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To: [Employee e-mail address]

Cc: [Supervisor e-mail address]

Subject: Expense Report Errors
Dear [Title] [First name] [Last name]:
When reviewing expense reports and awarding disbursements, it is important for us to be
extremely thorough and to communicate effectively regarding any problems that arise. You are
receiving this e-mail because the following error(s) can be found in your expense report
Our records indicate that your expense report was submitted more than 14 days after
the date of expenditure. According to the first guideline in our Expense Report
Guidelines, expenses are only eligible for reimbursement if they are submitted within 14
days of the date of expenditure.
Your submitted expense amount of [expense amount] exceeds the meal per diem rate
for [city]. Expenses in [city] may not be reimbursed if they exceed [per diem rate]. This
rate has been determined based on U.S. government per diem rates. According to the
fourth guideline in our Expense Report Guidelines, we cannot reimburse you for this
expense at this time.
You have submitted a client gift expense for reimbursement. Unfortunately, since
employees are not authorized to be involved in the gift giving process, gift items are not
eligible for reimbursement. This is in accordance with the sixth guideline in our Expense
Report Guidelines.
Our records indicate that you spent more than $25.00 in [city] without submitting a
receipt. Please note that receipts are required for all domestic purchases exceeding
$25.00, according to the seventh guideline in our Expense Report Guidelines.
Unfortunately you may not be reimbursed for this expense without a receipt.
We apologize for our inability to reimburse you at this time. Attached you will find a copy of our
Expense Report Guidelines, as well as the Hotel Reimbursement Rates and Per Diem Rates.
Please refer to these documents for further clarification regarding your errors. We also encourage
you to reference these when traveling in the future. We know that business travel can be taxing,
and thus you may have overlooked the guidelines. However, we trust you understand that given
todays competitive market it is important for us to exercise caution regarding any and all
disbursements that we award.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please feel free to contact your
supervisor at any time. Thank you for your attention.