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20 Ashington Street
Brisbane QLD 4101
(07) 3846 7921
0433 022 288

___________________ Career Profile ____________________

• A multi-skilled, reliable, hardworking machinist with a record of excellent quality, safety and
• Able to follow procedures and to perform duties unsupervised.
• An excellent team player.
• Carry out daily safety checks on machinery and maintain very good housekeeping.
• Very good at troubleshooting to achieve target production levels.
• Carry out regular preventive maintenance duties.

___________________ Education _______________________

• First Impression Resources Retail College – Certificate II in Retail

___________________ Career Summary __________________

Pacific Brands/CTE 2007 – July 2009

CTE is a part of Pacific Brands and produces a broad range of industrial workwear.

Machinist Operator

• Operate Industrial sewing machine to produce quality garments including safety garments and
government uniforms
• Ensure the quality of work is accurate and complies with company specifications while
maintaining a high level of production efficiency
• Recognised as a reliable hard worker with an excellent attendance record
• Work well under tight deadlines and often exceed production quote receiving regular bonus
payments for above average production figures

• Work as a team to achieve production standards.

• Troubleshoot to minimize “down time”.
• Flexibility to adapt to changes on factory floor.
• Follow procedures and able to perform duties unsupervised

Kia Tang 1 Private & Confidential

__________________ Technical Skills __________________
• Assemble and maintain Industrial Sewing Machine
• Aware of OH&S practices
• Can follow specifications to sew a wide range of garments

______________________ Interests ______________________

Shopping and reading

______________________ Referees ______________________

Available upon request

Kia Tang 2 Private & Confidential