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2402 Sennott Square

Pittsburgh, PA 15260
January 5, 2014
T.J. Wilkins
Regional Manager
BusComm Consulting
2416 Sennott Square
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

BusComm Consulting

Dear T.J. Wilkins:

I am writing to submit my qualifications to be considered for the position of Regional Manager.
This has been a professional goal of mine for some time now, as I have admired the various
facets of this position from within the organization for several years.
After reviewing the corporate job description, I am confident I would make a strong candidate
for this position. My education has provided me with strong business acumen that would serve
me well as a Regional Manager. My resume, which is enclosed, reflects this background and
depicts a plethora of skills and experiences that would match the requirements of this position.
Some of the key competencies I possess and would bring to this job include:
Interpersonal Communication As a Territory Manager, I understand how to relate to the
Client Relationship Managers whom I oversee, as we regularly work together to meet
client needs. I feel that since I have experienced the position firsthand, I could also relate
effectively to Territory Managers if given the opportunity to supervise them.
Written and Presentational Skills My work as a Territory Manager has provided me
with many opportunities to communicate through memos, letters, agendas, and e-mails. I
have also led presentations for our companys senior management team.
Strategic Analysis I have developed appropriate strategies and selection processes with
which to evaluate outside vendors on various occasions. This has strengthened my
analytical skills and would allow me to strategize effectively during future projects.
I believe these experiences make me a worthy candidate of this position.
In order to more extensively demonstrate my qualifications, I would be grateful for the
opportunity to interview with you. I will contact you in your office next week to discuss this
possibility. Thank you for your time and attention, and I look forward to speaking with you.
Emily Dvorchak
Territory Manager
BusComm Consulting
(412) 664 3352