture, ).18 Big
renouncing family life is the first step in the orthodoxy. He mocked his mother for being £treet, Triplicane, Chennai, 600005, India.
quest for the truth of the Self. So, many peo- so orthodox even in food ha.bits. She didn't A list of '5\.dvaita groups," not all of which
ple thought it odd that the yogi's mother take onions because it was not sattvic food. are directly related to Ramana, is at http://
lived in the ashram. Today the ashram ad- Bhagavan teased her by saying, "Mind that www.sentient.orglamberl, .Notable among
ministration remains in the family; Sri T.N. onion! It is a great 'obstacle to Moksha." them is the Society of Abidance in Truth'
Venkataraman, current president of the The flowers are blooming at the back. We (SAT) of Master Nome, located in Califor-
board of trustees, is Ramana's nephew. go to the hall where Ramana Maharishi gave nia. Their home page is at http://www,SAT
When his mother died, Ramana said, "She darshan to his devotees. In his later years he Ramana.orgl; address is: SAT, 1834 Ocean
diCI. not pass away She was absortJed," and a wanted to be accessible to all. There is pin- Street, Santa Cruz, California 95060 USA.
samadhi shrine was built for her. Around her drop silence, People are sitting on the fleor "'What is destined to happen will happen,
tomb grew the ashram, which nas become a with closed eyes, Is it easy to control the do what you may to prevent it," Ramana wrote
pilgrim center for international devotees. mind? But' in this room devotees seem tran- on his slate. " Whatever is destined not to hap-
Abode of peace: The ashram is not a des- quil, and there is peace on their faces. pen will not happen, try as you may, The best
olate place now. There are auto rickshaws The ashram in India has an Internet course, therefore, is to remain silent." .,./

28 HINDUISM TODA"¥ ' MAflCH, 1997

INSIGHT that Vishnu spawned Tulsi from the turbulent seas as a vital aid for
all mankind. More common are legends that describe how the God-
dess Herself came to reside on Earth as Tulsi. A complex legend in

Tulsi and Rudraksha

Orissa views the plant as the fourth incarnation of the Goddess who
appeared as Tulsi at the beginning of our present age, the Kali yuga.
The tale continues with intrigue and deception among the Gods, typ-
ical of the Puranic stories, culminating in Vishnus transforming the
Goddess Tulsi into a basil bush to be worshiped morning and evening
by men and women in evet;y household in the world.
Plants provide our food, clothes, medicine, building materials and the oxygen Traditional worship begins when seeds are sown on the eleventh
day of the waxing moon in the month ofJyestha, May-June. The plant
we breath, yet we seldom honor their import. Here are two extraordinary ones. is then nurtured for three months. The worship during this period is
simply the loving care offered the tender seedling. Beginning on the
full-moon day of Ashvini, September-October, the worship intensifies
with prayers and chanting, circumambulation of Tulsi seven times
EW HUMAN CULTURES VALUE AND VENERATE each morning, offering of camphor or oil lamps once or twice a day
and offering of water, rice, flowers and sweets, especially by the women
the millions of species of plants upon which of the household. Worship culminates on the eleventh day of the wax-
our lives, and our enjoyment of living, so pro- ing moon in Kartika, October-November, in a festival called Tulsivi-
vaha, when the Goddess Tulsi is ceremoniously wed to Her consort,
foundly depend. The tribals are an exception. In Lord Vishnu. Vishnu is represented at this wedding by His sacred
Brazil today medicine men know every forest botan- symbol, the saligrarna, a black ammonite stone from the Kali Ganda-
ical intimately, and plainly claim they talk to plants 'ki river of Nepal. The most devout conclude the worship on the fol-
and plants teach them much. America's Indians still
lowing 14th day by offering feaves one by one to a river or sacred tank
while chanting the Vishnu Sahasranama, the Lord's 1,008 names. .
esteem plants and know the interrelationships we The woody stem, branches and seeds of Tulsi lend themselves
well to fashioning into simple beads, and industrious devotees create
share with our photosynthesizing kin. But for sheer rnalas, rosaries, with beads made from the plant (now dead) that
depth of detail and ritualistic reverence, few cultures they had just nurtured, worshiped and wed. These malas are used
can parallel the intricate and profound relationships for japa, prayerful chanting, and worn to insure blessings and pro-
tection of the Deity throughout the year. If not made into beads, the
between the human and botanical kingdoms found dried Tulsi plant should be discarded only in a river, ocean or pond.
within the Sanatana Dharma. Virtually every spe- Tusli, along with all other species of basil, possesses remarkable
physical and spiritually healing properties, as author Stephen P
cies has a purpose and a pious place. Among the elite Huyler summarizes, '1\side from its religious merits, Tulsi has been
must be counted rudraksha and tulsi, loved by wor- praised in Indian scriptures and lore since the time of the early
shipers of Siva and Vishnu, respectively. The rudrak- Vedas as an herb that cures blood and skin diseases. Ancient treatises
extol it as an antidote for poisons, a curati;ve for kidney disease and
sha is a towering tree yielding an intricate, carnelian arthritis, a preventative for mosquito and insect bites, and a purifier
seed. Tulsi is an unassuming, bushy herb. Both are of polluted air. Generally prepared in medicinal teas and poultices, Contemplation: shOWing fihe tradifiional ways to w ear rudraksha
Tulsi s widespread contemporary use in India as an aid to internal
found in temple, home, roadside shrines and on the and external organs suggests these traditions are based upon practi- one of adoration but also one that portrays many years of close as-
bodies of the devout, who wear them for healthful cal efficacy." One finds descriptions of basil's health benefits in any sociation, of friendship. For Manjula, the Goddess is incarnate in
benefits and to please the Gods. Non-Hindu aspi- of the books on herbs and ayurveda readily available today. this herb, representing the duty and dedication, the love, virtue and
Tulsi is also extensively used to maintain ritual purity, to purify if sorrow of all women. She is a link to Manjulas own soul.
rants seek out both to aid their spiritual quest. Now polluted and to ward off evil. A leaf is kept in the mouth of the dy- "Manjula's actions are repeated by the other women. Beneath
a look at two remarkable plants and their unique ing to insure passage to heavenly realms. During an eclipse, leaves their feet are designs of flowers and conch shells painted directly
are ingested and also placed in cooked food and stored water to onto the ground with white rice powder and sindur (vermilion).
place in the lives of hundreds of millions. ward off psychic pollution. FUneral pyres often contain tulsi wood to PlaciRg the brass pot on the ground amid the paintings, Manjula
protect the spirit of the dead-as Bhutagni, destroyer of demons. lights camphor incense in a clay pot and waves the clouds of sweet
tulsi leaves and sprigs are hung in the entryways of homes to keep smoke over and around the bush and its container. Holding a clay
Tulsi: the Holy Basil away troublesome spirits, and the mere presence of the Tulsi shrine lamp filled with lighted ghee in het; right hand, she rotates it in a
Tulsi, Ocimum sanctum, belongs to the family of is said to keep the entire home pure, peaceful and harmonious. large circle three times in front of the tulsi plant. Bowls of fruit (ba-
Labiatae. The classical name, basilicwm, from Perfect picture of devotion: The following episode was written by nanas, apples, guavas and the meat of dried coconuts) and hibiscus
which "basil" is derived, means "royal or princely." Huyler as he witnessed Tulsi worship in an Orissan home. It conveys and marigold flowers are placed on the ground before the terracotta.
Hindus know the plant as T-ulasi and Surasah in the intimate relationship the Hindu has with Tulsi, and it teaches, "Incense sticks are lit as Manjula once again presses her hands to-
Sanskrit, and Tulsi in Hindi. Other commonly through exquisite example, how we may worship Her. gether in reverence, singing: '0 Tulsi! Within your roots are all the
used names are Haripriya, dear to Vishnu, and "'0 Tulsi, you who are beloved of Vishnu, You who fulfill the wish- sacred places of the world. And inside your stem live all the Gods
Bhutagni, destroyer of demons. Tulsi is an upright, many branched, Daily deliverance: the simple yet sincere worship ofTulsi es of the devout, I will bathe You. You are the Mother of the World. and Goddesses. Your leaves radiate every form of sacred fire. Let me
softly hairy annual herb ranging in height from 30-60 cm. Its leaves Give me the blessings of Vishnu.' The high, cracked voice of Man- take some of your leaves that I may be blessed.' With her right hand
are slightly smaller and paler green than the common basil. All Oci- si, one bows before the Goddess. Of course, denominations differ in jula pierces the damp predawn hush. Joining her voice, other clasped around the stem of the small bush, she shakes it gently, caus-
mum species are similar, but Vaishnava Hindus intransigently attest their approach. Generally, worshipers of Vishnu will envision Tulsi as women also sing the praises of the Goddess. They all kneel before a ing three leaves to flutter to its base. Thanking the Goddess, she
that there is only one true Tulsi-Ocimum sanctum. Lakshmi or Vrinda; devotees of Rama may view Tulsi as Sita; while meter-high terracotta planter shaped like a miniature temple places a single leaf between het; palms and prostrates herself before
What distinguishes Tulsi from other basils is its peerless religious Krishna bhaktas revere Her as Vrinda, Radha or Rukmani. adorned with sculptures, and containing a green-leafed Tulsi [pho- the planter. After lying in this posture of absolute supplication for
significance. Tulsi is Divinity. It is regarded not merely as a utilitari- A plethora of Puranic legends and village stories relate how Tulsi to, page 32]. Rising to her feet, Manjula pours holy water from a several minutes, Manjula again kneels before the Tulsi shrine and
an God-send, as most sacred plants are viewed to be, but as an in- came to grow and be worshiped on Earth. The classic Hindu myth, small, brightly polished brass pot into the cupped palm of her right lovingly asks the Goddess if she may be allowed to dress Her. Taking
carnation of the Goddess Herself Thus, when one bows before Tul- Samudramathana, the "Ohurning of the Cosmic Ocean," explains hand and sprinkles it upon the leaves of the bush. Her expression is a length of red cotton cloth from a basket, she wraps it around the

bush. Then she places bright red hibiscus flowers in the upper but;tress-rising up narrowly near the trunk and radiating out along 13-14: "Rudrakshas the color of copper are sublime. Those that are perity and truthfulness. Nine-faced, Durga: removes fear of death, in-
leaves and hangs garlands of marigolds around the stem and the the surface of the ground-giving a gnarly and prehistoric appear- hard, big and highly ornamented are considered virtuous. Those eat- creases happiness. Ten-faced: protects from miseries, gives' success
planter. Culminating the ceremony, Manjula puts the tulsi leaf in her ance. Attractive, creamy white flowers give birth to green fruits one- en by worms, broken, without detail, full of wounds and unshapely and neutralizes planetary afflictions. Eleven-faced, the eleven Rudras:
mouth, taking into her body the spirit of the Goddess. Followed by inch in diameter, which turn purple and brilliant blue when ripe are forbidden." Such inauspicious beads are called bhadraksha. brings victory in all encounters, enhances happiness and well being.
the other women, she walks seven times around the elaborately [see inside front cover]. The white wood has a unique strength-to- A rudraksha is categorized primarily by the number of its "faces." Twelve-faced, Maha Vishnu or Surya: eliminates disease, increases
sculpted planter, chanting: '0 Goddess Tulsi, You who are the most weight ratio, making it a highly valued timber. During World War Longitudinal grooves begin at the pedicellar end and go all the way happiness and wealth. Thirteen-faced: wish fulfilling, promotes fer-
precious of the Lord Almighty [Vishnu], who live according to His I, it was used to make airplane propellors. The splendor of the tree, to the basal end of the bead, dividing it into cells which encase the tility. Fourteen-faced (rare), Siva: freedom from disease, misery and
Divine Laws, I beseech you to protect the lives of my family and the however, is its intricately ornamented fruit stone which, when ardu- seeds. In Sanskrit these are called mukhas, or faces. The classical ill feelings; bestows bhakti, love, honesty and intelligence.
spirits of those who have died. Hear me, a Goddess!' ously cleaned, becomes the ruddy and revered rudraksha bead. designation describes 1-14 faces. Other sources speak of 21, while a To your heart's content: Ayurvedic texts offer numerous references
'J\s the first rays of the rising sun hit the tulsis top leaves, the rit- All legends of the origin of rudraksha describe them as the tears few list 30 or more. Most common by far is the five-faced bead, fol- to rudrakshas healing qualities, as Dr. A. Satyamangalam summarizes
ual has ended. Every morning and every evening of the year, Man- shed by Lord Siva for the benefit of humanity. "Rudra" stems from the lowed by the four- and six-faced. Rare variations are the Gowri- in an issue of The Kalyana Kalpataru, "The pulp of the fruit is a cure
jula prays to Tulsi at the shrine on the doorstep of her house, but that Sanskrit rud or rodana, which means "to cry." It is the original name Shankar, a double-joined bead, and the Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesvara, for mental illness and epilepsy. Powdered beads taken before break-
worship is usually simple and straightforward, entailing sprinkling for Siva as it appears in the Rig Veda. Aksha means "eye," and thus a triple-joined bead. These are highly prized but rarely found, and fast cure the common cold. To reduce high blood pressure, drop four
the bush with holy water, adorning it with a few hibiscus blossoms, rudraksha beads are deemed the tears of Siva. Though accounts vary fetch a high price. Single-faced rudrakshas are the most valuable and to ten five-faced beads in 50 grams of water and keep it overnight.
and shaking down a few leaves to eat as part of her prayers. This as to exactly what stirred Siva to shed His historical tears, the most extremely rare. They are kept as family Drink this water daily for two months.
morning's elaborate ritual celebrates the first day of Kamka, a month common legend describes how He wept out of compassion as He be- or spiritual heirlooms and are often en- To insure an infants well being, rub a
particularly sacred to Vishnu and his Goddess-consort Tulsi. By car- held the effrontery of mankind. Naveen Patnaik briefly tells the tale in cased in gold. Legend states that trees rudraksha bead on a clean stone with
ing for and honoring this sacred bush, Manjula creates a bond with The Garden of Life, "Rudra wept when He witnessed the towering produce single-faced beads in sets of honey and place a drop of the paste on
the Goddess. Representing honor, virtue and steadfast loyalty, this metropolis, Tripura., or triple city, created by man's superbly ambitious three. One disappears into the sky; one the infants tongue." Both the fruit and
humble bush of herbal leaves is the archetype of Hindu femininity, technology In its arrogance, this magnificent human creation had un- buries itself in the earth and one re- the stone (bead) have long lists of heal-
revered by men and emulated with empathy by women. She is Tul- dermined the balance between the Earth, atmosphere and sky. Then, mains on the ground for a pious person ing properties. However, the easiest
si, Mother of the World."l according to the Mahabharata, having shed the implacable tear which to find. Two such single-faced rudrak- ,.< way to reap the benefits of rudraksha is
turned into a rudraksha bead, 'The Lord of the Universe drew his bow shas are kept in the inner sanctum of a" to wear the beads. The mere touch of
Rudraksha: Tears of God and unleashed his arrows at the triple city, burning its demons and Nepal's Pashupatinath Temple in Kath- ~1~~~~~~~~~~~rr~~~~~~~~1 rudraksha is touted to regulate blood /1
Rudraksha names both a sacred seed and the tree hurling them into the western ocean, for the welfare of creation.' " mandu. One is shown to pilgrims at :; pressure, aid in the strengthening of
that bears it. In English, it is called the Blue Mar- Wearing the rudraksha, devotees remind themselves of Gods compas- auspicious times through the year. ";;z the heart, absorb excess body heat, bal-
ble tree, or, less commonly, the Utrasum bead tree. sion for the human predicament, His watchful love for us all. Many scriptures extol rudraksha. ance the physical energies and neutral-
It is known botanically by the names Elaeocarpus Along with vibhuti (holy ash) and the trishula (trident), rudrak- Some are dedicated solely to expound- Rosaries: Tulsi (white bead) and rudraksha ize mental disorders. Scriptures elabo-
sphaericus, E. grandis and E. ganitrus. Through- shas are among the quintessential regalia of Saivism. Nevertheless, ing its merits. The Rudraksha Ja- rate how wearing rudraksha pleases the
out the world, there are 120 species of Elaeocar- the Padrna Purana states that rudrakshas may be used by Hindus of balopanishad is the 88th of the 108 Upanishads and forms part of the Gods and protects the soul by keeping troublesome spirits at bay and
pus (elaeo means "oil," and carpus, "fruit"), 25 of which are found in every denomination. They will even benefit atheists and sinners. Sarna Veda. It describes in detail the nature of rudraksha, its varia- keeping the mind of man attuned to that of his beloved Deity.
India. The tree has a remarkable range of habitation-from the Hi- Rudraksha beads are not objects of worship. Rather, they are used as tions, how to wear the beads and for what purpose. The properties of 1 SELECTION REPRlNTED FROM GIFTS OF EARTH: TERRACO'ITAS AND CLAY SCULP'nJRES OF
malayan foothills, to Southeast Asia, Indoneasia and New Guinea, to worshipful aids and accoutrement. Primarily, the beads are strung the beads are summarized as follows: One-faced, Siva: dissolves sins, INDIA BY STEPHEN P. H UYL ER (AHME DABAD: MAPIN PUBLISHING P VT, LTD, DISTRIBUTED IN T HE
Australia, Guam and even Hawaii. Production of rudraksha beads in into strands and worn on the body. These malas are also used in the removes obstacles to spiritual growth and bestows worldly desires.
India cannot keep up with demand, so a flourishing import trade has practice ofjapa. Two-faced, Siva-Parvati or Ardhanarisvara: for good living and en- Where you can acquire quality tulsi and rudraksha
developed between India and Indonesia. It is intensively grown Facets of benevolence: Scriptures describe four main categories of lightenment, beneficial for husband and wife. Three-faced: good for TIONAL,
around a few villages on the islands of Java and Bali. Other important rudraksha according to colors white, red, yellow and black. Different health, knowledge and wealth, especially helpful for the unlucky. U NI VERSITY AVENUE, BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA 94703- 1516; MEENA JEWELERS, 2643 WEST DEVON AV-
Indian species are E. jlonbundus, E. oblongus, E. petiolatus, E. ser- species are said to bear different colored seeds. Today, however, it is Four-faced, Brahma: promotes supreme knowledge, happiness, pros- 51 SEED (FOR PLANTING ONLY): JOHNNY's SELECTED SEEDS, F OSS HILL ROAD, ALBION, MAINE 04910-9731.
ratus and E. tuberculatus. Although virtually every Hindu is familiar rare to find any color but red. Beads range in size from .25 to 2 cm. perity and progeny; improves memory and speech. Five-faced, Pan-
with the rudraksha bead, only a few have seen the tree. Though the Meru Tantra declares, "Of rudraksha and Sivalinga, the cha Brahman or Kalagni Rudra: bestows enlightenment, good luck Left to right: Tulsi worship at Kalachandji's temple, Texas; Tulsi is
The rudraksha is a medium-to-tall evergreen (E. grandis can grow bigger they are, the more powerful," small ones are more highly val- and aids in achieving desires. Six-faced, Kartikkeya: good for educa- enshrined in impressive terracottas in Orissa; a lone rudraksha tree
up to 120 feet) with a spreading handsome crown. It grows quickly ued, possibly due to their rarity or the ease of wearing and carrying tion and business. Seven-faced: worn for wealth, flawless health, right bears fruit at HINDUISM TODAY'S headquarters, Hawaii; rudraksha
and bears fruit in three to five years. As the tree matures, the roots them. Chandrajnana Agarna describes other characteristics in verses perception and purity of mind. Eight-faced, Vinayaka: longevity, pros- laden sadhu in Chidambaram offers his bleSSings
MENTAL HEALTH Devi temple: (clockwise from top ) devotee inmates
mill about in the courtyard; those coming for cure

are fed daily at the temple; sacrameftts are given at
the sanctum follOWing a powerful worship rite

But Whatt
psychiatry About FreudP
Examining therapies
In Kerala the mentally disturbed have a
remarkable alternative to drlfgs and dungeons good," some may think, "for superstitious
village people, but not for modern, scientif-
ically-minded folk like me." Think again.
By VRINDAVANAM S. GOPAI.;AKRISHNAN cian, attests to the temple's power. "The re- "Modern" methods of psychotherapy may be
Y WIFE DEVELOPED MENTAL medial and curative effect of the worship of hard put to beat the Goddess in a head to head
the Devi, shrouded as it is in the magnifi-
IJIU'Ult::tll~ when she was pregnant match. Consider, for example, classical
1965. All types of treatment,cent mystery of total devotion and faith, has psychotherapy fouoded by Sigmund Freud in
from modern medicine to natur- been an enigma challenging scientifie as- the late 19th century. He at-
opathy, failed,;' recounts Mr. se~sment. " . tributed many mental disor-
Shreedharan Nair. "Then one of "Buy these kirtan books of Chottanikkara ders to the uoconscious part of
my friends suggested she be taken to the Amma! By meditation and chanting please the mind. Treatment by a
Chottanikkara Devi Temple. So as a last re- the Mother, and yOI,l will achieve solace trained therapist (a "head-
sort, I brought-her while she was in an ad- from your agonies," lihouts Meenakshi Kim- shrinker") goes on for years
vanced stage of pregnancy. Initially, she jamrna at visttors as they enter the temple and calls for as many as five
would become violent; -but gradually she gates. The 65-year-old book hawker was one-hour, US$lOO sessions each
calmed down. After one month, she was herself brought to the temple as a violent lu- w eek-$26,OOO a year. The
perfectly OK, and had given birth normally. natic 3~ years ago. "It is just because of the objective is to uoderstanQ the
It was the blessing of Chottanikkara grace of the Goddess that I· am now here persons current behavior by
Amma." Nair b0ught a house oear the tem- earning my bread," she states with gratitude. delving deep into their past,
ple, and the couple now has four healthy The temple mai~tains a strict daily sched- especially their childhood Sigmund Freud
and well-educated childrel).. ule of worship and devotional activities for experiences. There are two
Such cures are by no mean's unusual at the those those seeking relief. They are expect- shorter-term and therefore cheaper methods:
Goddess temple near Cochin in India's ed to begin the day 3:45 AM with a bath in cognitive-behavioral therapy, which seeks to
southwestern state qf Kerala. Indeed, the the temple pond-dug deep, long and wide change or rid one of uowanted thoughts or be-
out of the hard, red Laterite soil. Its water
entire routine of the--temple is systematical- havior (beat your fear of spiders by holding a
ly geared toward obtaining divine r.elief forremains slightly warm early in 'the chilly spider), and interpersonal therapy, focused on
morning, and contains some medicinal
the afflicted. It is a haven of solace for the the patient's relationships to others (the 'Tm
mentplly disturbed, psychically possessed properties. ~t serves the same pUFpose as OK, you're OK" group approach). Then there
and 'People .with various other ailments, the warm water boiled with medicinal are drugs, these days Prozac, consumed in
such as epilepsy or Alzheimer's disease. Not herbs prescribec;l by ayurveda. Next they go prodigious quantities in America for depression
before the sanctum sanctorum to worship
a single day passes here without at least five and other emotiooal disorders. For the truly
afflicted devotees checking into the lodges the Goddess during the early morning pujas masochistic, there is electroconvulsive therapies
on the temple's periphery. Dr. Krishna Iyer, known as nirmalyam, followed by the pan- (made famous in "One Flew Over the CUckoos
a practicing allopathic and ayurvedic physi- theeradi puja lasting about three hours. Af- Those who observe this strict routine witl). nally, she was cured." Nair decided to settle which it is difficult to regain one's Nest") which delivers electric shocks to the
ter this long ritual, they are given devotion are usually cured in a week to down near the temple, as have many others sanity. In the past some were phys- head. Aod, yes, lobotomies are still performed.
about five mg of panchagarya, a three months. who were cured. The family wor:;hips daily ically restrained; now powerful But there is a big problem. The SCi{3ntifie
medicated ghee nrepared in the Bhaskara'n Nair's wife los~ her mental and Nair spends much of his time doing £ree drugs stupefy them into docmty. Ame1'ican reported in December, 1996, that in
temple and blessed witt mantras. equilibrium when she was five months preg- service at the temple. The Hindu community of India comparative tests of methods for treatment of
This ghee, consumed on an emp- nant. She suffered from chest congestion, In certain cases it is suspected that evil has always accepted people of ab- the most common mental ailments-depression,
ty stomach, is a crucial part of the giddiness, weakness in her limbs and fre.l spirits have made the person insane. After a normal behavior as part of the obsessive-compulsive disorder and panic
treatment. The next worship rite quent loss of emotional control. "I spent specified period of time, these people will eommunity. Keralites have gone attacks-"all therapies seemed to be equally
is noon, after which sweet rice is large sums of money on her treatment, but push a nail into a tree close to the Bhadra- even a step further, and are effecti¥e-or ineffective." The number of people
served. At 3:30 PM, the sick again to no avail," Nair told HINDUISM TODAY. "El- kali temple in the complex, either by hand blessed with this sacred, disci- who stayed well as a result of any of these t reat-
bathe in the pond, then return to ders advised me to take her to the temple. At or bY' knocking it with the forehead. Ac- plined environment where real ments, experts state, is a meagre one in four-
the sanctum for puja and bhajana first she would become violent, and refused cording to witnesses, the person will fall cures are happening. __ perilously close to the likely rate of spontaneous
led by the temple's musicians until to stand before the Goddess. If forced to back and soon after return to normalcy. The remissioh. Based upon anecdotal reports and
Q 1:1 PM. Guruthi puja is the last of stand, she would yell and tremble. We con- thick tree is now studded with long nails. CIIOTTANIKKARA DE:VI TEMPLE ,
.. P.O. expert observations collected over many decades,
:li the- day, conducted at the Bha- tinued like this for three months, strictly ob- In the West, "crazy" people are often E RNARKULAM DISTRICT.
K ERALA. INDIA 652 3 05
Chottanikkara Amma is doing better than that.
Divine asylum: Chottanikkara Devi Temple compound drB:kali temple in the compound. serving the rituals and temple routine. Fi- locked up in asylums, an environment in


Maha Sivaratri and Rudra Yagna
DEVOTION rules at sunrise, Therefore, each For the welfare of the ft~' Dr, Vasant Lad, Ayurvedic
day is good for certain activities Universe, peace and Physician and Director of the
Ramana as a and inauspicious for others,
The planetary effect of the
spiritua:l guidance, Rudra
Homam (sponsorship:
Institute, with visiting faculty,
offer the Ayurvedic Studies

Family Affair weekday is quite subtle and can

be outweighed by otlier astro-
logical factors, For important
US$54) and Sri Sai Durga
Rudra Yagna (sponsorship:
$504) will be performed
Program, seminars and pri-
vate consultations,

events, custom in Hindu com- on Feb. 17, '97. Call for Yearly Curriculum:
Bangalore votaries munities dictates consulting an. information or make checks payable to: • I: Introduction to philosophy,
astrologer to analyze planetary Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, 1449 Abers Creek Rd" theory and systems (Fall),
influences when choosing an Monroeville, PA 15146-3603 USA. • II: Introduction to Ayurvedic
Bl ANANDHI RAMACHANDRAN, CH'ENNAI " auspicious day. Tel: 1-412-374-9244 • Fax: 1-412-374-0940, assessment (Winter),
ROM WHAT I HAD HEARD ABOUT SA- In general, astrologers con- • III: Introduction to manage-
. rada Natarajan, I had expected to see sider Monday, Wednesday, ment of imbalances (Spring),
- an elderly lady with graying hair, But Thursday and Friday beneftt
the Sarada I met does not look like an days, good for most activities, • Correspondence Course by
ascetic, She is 'charming in her blue sari, Tuesday and Saturday, ruled by Dr, Robert Svoboda, Ayurvedic Physician
and her earrings dance when she speaks, the two maleftc planets, Mars Pooja International Gifts • Weekend and Intensive Seminars: Ayurvedic Cooking, Psychol-
Sarada, 35, and her parents are devotees of and Saturn, are usually not ogy, Herbology, Ayurvedic Pulse Reading, Sanskrit, Jyotish, etc.
Pooja, devotional and wedding items • Pre-packaged pooja • Panchakarma-purification and rejuvenation by licensed staff:
Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi. Her father, A. good days for auspicious events
like marriage, housewarming or items for havans • Religious Statues in all sizes • Religious oil massage, herbal steam, cleansing diet, herbal therapy, etc.
R Natarajan, is a retired government ser-
Books in English, Sanskrit, Gujarati and Hindi-Ask about • Ayur-yoga-integrating Ayurveda and Yoga for the purpose of
vant; her mother, Sulochana, is a musician, buying a new car, the day of
our new books just arrived from India • Kohlapur chappals, returning each person to his or her balanced state.
The family runs the Ramana Maharshi Venus, Friday, is ideal for wed-
silk paintings, brahmni booti, kut, agar, tagar, bhojaptra, lotus • Ayurvedic and Western herbs, extracts, oils, books, audio
Centre for Learning-in Bangalore, India, dings, parties, the fine-arts and
seed • Men's, children's kurta, pajamas, sari blouses, sari falls and video tapes and a quarterly journal.
'l\lthough I grew' up immersed in the Sunday~s God: Bihar folk dance mask of Surya, the sun buying new things, In South In-
and petticoats, children's clothes • and much, much more.
teachings of Ramana," Sarada told HIN- dia it is the most popular day to
Ask for list of items carried. Prompt delivery on mail orders. Write/call for our mail order catalog and information:
DUISM TODAY, "at one time J became very HOROLOGY visit the temple, primarily be-
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depressed, I decided .to do what youngsters cause of the association of The Ayuvedic Inj>titute • PO Box 23445
Pooja International • 34159 Fremont Bvd
tB-ink is fun-go to movies, buy clothes, read
novels. But this"indulgence did not give me
peace oJ joy. Again I turned to the teachings
Seven B,ays for Venus with Laksmi, the God-
'dess of good fortune, Saturday
is good for planning, organizing
Fremont, CA 94555 USA • Tel: 510-793-7930
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of Ramana. Then, at age 15, there seemed to

more sense to his words." As a popular ex-
ponent of Ramana'g teachings, Sarada dis-
Seven Planets and physical work around the
house, Both Saturn's day , and
Surman's are good for introspec-
tion and meditation, though
covered, "the teaching wh.ich appeals most
to the younger generation is 'Happiness is
natural. ' Everyone it searching for happi-
Wonder no more why say, We Sunday
is better for religious Vedic Astrology
ness. But if it is always available, as Ramana 'Thank God, it's Frige's day!' Monday, ruled by the Moon's The Major Distributor of • comprehensive, in-depth
taught, w,e don't have to depend on anybody moody" emotional and change- books from India. life readings
of anything for experiencing joy. This con: / ful vibration, is not a favorite • annual updates
cept has profoundly influenced them." LATO WROTE: "THE SUN, MOON '<\ND day of the week for many "breadwinners," A sampling from our catalog: • predictions
Since 1978 the Centre has brought out a five other planets were created by but in North India it is the chosen holy day. • Ganesha: The Auspicious ... • marriage compatibility
monthly magazine, published 64 books on God in order to distinguish and .pre- For Mahatma Gandhi it was his day of si- The Beginning. Shakunthala • advice on business,
Ramana, recorded 90 music cassettes of Ra- . serve the numbers of time." It's not well lence, Memorial Day in the US, when the -Jagannathan. pap. US$17.00 finance and legal matters
mana's favorite songs and given over 350 live known that our seven-day week has an as- soldiers killed in war are remembered, -is al- • Hinduism: An Introduction. • gem therapy
lecture/dance/song programs (including a trological basis, passed down to us by the ways on the day of the Moon, ~uler of the Shakunthala Jagannathan. •. puja recommendation
tourpf Mauritius). Sarada, who is trained in Romans, who adopted it from the Egyptians past. Mars' day is good for aggressive activi- , Pap. $12.95 • astro-palmistry
both'carnatic singing and bharatanatyam, is who g ot it from Mesopotamia, where astrol- ties, Election day in the US for selecting the • Introduction to the Puranas. • rectification of unknown
responsible for the recordings and the ogy had been practiced for millennia. Just ;,president is always held on a Tuesday. He Pushpendra Shastri. $12.00 birthtimes-and more.
choreography and production of fifteen who originated it is not known, but the an- becomes the commJ.llder of the armed • Iswara Darshan. Sri Swami
dance ballets on 'his life and teachings. . . cient Indians,used the identical system. forces, an attribute of Mars, The day of Mer- Tapovan Maharaj. pap. $8.95 Stephen Quong (Umananda)
The original weekdays were named after cury, Wednesday, is perfect for intellectual • Gita Rahasya. B.G. Tilak. has studied and practiced
the Sun, Moon and five planets oecause of a endeavors and beginning new business ac- $25.00 astrology in Asia and America
precise astrological system (used in bOfh tivities, Thursday, presided over by Guru, or • Meditation. Narayan Dutt Shrimali. $25,00 since 1970. He has been awarded the titles of Jyotisha Kovida,
. Rome and Indi/1.) in which each of the sev- Jupiter, the most benefic planet, promoting • What Becomes of the Soul After Death. Sivananda. pap. $8.00 Jyotisha Vachaspati and Life Fellow by the Indian Council
en heavenly bodies governs an hour through optimism and abungance, is very auspicious • Prana Pranayama Prana Vidya. Swami Niranjananda of Astrological Sciences (founded by Dr. B.V. Raman). His
the day. The planet that rules the first hour for just about everything, especially finan: Saraswati. pap. $12.95 professional background includes executive positions in .
after sunrise governs that day. Each planet dal matters, new, investments and gaining • Hatha Yoga Pradipika: Light on Hatha Yoga. Swami government, finance and publishing. He is a long-time
cycles around to ruling sunrise on the same higher knowledge, America always cele- Muktibodhananda Saraswati. pap. $14.95 devotee of Sri Ma Anandamayi and has close contacts with
day each week. The current English week- brates the feast of Thanksgiving on a Thurs- • Third Eye & Kundalini. B,S. Goel. $22.00 many other contemporary spiritual teachers. Please call or
days are derived from the Angio-Saxon day, which is a perfect example of the jovial, • Chanakya's Neeti Scripture. RK. Sharma, pap. $14.95 write for free brochure.
names for: Satern (Saturn), Surman (Sun), expansive, even gluttonous, atmosphere of Visa/MC accepted,
Monan (Moon), Tiwes (Mars), Wocines (Mer- Jupiter's day. So we find even in the selection Office: 1-415-456-2534 (voice/fax)
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values. Amarveda, Box 883, Marion, VA 24354- Natchintanai songs ~. Available from: skin. A remedy for the ills of modern living.
0883. USA of Siva Yogawami, Saisaa • Giretheren V.S. • Oberburgstrasse 39 Dislodges toxins and retards the aging process.
For inspiration, call (808) 822-SIVA (7482) day Siddha Guru of CH-3400 Burgdorf. Switzerland
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CHAR(,TY An Ancient God's Visible Grace
Dressing for ~eaveri It began on September 21,1995, when an image of Ganesa in a New Delhi temple
began sipping milk. Then, this modern miracle took on global dimensions as, over
several months, it was witnessed by millions, in temples, shrines and homes world-
Top models grace Delhi fashion show of the Gods wide. How timely that, only days before, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami had
finished his illustrated resource book, Loving Ganesa--800 pages of insights into
this great God! Loving Ganesa is at once simple, deep and practical, and teaches
ever so many ways that Ganesa's grace can be attained through sincere devotion,
song, prayer and meditation, to bring greater harmony, contentment and spiritual-
ity into our daily life.

Imagine yourself sitting crosslegged under a shady tree, the hum of insects
and a gentle breeze coloring the background as you absorb the words of an im-
portant teacher. Only a handful of religious texts have been able to convey such
an overwhelming presence; this is one. -Napra Review
It is an important text for English-speaking readers and should remain as an
'We are going to strengthen all-you-wanted-to-know-but-were afraid-to-ask book about Ganesa, the di-
vine and much-loved remover of obstacles. -Publishers Weekly
Hinduism in our area. Our orphan-
A majestic book of love, peace and happiness depicting Ganesa as a friend
age children are good in studies and protector, generously accessible to young and old, expressed in intriguing
mysticism for the world's oldest living religion. -Book Reader
and leading a religious-centered
800 pages. $19.95 paper. lavishly illustrated. ISBN 0-945497-64-4
life. The gurukulam is playing a

vital role in preserving and main-

By FRABHA PRABHAKAR BHARDWAJ There were critics who
felt the show a mockery
Exceptional Answers to
taining our Hindu identity. " These NOlA'S TOP FASHION DESIGNERS-RITU
~~~ Beri, Reena Dhaka, Anju Modi and At-
lier Samd~-joined together to offer Del-
of religion. South City
Club manager Ms. Preeti
Eternal Questions
are hard times for Sri Lankan
- . hites somet4ing unusual during Diwali: Singh objected to the de- Every spiritually-inclined human being will be enriched by the path re-
a Goddess 'fashion show. As ,festival fire- piction of Parvati as un- vealed in this 1,008-page volume. India's vision of the Divine is depicted in
children. Please give freely to works lit the evening sky over Delhi's up- traditiqnal. But thepverall reaction was pos- all of its infinte variety here: meditative, devotional, philosophical, scriptural
s6ale South City Country Club-on Novem- itive. A temple-like mood had. been created, and yogic, answering the vital questions: What are life's ultimate goals? How
the Endowment Fund for the ber 3, master of ceremonies Shamshir one too in which the Deities were ap-
can I achieve them? How do Hindus view family, sex, sin, worship, death and
Luthra stood inside on the fashion catwalk proachable and full of life.
nonviolence? What are the foremost schools of Hindu thought, and what do
Tirunavakkarasu Nayanar and openeq the charity show with a power- The show was the inspiration of Dr. Ra-
they teach? Dancing with Siva is the masterful work of Sivaya Subramu-
fully chanted ''Aum.'' For the next hour, mesh Kapur. His Unitech company began in
glamorous models paraded tasteful modern 1971 with four perSONS and US$1,500 capital. niyaswami, a traditional satguru immersed, for half a century, in an ongoing
Gurukulam in Batticaloa. outfits for five forms of the Goddess: Sa- Today it is a US$24-million-dollar company global Hindu renaissance.
raswjlti, Lakshmi, Parvati, Durga and Kali. with 10,000 employees. Proceeds from the \
1-800-890-1008 Ext. 235 Dress, ornaments and music were coordi- entire mela (of which the fashion show was English-speaking Hindus, yoga enthusiasts, and anyone interested in San-
nqted to the traditional depiction of each. ""a part) went to Mobile Creches, India's skrit literature and culture will be overjoyed by this remarkable reference
1-808-822-3152 Ext. 235 Vina music accompanied the white with 'largest nongovernmep.tal organiza!i0n. They work of Hindu belief and culture .... Quite simply-the best English overview
gold trim fashions of Goddess Saraswati; the provide on-site child care for worlGng moth-
male models wore equally elegant dhotis and ers at construction sites across India. of Hinduism available today. -Napra Review
http://www.Hinduism Today.
held flutes. Lakshmi arrived on'o'stage in a lo- Show organizer Meenu is an ex-journalist, The swami concisely answers 155 key questions, ranging from "What is the
kauai. hi. us/ashram/ tus-shaped palanquin carried by four me·n. now Delhi "event organizer" with her own ultimate goal of earthly life?" to "How are Hindu marriages arranged?"
HHE.html . Magenta and pink colors were combined in version of feminism. She advocates the ... a 'W-page timeline, a 200-page lexicon of Hindu terms, a comparative
all Her &-esses (modeled by Mehar, Sliikkb strength of wom8.l}hood, the concept she guide to major religious traditions, and a primer for teaching religious prin-
and Aparna) and out-of-season lotuses were used to develop the' divine shakti of Devis..
ciples to children ... enriched by extensive scriptural quotations and reproduc-
abundant, Goddess Parvati (portrayed by 1\s a journalist, she had covered many fash-
tions of Rajput art. -Yoga Journal
ENDOWMENTS Rohirii) drew gasps from the audience as she
appeared 0fi stage- with a large ,.9Dd very
ion shows and was always distressed at thei~
• superficiality. Dr. Kapur's prograrp. gave her
alive python. She wore the yellow and or- the opportunity to produce a fashion show 1,008 p.• $19.95 ' paper* • lavishly illustrated. ISBN 0-945497-47-4
HINDU HERITAGE ENDOWMENT ange colors of her austerity pyrformed to with some meaning, and perhaps to even set
107 KAHOLALELE ROAD win God Siva. Goddesses Durga and Kali q new trend toward ele~ant outfits for both HIMALAYAN ACADEMY PUBLICATIONS
c~e together, the women in red, the at- men and women based upon ancient tradi- 107 Kaholalele Rd· Kapaa, Hawaii 96746-9304 USA
KAPAA. HI 96746-9304 USA
tending men in black, to depict Kali's ulti- tion. Hopefully, many countries will extend Tel: 1-800-890-1008, ex. 238 or 808-822-3152, ex. 238
* Shipping:
IN VEST ING IN THE FUTURE OF HINDUI SM mate- triumpP. over the demon Rakat Bhij. a welcome to this utterly divine show. .. Fax: 1-808-822-4351 to USA, add 10%
e-mail: to other countries, add 20%
http// 41
South Asia Books Hinduism Today SE-Asia Subs. offices
Your path to India for 28 years. In Singapore: 100% pure. From cows raised com- Ganapati sitting (or danCing), Ram
4,000 titles in active stock. Sanathana Dharma Publications pletely free of hormones, chemicals Darbar, Lakshmi, Shiva-Parvati,
Bukit Panjang Post Office • PO Box 246, Singapore, 916809 or pesticides. A delight to cook with! Durga, Shirdi Sai Baba, Hanuman,
Newest titles in stock Kindly contact: Mrs. Dohadeva: 957 66 012 • Thanam: Santoshi Ma, Tirupati Balaji, Vishnu,
(Prices net and include shipping) 952 69 586 • Uma Maheswaran: 980 42 2379. • Salt-free • Lactose-free Shiva Nataraj, Krishna, Krishna with
• Needs no refrigeration Cow. 3 to 5" (7 to 12 cm) high. $19.95
• Mahadevan. Hymns of Sankara. rep. us$ 7.50 In Malaysia: to $39.95. $3.50 shippg. Catalog.
• Griffith. Hymns of the Rigveda. 28.00 Sanathana Dharma Publications Sdn Bhd. (391870K) Purity Farms, Inc. Discounts for retailers and temples.
• Pandey. Hindu Samskaras. 8.00 No: 15, Lintang Besi, off Jalan Melawi 14635 Westcreek Road -Nirvana Collection-
• Hiriyanna. Essentials of Indian Philosophy. 12.00 41000 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. Sedalia, Colorado 80135-9783 USA 289 Route 416, RR3, Campbell Hall,
• Monier Williams. Sanskrit-English Dictionary 40.00 Kindly contact: Chudikadevi Saravan, 03 331 9242 Tel: 1-303-647-2368 NY 10916 USA • Tel: 1-800-374-2304
• Singh. Siva Sutras. 9.00 Rohini Kumar, 03 774 2946 • Thanabalan, 044219326 or 1-914-294-1498 • Fax 914-294-3870.
• MacDonell. Vedic Grammar for Students. 9.00
• Miller. Hindu Monastic Life. revised edition 24.00
• Wade. Music in India, Classical Traditions. 16.00
• Whitney. Atharva Veda Samhita. 2 vol. 54.00
• w.J. Wilkins. Hindu Mythology. pa. rep. 9.00
MystiC Vision Sculptures Learn at Home by Mail Books by K. N. Rao
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For the new illustrated Motilal1996 catalogue containing Intricately designed figures, masks Self study courses: We carry a complete
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OF VEDIC STUDIES The true story of one man's
quest for the pure Self with-
We offer a wide selection of
Sri Chinmoy's inspirational
in. Relive with him his years and instructional written
Correspondence Courses On: with Paramhansa Yogananda works, including essays,
in the monastic order of Self
Ayurvedic Medicine Realization Fellowship. Expe-
poetry, plays and extensive
answers to questions asked
Vedic Astrology rience with him incredible by seekers.
visions and encounters with
~xtraterrestrials and beings Music includes soul-stirring
of other dimensions, culmi- audio and video perform-
For information nating in a meeting with a ances by Sri Chinmoy and his
living Being of Light called I students on instruments from
on Vedic Sciences am that I am. allover the world.
and latest "Here is one of the most im- Just published-
Vedic Research portant documents of our Sri Chinmoys long-awaited
time"-John Michell, Author of The View Over Atlantis trilogy, Commentaries on the Vedas, the Upanishads and the
Send SASE to: "Norman Paulsen is a man whose being shines with the light Bhagavad Gita: The Three Branches of India's Life-Tree
The Oracle of Ramo The Tibetan of cosmic consciousness. He is an articulate spokesman for and a 4-CD set of selections from Sri Chinmoy's fifty Peace
the role of near death experiences in human evolution and Concerts offered in honor of the 50th anniversary of the
David Fra.o.1ey
(1kJrnodeo.u Shostro). Director
India's Renowned Oracle Book of Healing planetary regeneration"-Kenneth Ring, Ph.D., author of United Nations.
by David Frawley by Dr Lopsang Rapgay Heading Toward Omega and Life at Death
$12.95208 pages, illustrated $12.95 208 pages, illustrated "To Norman, dear one: May your birth bring happiness to Call or write for our free catalog!
American Institute of Vedic Studies ISBN 1-878423-19-3
many spiritually, may your birthdays be filled with God-
ISBN 1-878423-21-5 Consciousness. With unceasing blessing."-February 3, 1951 Heart-Light Distributors
P.O. BOX 8357 Paramhansa Yogananda, author, Autobiography of a Yogi PO Box 85464-H
To order: add $3.50 shipping and contact: Soft cover • ISBN #0-941848-05-1· 496 pg.lillustrated,
Sante Fe, NM 847504-8357 Seattle, WA 98145-1464 USA
PASSAGE PRESS 8188 So. Highland Dr., D-5, Sandy, UT 84093 8 color plates. US$25 including postage.
USA (801) 942-1440; FAX (801) 943-7268 Builders Publishing Company· 1305 North H StlA-289-T Tel: 800-739-2885 or 1-206-523-0430
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HIN6ulSJ\1:: =====-':::
HEALING EVOLUTIONS Dharma Graphics CD $199
DHEA: ~ Menace
OLDEST-EVER: Blr Narayan Chaudhary For the Mac. Reg. $249. Special offer for HT readers, only
of Nepal is reliably said to be 141 years
old, making him the oldest human on
Earth. He doesn't 1,500+ images reflecting Here it is the Hindu art CD
of the decade. Trek into the
o'r Mi,r acle? make the Guinness
Book of Records,
though, for he has
India's rich traditions heart of mystic India with
this spectacular collection of

Potential benefits for those who need it;

no birth certifi-
cate-nor does any-
one else born in
and spiritual culture imagery drawn from the
treasurehouse of Hindu spiri-
1856, the year be- tuality. This CD contains a
serious complications for those who don't fore India's First
wealth of clip art, Aums, pat-
War of Indepen-
dence. He cares for terns, textures, sacred sym-
BY DR. DEVANANDA TANDAVAN, M.D. himself, eats what he wants, smokes bols, borders, fmished
five pipes a day and lives surrounded
TOP AGING NOW!" "DO WE in "increased energy and less by five generations of his offspring.
graphics and some rare Raj-
have the fountain of susceptibility to the rav~es of put scans. Great graphics for an ashram bulletin, a
youth?" These are some of chronic pain and depression." ELECTED: Dr. Karan Singh, age 62, to In- yoga book, Web page or multimedia presentation.
the exaggerated claims . DHEA is beneficial, only if a dia's Rajya Sabha ("Council of States"), /
found in the lay press and in ads blood test shows a level much by the legislature of Jammu and Kash-
selling the "food supplement" lower than expected for one's mir for a six-year term. The renowned Aums
DHEA (dehydroepiandroste-
rone). In the human body ,
age. Otherwise DHEA should
not be taken because the body
Hindu politician and religious scholar
was immediately appoillted as chair of
& Illustrations
DHEA is a natural h0rmone can stop producing it naturally the critically im-
p oduced by the adrenal gland resulting in a dependency on portant Autonomy
and is intimately involved in the the external source. Shliluld Panel evaluatillg
manufa,cture of testosterone, estrogen, treatment begin, it is important that every the status of Jam-
progesterone and cortisone. It is a vital six months the blood level be tested and an mu and Kashmir,
factor as a hormone precursor in the hu- adjustment made in the dosage if it is ex- to help settle that
man endocrine system.·It reaches its peak cessive. Higher levels can produce a total long-standirlg dis-
level in both men and women between disruption o(the endocrine balance in the pute and end
ages 20 and 3q, then gradually d,ecreases. body and res).lIt in many concurrent symp- . years of regional
At age 70 the level is 10 to 20% of that at tOms as well as an increased incidence of Dr: Karan Singh conflict.
age 20. Logic tells us that if the blood level cancer of Hie breast in women or prostrate
i ~ lower at the time aging symptoms ap- cancer in men. Fortunately, side effects TRANSITION: Astronomer Carl Sagan,
pear, then we may be abl~ to reverse these. flom DHEA are relatively few-acne and age 62, of complications from cancer.
symptoms by an exogenous dosage 'or re- headaches are among them. Hirsutism may Sagan's 1980 TV series, "Cosmos," dra-
placement of the hormone. To some extent
this seems to be true, at least there seems
also occur among women, but all of these
symptom; gre reversed by decreasing or
matized the mysteries of the universe
for 500 million viewers in 60 countries.
Patterns & Borders ~~
to be a decrease in the aging symptoms
ana fi certain well-being as the levels are
stopping the dosage.
Qnly top. grade pharmaceutically pure
He firmly believed life exists through-
out the universe-a view putting him othing lends a sense of Indian-ness to a design
elevated to those seen in one's youth.
There are reports that adding DHEA to
the diet can be anti-depres~ant, anti-aging,
DHEA should be used, and vegetarians
shouJd be aware it may come from an ani-
mal source. Most brands made from the
at odds with many scientists. He was
an outspoken opponent of nuclear
weapons. In 1990 he participated with
N better than traditional borders and patterns.
There are hundreds to choose from on this creative Clip~rt .1
anti-obesity, anti-dementia, give protection Squth American yam are not trustworthy, r. representatives of all religions ill the CD. Fall in love with the visual magic of Bharat and
to the thymus and reduce stress. It can also as there is no evidence this precursor Global Forum in Moscow to discuss the any' images are or-
protect against heart disease, chronic fa-
tigue syndrome, cancer, viral disease, and
source can give a reliable dose or be ab-
sorbed and utilized by our bodies.
world environmental crisis.
enhance your personal or institutional image.
M ganizedin
themes, like nature,
postmenopausal syndrome. Most of the As aging occurs, most p.eople""'compensate HONORED: Bharatanatyam exponent
evidence is backed only by animal experi- by adjustments in their, making . Anita Ratnam R;ij with the title of Deities, people, borders,
mentation, and extrapolation from these . aging the truly natural phenomenon that it "Nritya Choodamani." In accepting the symbols, etc. Use the
studies to human use is not very reliable. is. If one: has a good regimen of hatha yoga, award, Anita
There is some data from human studies sadhana (including meditation) and an said irmovation Fetch browser to get a
that tend to support the l€,ss exaggerated adeqtiate yegetarian diet, he is not likely to and experimen- quick overview, then
claims in the advertisements. "Yet, there are suffer from aging symptoms. tation should be double clic on a page
noilong term reports sufficient to claim that .,- encouraged as
life is prolonged, or that this is "truly the DR. TANDAVAN, 76, retired nuclearphysi- long as they are for a detailed preview.
fountain of youth" or the "wonder hormone cian and hospital staff president~ lives in lodged in a spir-
of the 90s." / ' , Crn:cago, where he specializes in alternative it of artistic ill-
According to Dr. Billie Jay Sahley, a pain healing arts. Visit his home page at the tegrity and
clinic operator, DHEA treatment can result HINDUISM TODAY Webs*. faith. With deer dancers
, \
Macintosh format only. No PC version available.
o MOVIES and looking for meaning.


The fourth is Otsu, a spiritually reflective

'Deep River'-a da'panese man whom Kumiko seduced on a dare from

her friends and then cruelly dumped. He
was a....Catholic-rare in Japan-who went to

Odyssey fo Holr Ganga a s~minary in France, then to a monastery in

Israel. Finally finding no comfortable place
in the Western expression of Christianity, he came to Banaras, jOined an ashram, and took
Soul-searching cine/rna is somber and' stoic up work at the cremation grounds. "Euro-
peans consider God and man to be mutually
-J oRPosed but, being Japanese, I
BUS OF JAPANESE TOUR- ' cannot ignore the great vital en-
ists bounces east, sightsee- ergy of nature," Otsu explains to
from Delhi toward Ba- Mitsuko. "I believe God exists -:
and the Ganga. within man, while embracing
"Oh, so beautiful," one man says, man, trees and flowers, the

. "This is the first time I am seeing Great Life Force. And the most
,................................................................................... ............................ ........-................................ :. . ................................................. ................-....... people and animals living togeth- important thing is love."

i c:!~~te i India ....... . . . . .~ Tour_is~

er. In the past; in Japan, they By the movie's end, each has
lived like this, too." Another tour- found some form of resolution:
ist ex€itedly clicks photos out the the veteran, a difficult 'realiza-
Information window of fertile earth, dusty tion of the honor of men within /
cows and industrious ".villagers. the horrors of war; the busi-
His bride complains they should nessman, the futility of finding
... . ...... . ........ _ .. . .. . . ~ ... .. _ •• • >4 • • • • • • • • • • • •
have gone to Europe. Swiftly the his wife; Mitsuko, absolution for
lens of director Kei Kumai focus- her self-centered life by bath-

i l~
~j­ es in on three unusual souls on ing in the Ganga; and Otsu,
¥~ t · the bus quietly engrossed in a death in his chosen service.

! "YN~~s
. more introspectiv~ mission-to The US$ 4. 3 million film is el- .
Aoalysis LawFormn MOneyTalk win peace and blessings from the egantly made, every scene is a
holy river Ganga. Their stories work of art. But its subtitles and

then start to unfold in the film. measured pace (read "slow")
"Deep River" won acclaim at will not keep everyone's atten-
New Delhi's International Film tion. A few scenes are too racy
Festival and the Ecumenical for children. It was seen by
1 1 rum Review 1 Review Award at the Worfd Film'Festival 135,000 people in Japan, and
;..................... ....-.. .......~.~..... ~ ! ~
~ ..····-.. --· --·----·-·;----~-~. ·-=~-..-·~I in Montreal. It caught Indian has yet to turn a profit. Copies
film critics' attention because it won't be found at the corner
is alSout the Japanese' finding vide,o stole, but can be located
their "lost Indian roots." Explains through film specialists.
Kumai, "We Japanese are very Much of the movie was shot
much influenced by Indian cuI.. in Banaras by a cast and crew
ture and, from the point of view of 50 Japanese and 70 Indians.
I'........................................................................................................................................................ _.............. _........::::....._................. = _.. = _.... ._.__. ._._. . _. . . _. of a Japanese, India is our moth- Absolution: Mitsuko (Kumiko Akiyoshi) prays in the r iver Ganga
erland." Many Japanese travel
After the production, .director
Kumai said, "I think our staff
I! Global Directory of Businesses, Products & Services I
yearly t.9 India (65,000 in 1996), often to vis-
it Buddhist holy sites. Japan is the largest
each encountered the Ganga
just like the movie's characters.
\ .
donor nation to India, and, after the eco .. The holy power of the Ganga .
nomic reform, India's fifth! largest investor. revealed He;:self through them.
"Deep River" is based upon Shusaku We received awareness 'Of the
YO'u r electronic link to India and Indian communities worldwide Endo's award-winning novel of the same
name. It is an exploration into the meaning
spiritual world, so forgotten in
todays consumerist society of
of India for four individuals. One is a World Japan. Since World War II, we

informational articles Advertise War II veteran (played by the legendary
Toshiro Mifune), desperate to quell horrible
have developed materially, but
are we happy? My film shows
war memories experienced on India's how these ' characters come to

community activities and events
business and classified ads
on INDQlink Burmese border. The secona is a business-
man looking for his wife who died and who,
find in ;rndia what they could
not find at home. They ask,
[employment, housing, matrimonialsl and reach millions worldwide. he is told, has been reborn 'near Banaras. He .. 'What is the most important
is torn by the guilt that all during their mar- treasure in one's life-material
Tel: 800-772-6.768 or 408-244-4040 -Your on-line business ad (home-page) riage, while she loved and served him with pleasure or spiritual pleasure
extraordinary selflessness, he gave her very and contentment as is found in
Fax: 408-244-9040 (USA) for as low as $90 for 6 months little affection. the third and central char- the Hindu religton?'" ,..J
acter is Mitsuko (Kumiko Akiyoshi, Japan's WITH JYOTHI VENIO\.T ESH
E-mail: -Classified ads only $25 for 6 months top film actress), a aivorcee, lost at midlife Pensive: Otsu (Eiji Okuda) as a cremation worker Mumbai



Yoga for 'India's Army When not in Rome...

Breath control and meditation trai1).ing help India's Catholic prjests worship the Hindu
jawa~s to resist bitter Himalayan cold way in their Christian temples and ashrams
Christian Temple?: JeSUit Shilananda
I N DAVA N AMS. GO P ALA KRISH N"'-N pIe. Christ gives a deeper mearting to what \
ETER JULIA CAME TO INDIA FROM is here." He says he has made no converts. to create an indigenous form of a faith too
in 1948 as a 23-year-old Jesuit But some Hindus are perplexed and a few Western for most Indians and too Indian for
priest. Today, at 71, he has taken the are downright incensed with this kind of most Catholics. J'

name Shilananda, built and operates a amalgamation of religions. Mr. Pradeep Mo- One such place is the Saccidananda
church in Nasik, Maharashtra, which resem- llan, a Siva devotee, told HINDUISM TODAY, Ashram founded by two IFrench priests in
bles a Siva temple and is called Sanjivan, "It is ridiculous and rather blasphemous to 1950. According to the inmates, it is a blend-
"True Life." A small cross sits atop the tower. associate Lord Siva; the Supreme Lord, who ing of Christian and Hindu monasticism
Surrounding lraivan Temple is an On the .sanctum walls inside hangs another had been worshiped even long before the ·and follows the customs of a Hindu ashram.
cross, ana. below that a stone Sivalinga [pho- birth of Jesus, WIth the bread of the Catholic Their church is built like a Hindu temple,
extraordinary botanical garden par- to J covered with a metal sheath. An 'i\um" Mass." He added, "The Christians have: lost with a high gopuram, and Hindu-like cere-
and a cross are engraved in the brass. A sec- ground in India, especially in Kerala, and all monies are performed. The altar is on a /
adise, providing an area of ond container shaped ljke a Sivalinga holds of their superficial tactics of global evange- raised stone platform where a silver statue of
the consecrated hosts (bread wafers) used lization using the old methods have failed." Jesus is placed. Sandalwood paste is given in
contemplative, natural beauty. in the Catholic celebration of Mass. The Whatever one may think of missionaries the morning, kumkum after the midday
W eek magazine quotes Shilananda, "The in general, Shilananda no doubt lives an ex- prayer and holy ash after the evening prayer.
Pilgrims enjoy groves of plumeria, power of life comes from God. Siva is the emplary and austere life. He is a vegetarian, Each prayer is accompanied by arati and
mosVancient God of India, and the Sivalin- well-versed in Hindu scripture and devout chanting of the Gayatri Mantra. To the local
konrai, hibiscus, heliconia, native . ga is a symbol of life-giving power. There is in his daily practice. And there ip'e mOIje like people there doesn't appear to be much dif-
no contradiction in having a Christian tem- him in India, sincere Christians attempting ference between Hinduism and worshiping
Hawaiian plant species and more. Cold chamber experiment: Yoga-trained soldiers can withstand low temperatures longer Jesus in the Hindu way. The priests claim to
be teaching from the Bible, the Gita, the Pu-
At the entrance to the 5 J -acre HAT DO YOU THINK IS THE LATEST than those who did the routine exercises. ranas, Upanishads and the Koran.
addition to the Indian armed forces' Shivering started much later in the yoga Still another is Angelo Beneditt, who
sanctuary is a forest of healing arsenal? Early warning \systems, group, who. maintained a higher rate of came to India from Spain with Shilananda
Ishapur ass\lult rifles or stealth tech- metabolic activity. in 1948. He is known to the villagers in Bha-
rudraksha trees. Send US$ J 2 to nology? Wrong. The latest weapon in its ar- The discovery took time to be accepted in vanagar in the state of Gujarat as Swami
mory is yoga. Introducing yoga into the army circles. But by 19,95 it was introduced Shubhananda. He immersed himself in the
purchase a single-bead necklace of army's training curriculum is not intended as a part of the regular curriculum, espe- Hindu scripture.s eveh before he was or-
to stand the forces on their heads, but rather cially for soldiers in th~ Northern Com- dained a Jesuit priest in 1959. He'is fluent in
a sacred rudraksha, receive as our to brace soldiers for the extremes of weather mand. The training is also expected to help five European languages plus Marathi, Gu-
they have to endure in high altitJde climat- combat melancholia, a common problem at jarati and Sanskrit, and has a BA in Indian
gift another bead to plant and sup- ic zones. The innovations come from the high attitudes. I classical music. He said, "I realized the cos-
Defense Institute of Physiological and AI- ' Experiments by Selvamurthy have dem- mic nature of God from my contact witb
port the lraivan Temple project. lied Sciences (DIPAS), whose job is to evolve onstrated physical health benefits of yoga, Hinduism. I find all religions manifestations
holistic ways to, acclimatize soldiers to ad- such as lowering of blood pressure. In yet of God." According to him, there is no con-
1-808-639-8886 verse operational terrains, such as deserts, tlillother test, he. measured an increase in flict between his abiding Christian faith
high mountains and under water. . tranquillity as a result. of performing agni- ana his belief in many Hindu principles. .
http://www. HinduismToday. The idea occurred to the director of DI- hQtra, a Vedic fire ritual. He's now testing an The church he establisq.ed in his Tapovan
PAS, Dr. W. Selvamurthy, as he wondered herbal preparation based on ayurvedic fo( Ashram is called a temple. ".
kauai. hi. us/ashram/Jraivan. htmJ how it was possible for lightly-dressed sadh- mulas for high-altitude use. J Such attempts at amalgamation are not
us to roam the Himalayas in sub-zero tem- Selvamurthy, 46, has come far from the new. In the 17th century Father Robert de
peratures, wHile the Indian soldiers sta- days when/people were amused to hear he Nobili learned Sanskrit, put on orange robes,
.tioned in Siachep, Leh and other <,1old places wanted to make yogis out of the soldiers. "I became a vegetarian and wrote an apoc-
suffer terrible privations even with ample would give them the example of Arjuna, ryphal fifth Veda refery ng to Jesus. He con-
RUDRAKSHA warm clothing. Experiments began in early
1985. One group of soldiers was made to
who was a great yogi and warrior," he remi.l
nisces. Now it is his ambition to "spread the
verted tens of thousands in Madurai. Near-
ly all drifted back ,to Hinduism after his
practice fifty minutes of yoga and Bve min- message of our traditional systems of yoga ~
FOREST utes of pranayama (breath control) and Imd medicine because modern medical care
o It's a meditation on unintended conse-
in a country of 900 million is too ~xpensive,
meditation daily for six months, while an- f-< quences-a likely eventual long-term result
other group continued the regular army willIe our indigenous systems are prophylac- "o
of these missionaries' continuous adoption
drills and endurance training. Wearing just tic. Our people are intellectually very ~ of Hindu names, vestments, rituals, archi-
boxer shorts, both groups were put in cham- sound, but when it comes to looking after tecture and scriptures may Be their own un-
KAPAA. HI 96746-9304 USA bers at 10° C,(50°F ). Those traiRed in yoga their health, they just don't bother." wi "'<" L-__ ~ ______- L____ ~~~" ______ ~ ______________ ~ ____ ~~ ______ ~
witting absorption into the all-embracing
were able to retain their body heat longer By DIPANKAR D AS, N EW D ELHI Cross, Christ and Sivalinga: Shilananda's Sivalinga has a cross and "Awn" upon it arms of Hinduism. __


. ike an exceptional diamond,

yoga in Daily Life:

mind in order to gain Self-Realization. Self-
Realization means the reunion of the indi-
vidual Self, atma, and th~ cosmic Self,
Paramatma. In this way, we attain freedom
and inner peace. Unless you practice, you
will never realize what yoga means.
L spiritual truths are often at their
best in a simple, elegant setting.
This rare gem of a book with
Yoga takes effect not only in the material childrens' stories for adults is
Perfect Way to God world, but also in'the astral worlds. It
teaches us to master .ourselves and our lives'
in every situation and in every sphere. In
fact, it is the perfect way to God. But yoga
a must for every Hindu home.

Attaining physical, emotional and m~nt~l

is not a religion, nor a cult, nor any theory Written with gentle warmth, humor
or set of dogmas. Yoga is Reality. It is the
ultimate truth. Yoga is older than our plan- and wisdom, Enlightening Tales as
balance as we strive for Self Realization et. It has been guiding the process of life
Told by Sri Swami Satchidananda
since the very beginnIng of the universe. In
,the last thousands of years, humans devel- presents 47 short fables, each with a
BY pj\.RAMAHANS SWAMI M ,A HESHWARANANDA oped their intellect, and wise men and seers
of India, called rishis, revealed the science deep inner truth and richly
IVINE CONSCIOUSNESS THAT IS ETERNAL, OMNISCI- and techniques of yoga practice. The Hin-
ept and omnipresent and resides in each and every dus are children of the rishis, who were the illustrated. Available from
particle of the universe can be realized through the greatest seers, the highest thinkers and
ancient, immortal science of yoga. Yoga stands above most civilized personalities of mankind. Himalayan Academy Publications.
all dogIllas and fanaticism. Yoga itself is love and bliss, pure Hinduism is one of the most ancient spiri- /
d divipe. It is the principle of balance and harmony in the tual ways with deep insight into the divine
:ntire upiverse, the principle through which Creation took and great tolerance and acceptance toward
place-the fIrst movement of the divine consciousness as other fruths. It is Sanatana Dharma.
da soupd. That is the power of yoga. . No matter which part of the world a Hin-
naYoga is the p,?wer which brings. together and balances the du lives in, it is his or her prime duty to
five elemepts: earth, water, fire, rur and ~ther or akasha. preserve and transmit these elevated
These fIve elements should be balanced m the human organ- thoughts, teachings and values of human
ism. WheP they are-unb:uanced, one feels much discomfort life to their children. No matter how hard

:0 d becorPes weak and Ill. When we fallout of truuh and oneness

duality, then we lose the ba,lance anq harmony of 9ur exis-
external pressures can be, one should never feel hesitant to keep to
one's noble traditions and value system and maintaining these in

Enlightening Tales
tence. So balance means health, and health means to maintain our the family and in the community. Each Hindu should be proud of
. . al and petfectly balanced condition. his ancestors, who were open-mind~d, full of love and mercy. They
°ZFe, the w~ole univers~, is changing every moment. Our body
itself is changmg all the tlme: from the state of embryo to that of
were great believers and devotees of God, through which they
achieved the highest knowledge and oneness of the Supreme.
the infant, to the little child,' to the teenager, to the middle-aged Even Hindus who live in small communities, or single families
e son and fInally to old age and death. We are swimming should not feel any need to, and should not under any circum- As Told by Sri Swami Satchidananda
fh;ough the waves o( life. Life sometimes is calm and peaceful for stances, change their beliefs, their vegetarian lif~tyle or noble
us other times heav'J storms are raging, and sometimes we have to ideals of ahimsa, tolerance and love for all living beings. They Published by Integral Yoga Publications
p;ss through fire and flames. Still, day and night, every minute, we should observe their cultural festivals and spiritual events, because Available through Himalayan Academy Publications
are proceeding toward our goal, whether we are aware of it or not. that is the only way to keep alive that precious heritage. , 107 Kaholalele Road, Kapaa, HI 96746-9304 USA Sri Swami Satchidananda
As every raindrop proceeds toward the ocean from which it has In order to maintain that spiritual way of living and to attain
eme~ed, SO also everyone of us will sooner or later return to our Self-Realization, it is advisable that not only Hindus, but all hu-
origin the Cosmic Self. Yoga is the way to make our aim clear, I mans, follow the way of yoga. Yoga should not be lived separately 128 PIJIBS, pape"back, 15 full-color, full-page Rlf/put IIluBtl'atiDns. ISBN 0-982040-48-9. P"IDS -'22.95 (IncludBS UN).
accel~rate our development and progress toward it. from our daily lives. It should be practiced twenty-four hours a
Yoga copsists .o f four branches that corresR?nd to seekers' vari- day according to the principles and regulatioRS that were hand~d
a s dispositions. Bhakti yoga is the path of love and devotion for down to us by the ancient rishis. These universal and divine prin-
t~ose who seek the Divine through worship and prayer. Karma ciples are: understand, forgive, be tolerant, love, serve, believe,
o a is the path of selfless action and service. Jnana yoga is the worship, meditate and realize. Yoga will surely lead you to achieve
~a~h of kPowledge and wisdorp through philosophy and discrimi- the ultimate goal. That is, to become one with God.
nation between Reality and unreality. And raja yoga is the path of
self-discipline and self-mastery tl,irough practice and meditation.
Practicipg yoga requires a great deal of self-discipline and confi-
dence Yoga makes one independent and free. Those who think .'
that the life of a ypgi means to withdraw from the world and to
eglect and renounce all material goods misunderstand the very
~dea of yoga. Yoga is a thorough1.y practical way. It means to gain
an'd preserve h.e~th in its whole meaning, physically, me~tally,
socially and spltltually. It also means to get and preserve mdepen-
de ce and self-reliance in life, physically, mentally, emotionally as PARAMAHANS SWAMI MAHESHWARANANDA, 51, based in Vienna,
we~l as materially. In order to attain genuine insight, the aspirant Austria, has spread the teachings of a long line of Rajasthan san-

needs to practice. He should learn to control his body and his nyasin yogis for 20 years in central Europe and now the world.
Ad sponsored by: Nathan Palani family, Hawaii, USA: Shyamadeva Dandapani family, Anchorage, Alaska, USA: San Diego County Yoga Teachers
Association, Damara Shanmugan, San Diego, California, USA: Raj Exports, lakshmanan Nellaiappan and family, Madras, Tamil Nadu, India.
50 HllO'PUISM TODA.Y M.~ RCH . 1997

PHOTOGRAPH.y church at all. Hinduism is an on-going dai- Film foundry: (cloc kwise from top) Rarnesh,
ly procedure. You live it, you breathe it." a Ratwa Adivasi (tribal); Pailo of Chotau- From Paramahansa Yogananda,
Banaras: In New York, Leatherdale is known for
his lavish and sophisticated work for trendy
Big Apple magazines. He observes~ "In my
d:aipur; Rani Usha Devi 6f Jodphur; Ma-
hout Shekar with Kamach, Kanchipuram;
temple beggar, Kanchipuram
author Of Autobiography of a Yogi ...

Ecl.ipsed·by India pictures, for the first time it was

straight portraiture-I didn't try to drama-
tize it visually or manipulate-except to re-
move 'watches and glasses." Shot against a
A Camera ' black cloth, he let the personalities shine
. through. The result was timeless sepia-tone
shots of real people-villagers, maharan~s ,
unparalleled scope and vision .
Exploring the Gita's spiritual,
psychological, and metaphysical
depths, he reveals the innermost
actresses, dancers and circus performers.
The timeless portraits These were shown in "Bharat-India," a crit- essence of this majestic scripture-
and presents an enlightening and
of Marcl!.5 Leatherdale ically acclaimed exhibition held in 1996.
Leatherdale is learning Hindi and makes deeply encouraging guide to who
friends with everyone from Brahmins to we are, why we were created, and
the beatmen on the ghats. He says, 'Tm be- our place and purpose in the vast
By l)AVINA MELWANI, NEW YORK coming closer and closer to understanding cosmic scheme of things.
HUINEIRED CHATTERING TEMPLE MON- India, but I'll never, never get it all. It's one Clh'rough the centuries, the sublime
wake up New York photograph- of the most complicated and intriguing This beautiful book includes
Marcus Leatherdale from sleep be- places that I know of. Nothing just happens, ~ ~nd ennobling counsel of the the Sanskrit text of each verse
dawn. Monkeys in New York, nothing just is. There is always some reason, Bhagavad Gita has endeared it to (in transliteration), 12 full-
you wonder? Well, no. Leatherdale has the some meaning behind everything." truth·seekers of East and West alike. color original paintings by
best of both worlds, living in the US for half What he particularly likes about Hin- Yet its deepest meaning, cloaked in contemporary Indian art-
the year and in the very heartbeat of India duism is that it's very emotional, colorful allegory, has remained obscure. ists, and Paramahansa
for the rest-the holy city of Banaras. Why and joyful. He notes: "Hinduism has a play-
In God Talks With Arjana, Yogananda's complete
Banaras? Says Leatherdale, "Since it's one of ful aspect which I've not experienced in
the holiest cit!es in India, eventually just any other religion. It's not so righteous or Paramahansa Yogananda offers a new unab ridged co m-
about everyone comes there. So I just sit sober as is Christianjty, nor is it puritanical. translation and commentary of mentaries.
back, and all of India passes by." That's one of the reasons I enjoy India. I
Leatherdale lives- in a four-story town- wake up in the morning, and I'm very con-
house in the old city, which can only be ac- tent.'; Leatherdale, a vegetarian, had nonvi- "Paramahansa Yogananda brings to "A masterpiece of spiritual, literary,
cessed on narrow footpaths. The monkeys olent h;anings even before he went to his translation and commentary on the and philosophical work.... Clearly
inhabit an ancient tree near his home and Bharat. Rather than use rat poison, for ex- Bhagavad Gila a staggering sweep of confirms that what was the truth and
march single file to the temples of the city ample, he brought humanitarian traps from psychology, spiritual instruction, lin- wisdom five thousand years back is
each day to feast on the offerings of pil- the US and releases captured rodents on guisti c discernment, esoteric phys- still meaningful and powerful, and will
grims. "In Banaras yeu're confronted with the ghats. Hinduism has also made him en- iology, cosmology, and yoga doctrine remain so for countless generations
Hinduism on a daily basis," he observes. terprising: When local people continued to to show that every individual soul is hereafter. " - India Post
1,224 pages $42.00
"There are clanging bells, pujas and festivi- dump garbage on the streets outside his a unique and heroic protagonist en-
"Compelling in its personal immediacy."
ties. The devotion lEivel is overwhelming." house, he commissioned a man who creates gaged in an epic battle for spiritual
Leatherdale is not 'll Hindu, but, he says,
"You'd have to be brain dead to live,.in India
Bollywood posters to paint life-size images
of Durga, Lakshmi, Siva and Ganesh on the
-Quincy Howe, Ph.D.,
-Linda Lam·Easton, Ph.D. ,
Department of Religious Studies,
California State University, Northridge
Presenting a new revelation
and not be affected by Hinduism. It's not
like Qhristianity in America, where you feel
house's exterior. Since no one wanted to des-
ecrate his informal home shrine, all the
RJnner Professor of Comparative Religion
and Sanskrit, the Claremont Colleges "An illuminating addition to the vast
of India's sacred science of Yoga
literature on the Gita."
it only on Sunday mornings ... if you go to garbage vanished-as if by a miracle! __ . • An in-depth look at the origin and nature of the cosmos-
-Amit Goswami, Ph.D.,
Professor of Physics, University of Oregon including the planes of existence beyond the physical universe
• Striking correlations between the Vedic view of reality and the
discoveries of modem science
• Karma, reincarnation, and the evolutionary cycles of history
ttWherever one is on the way
back to God. the Gita will shed its light • Yoga principles of diet, health. and healing
on that segment of the journey.... • Subtle aspects of Kriya Yoga-an ancient science of meditation
It is at once a profound scripture lost in the Dark Ages-and how this sacred science awakens
on the science of yoga, union with the joy of the soul and hastens human spiritual evolution
God. and a textbook for
-Paramahansa Yogananda Visa/MasterCard orders: 24-hour fax 800-801-1952 Dept.HTD
or phone 213-342-0247 (9-5 Pacific Time)
Price does nOI include 57.00 shipping, or sales lax for CA addresses



Test Your
O tants on Religious

Tolerance are promoting

the understanding of
minority religions and
providing informatic:m
on controversial topics at
their Canadian website.
Not only can you read
up on 49 religions and can link to pages about classical dance styles, visit
ethicaLsystell).s, "hot" studios of famous performers and their companies
religioqs news and offi- Classical Indian Dance and download stage images like the Manipuri
cial statements on reli- scenes above. Other useful links are to the dancing
gious freedom, you can ANCE IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF MYSTI- teacher's resource guide and the dance music page.
even taKe a test to rate

D cal expression, and "Dance of India" is

an excellent place to study that country's
traditional, folk and tribal dance forms.
At http://people.unt.edul-sgaOOOlldance.html, you
Swarnagowri Addepal1i is the webmaster. Her own
home page is innovative and artistic, and her goal
is to make "Dance in India" the classical Web re-
source in its field.

TEMPLES the "Mandir: Hindu

Temples Reference Cen-
On Screen ter," a project of the
Hindu Students Council
Odyssey and VHP of America.
Minority religion news "Mandir" will point you
LANNING A PIL- in the right direction,
your own level of reli-
gieus tolerance. Its good
if you ask new neigh-
bors to tell you some-
thing about their
P grimage and can't
decide where to
go? Locate tem-
pIes around the world at
with maps, addresses
and telephone numbers
of Hindu, Jain, Sikh and
Buddhist temples.
But plan on
Learning computers: you have to start somewhere

religion, bad if you staying awhile at CYBERTIPS He plugged it in, and sat
try ta convert http://www.hin- for 20 minutes waiting
them. The OCRT dunet.orgltem- Not So for something to hap-
links to resources ple_infol. There pen. Asked to press the
on school prayer, are not only tem- Dumb power switch, he
hate literature, eu- pIe construction replied, "What switch?"
thanasia and a to- and history links An AST customer was
pic people are just
beginning to no-
but scriptures, a
panchang, a festi-
Fabout your comput-

er? Check out these all-

asked by. a troubleshoot-
er "to send a copy" of
tice: spanking chil- val calendar and too-true stoFies. her defective diskettes. A
dren. Visit them at U;=-.. .: . . .l!!!~~!!!!~~ even instructions A customer called few days later a letter
http://web.canlink ~ on how to be- Compaq to say his new arrived along with photo-
.comlocrtlocrt_hp.htm. About temples, and more come a Hindu. computer didn't work. copies of the floppies.


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