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Course Outline

MIS 409: Decision Support System (DSS)

Course Teacher:

Ashis Talukder
Assistant Professor, MIS, DU
1. Decision Support & Business Intelligence Systems (9th Ed), PEARSON
Education by Efraim Turban, Ramesh Sharda, Dursun Delen

Lecture 1

Class Orientation
Course Introduction, Student introduction
Statement of Book,
Statement of Course outline

Lecture 2
Chapter 1: Decision Support System and Business Intelligence

Lecture 3
Chapter 2: Decision Making, Systems, Modeling, and Support

Lecture 4
Chapter 3: Decision Support Systems Concept, Methodologies, and Techniques

Lecture 5
Chapter 4: Modeling and Analysis

Lecture 6

MID Term 1

Lecture 7
Chapter 5: Data Mining for Business Intelligence

Lecture 8
Chapter 6: Artificial Neural Network for Data Mining

Assignment of Individual Term Paper

Lecture 9
Chapter 7: Text & Web Mining
Chapter 8: Data Warehousing

Lecture 11

Mid Term Exam 2

Lecture 12
Chapter 12: Artificial Intelligence & Expert System
Chapter 13: Advanced Intelligent System: Case Based Reasoning, Genetic Algorithm,
Intelligent Agent.

Lecture 13

Individual Case Presentation

Lecture 14

Individual Case Presentation

Lecturer 15
Review for final Examination