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Normally when we judge a horoscope, we prefer to follow
the Vimshottari system and also include the Gochara (Transit).
We judge the lord of the dasa, and consider him to be either
favourable or not,

a. by the house it occupies.

b. By its lordship,

c. By its nature and

d. By the planets conjoined with or aspecting the dasa lord.

Further to find out to which extend a planet is capable of

bringing out the result is estimated according to Sadbala or as per
Astagavargha. In practice, it is found that the dasa lord offers certain

nature of results in its period which is not indicated by its nature,

lordship or occupation in a sign or house. For example, a person
born in the Ascendant libra(Thulam) having Mars in the
constellation Jyesta in Scorpio in its own sign, a fixed one has
given an opportunity to leave his kith and kin, get separated from
his family, go overseas, learn how to manufacture press ink and
return. Mars, as lord of 2, in the ZIII house itself has to allow him
being a fixed sign, to stay in his own place. As it is neither in 9 nor
in the movable, watery sign, or in 12, normally one cannot expect
overseas Jou,ney during Mars Oasa.. But if one finds out in which
constellation Mars was dAd then read out the matters signified by
the lord of the constellation by its lordship, then the other results
enjoyed by him, will agree with the indication of the lord of the
constellation to that particular lagna born . Mercury is the lord of
Jyesta; it owns the houses 9 and 12 indicating overSt:as. Mars in
Mercury star shows press, writing, printing, etc., and in a watery
sign indicates ink and the results do agree in full.