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The New Stagecraft Company presents The Women of Trachis by Sophocles with Ellen Lanese Production Design by Jennifer Long Directed by Daniel P. Quinn A note from the director. .. The Women of Trachis is a tragedy focusing on the love and longing of Deianira for her absent husband Heracles. In Deianira’s desire to secure the return of her husband, she brings ruin and death upon herself and their household. Rarely performed, Trachis is an unjustly neglected work. The choice of presenting the play for solo performer was influenced in part by my recollections of Euripides The Bacchae in productions by Peter Arnott and Luca Ronconi. Arnott utilized marionettes to physicalize the characters but he himself was the only live presence visible above the proscenium arch of his miniature puppet stage. Ronconi manipulated performance space (rooms, hallways, a lecture hall) to encompass the course of the tragedy as Marisa Fabbri executed all of the parts amidst light and shadow. Our “woman” of Trachis is a further journey along the same road. The Women of Trachis in the Michael Jameson translation edited by David Grene and Richard Lattimore, presented by arrangement with The University of Chicago Press.