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Oven (erect 988, ‘eve Ugur th bok Stace eer Comets GW. ‘Onces td .D. Chel aterworts Hees 189), Canoe ste of Soa fer gue fom he bk Sts Deg nS ‘Seay Skoda Bion oe gree ‘Son tbh Src Se! sign by 1 Bowkes (BBD, Sel. Conerete, nd Compose Desi of Tl ular by BS. Tata and Handbook of ‘Stace! Comet Deng and Det by A. Tao (1958) ato tn eat edn Stier ating pslon seguro the nda coe 8 #00 207, and 5 B73 Ca): 1987. ar [lft Pt, Nap frig the ewe fr hook, Tel oan 1 ve who nd enh preprn oi ook os a rm T nu thew tank eS Seettarantn, Depety Diet ‘Seas Enporing Reach Cente SEC) Mas fer win he chupes ‘nos en Pi GD: DS. Runa Meth oe Dept Dieta ‘Siena Dene RAD), Seer Bopaing Cotes, fo rvewing and Sra etn nie clon age PC Gant gig ough ‘Sate mente nd ef omnes, MAM, Bat fre ps ‘cing uth us nt chen Pt es id Gantry Gis Me ‘har ong poblen in Chap: DS. Ralnan and Ms Redes tet belpstnng Dy Ar yadda Dr Sista ed MS ‘Sta fortes naa Ms, Marg or repos “ys and dng ots in Chap 1 a shag hy wend in my ‘comizon, Ting in ny dty 1 do tke the ip and asia ea en Cin alt ls ook wing poke Lay [Setvidge ie actentoope conan provid y heer tea oxtod Univesty Pes De, Sabramanian a a Acknowledgements Te fllowng exacts ve bon ech fot ad Sf 8 80 2007 and 1 875 Cat 3): 1987 th eran fm te Boe Tag, ‘Sonn, New Bah 1S Cade Neier 1 90:00 Parts of mater repre tn fom Sen 610, 3a 16 Bees 287 a3 Yer 231,21, 23,2629, al 2 Wes 1,15 blr} ands 1478 Pan3): 1987 Town’ our dom Contents ne Fonend 7 Proce vit ‘Acknowledgements Uefa aa 1. Mater, Steuctare, pd Speiestons 1 Maligg$"lon an Sic in inca” Metgy of Sed 13" Alyy lnestin Stel 18| ChenicelComponton of Set 20 "ypeot Suc Seat 27 Mechta Propet f Ses! 22 Reval Stes 40" Sts Corentton 43 Cad Werk sd Sain lansing 43" Seca Sel Prd 44” Col formed Stl Secon 5 Highspfomunc Sel 93 Stine Stel 8. “Advantpes of Semen Since 9 yposor Sel Siete 65 "Alani Alle 72, Fatreton ad Beton 74 ests of Sel Suseues 78, Coopoce Concion 78 Senna 79 esew ution 2 The Ds of Struc Design 2 DesigeCooieraons 82" Stops Inada Contacton 9 Rel and Response ofthe Designer, Status Syaens6@ Sturt! 104" ‘Arsiyis an Design 108. Codes a Spcfeations 106. Desig ‘esos 105 Lim Sina Mtn LSM) 18 Pa Cea Set 128" Smmary 128 Review Quaston 130, 5. Landing an Lond Combinations ma Iaodtion 137 Chaacete Actes (Loud) 132 Dead Lowls 133 pec Loads 138 Tempers ics 19 pct on S rese 152 Beton oul /53"AecdemalLose 59" Other Lea 94 Nata sshnks Fee 83” Decnition of Wind owls ose 13 a9) 209 "PanLoncing231- Load Cabo 230 Exons 238" ‘my 260 Bure 261 Review Qutons26¢ of Atay 269 ‘ni Asiyie270. baking (tion tens 281" rater Psi Anais 308. Secon-Orbx [case Amayees 209 Pra Ost-oPiane Advanced Analysis 379 ‘Soumary 20 Bus 327 Rese Quen 321 oted Camco Py Invoticon 134” Rite ad Reed Comecos 328, Bole Commins {Bo Dehlne offen 32 Daun Stet Orta Black Bls Js Devin Sng of High Sength Fin Grp Bots 254 Pin ‘Connon 160 Sine Comes 32 Moret Resi Cineton, ‘S74 Hem Deam meectons88Bevnané Cola i290 Se git Comesins 995" Paige 395 Examples 35 Smary {31 Bute 437 Reiew Quins 433 Welded Conectne Po Invofacton 437 "Welding Picestes 498. Welding Bletodes 448 [sven o Weng 444 Types ol Prperis ef Wes 437 Types of Jeecth OuucttShinsagenm Darton 45, Weld Symbol? Wels Spactinise seine el Wee 473,Deinof Wee¢7. Single SG)" Morse Rein Comecton0 Conenca Bee--Clum ‘Coonrtans 300" Continuous Beam Ben Coenectons 08 Bea ‘Sten psc 309° Tublr Comet 70. Recent Detlopmets tm CConvecine Design 514” Appcaton of Aibsies 518 Examples $20 ‘Simmary $48" tons 48" Review Qin 351 7 sign of Tso Members st Inmtctin 337 Types of Taka Meer S55, Dei f Stands 35° Stodene Kno $22, Daplconnt of Tens Memers 360 Bavior titowiceMenbu36] MotestFates Fr Afoetng he Seengh {i Tenoon Members 356" ngs Under Teson 372 Othe Sesion 978 ensoenhs DesgnofaTeson Mente 60 Lag ANBesS8Spleze 550 Gunes SEP Tague ete SES Axamples 989" Summary 02 rewite 602 Rese Quen 6 Inindncin Pais 402” Coneal Requests xP Desig 13, Pa ings Cont 616. Pascale Lan! 617 Contes of Pai Amps 018 Thereof Pate Colle 619 Mets of Pate ‘tl eaes62 Ete Al an Sarco Piste Ment oy (21 Spel Censieratons 21 Lael Boeing of Par 638. Coss ‘rump 30 Summary 6" ieee 676 Rew Qin 68 | (Cia Loud) Anas 266 Sarees of Nowy 286 Joint ond 9. Dosen of Compression Menbers Pt Inns £80" Consracnn ete GS, Fosble Fite Mocs 688 Ghssican of Cow Sting Bebacou of Canresion ene. 690 htc Basing of SkenicConprenica Memb (2 Bebvca of Rent ‘Conn Ser 695. essa of Mui Cla Caves 705 Secon wsed for Compresion Members 721 festive Length of Conpresin Mente 776, Fes Toseral cling738 Cols wis NoAcsatSymmtny 4D. 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Mat Sar Wall (STS) 984 semper $20 Somnary 109" Bers 1010" Review Questo 113 12 Ganty Glders 6 Pa ors Lomtng Cosine 119 Maximum Lot Es TAS en te TS Seton Gy eT Desi at Review Quen 1082 12, DesignofHeamcolamas 10s Mote tncrocen between Beneoluma on Srcre 1058 ceria Losting 0% aan tons fr Lol Capt Check 1076 Cate esgnreeles1077 Deyn of Beane 08 see columns Sebi w Ten and Bending 089 ‘Cane Clu Td ovgof Berl Lond aie Pas 1086 Buanpes 1038 omy 1123" Bares 128. Reo Orion 128 14. Design of nda Bilngs losacatt? Inwodueton 129° Seen of Rooting and Wall Masia 140 Secon ot 247 Plane Tewsses 148 Floor Pistes 1171 Bnd Beatngs 1172," Desgn fStabsox Gade 173° Bronpts 1172 Samay 1193" Reve scene In95" are 1196 Suggested Renin, 1198 10 ‘Additonal Topics x CD 15, Corson rotction of Stel Sutures ssicisae Inodocton« Cortsie of Stel Corsi poteston Nethede + ,Aimosphce-Consion Resistant Stole» Coraion Allononce + Simm» Review Quer 16 Mews Design rertaia Intodscton Fe Resa s Design Caries und Fee Mado hae ‘ngnerng DesignProbees «Pe Engine Design Seat sees {aesoa Apron «Cutan of Tenet Rie Se Meso Meshal Popes Ses loved empernes. eestor, Lining Tenpcate + PaiePotstine orSelvrk. Bose, S's FiePeromun Asesret= Exo» Sumy sone ses Questo 17 Pagers een muse lamin air cg Roe Li» Diet Anant Ene Aaa» apenas Suc hoo ene Act Ve Ses Rages Goses es ‘etn Sei Fate hse: Une Gana kee ning rane «fing Sears nestcny 2 one 1 Dag fr Tn tems Inno Tesomitongn Pcie Donat Ment ‘Rion er Cone wre Henge hese 4 Deon of Ti Sd hse Tra ee eset Toe! Bsn. ie Boome ‘e Summary ¢ Brerises «Review Questions ve ‘A Propertiet ofStrctra Sel Sections 4 Load ae to onan Properties Se . ending Moment, Shor Fore, and Deftones Camper Programs EComerson ire Retrnses tice gue: ALAA ACLACS “ADA-ADAG Rake fo _ List. of Symbols | ro ot tn i | 2 eth gm meetin | tat eounery chants in SPSW | iS sama wor of ae ol arte Sea | Soa | Ay. ares of diagonal member tt Siveeternaeecete | actstans tora ue ae |, Secu enn eet | enced ws to | oat TA hana wee oth | oe ernst ten nyt soo in of sting ‘mat wit he ge ‘oomina wea) of ab se se ofa seats ecompamentin fe 1 cane of te tole eo of he tele pedir toe ine of Toe (oc esi) se pat scone eso ‘cma of thot te tea Ingle pee olin of oe (eckar ta) late ie rites ek Shea i) eee secon ei hear ‘Bhogitine orrenaniadtnce ek Shea fu) ‘Wo window ts eletve area af 1 ger on ante aeton of The ahb eben the ete om pak Sen ee we ag B eniottige sts eth coterie 7 teagea ene fn ene bee ton bx tees Fei ot tg be eet tne 2 eit ee ae fafa bance tie en ish t, “etter ee Sheeler sth sect ee he ote Scoot pitta a Recreate soe a ele Sista foes ‘Sonate see St le net ee 6,.Sene en ae wor crete toe ane & act cm Cel erzetl and for eae Gy. coefficient of thermal expeasion: Seca net he , Sant coe cone © cosotntconsieg 8 ee aaa Sree cine in eee Te tee Ft etal date Heche bee regenpiaere sear ance paige amu ing tgs toes eeiiaeae é Some $ Sree te sn eres Penta ¢ eee | Se a eo Dateerte FE ety Serena noeae Sea oy tant Ty tte crate yds etn md E earaget tc eo ath auf Set sce sgt en ag FS numa bl peenion Fang rng finer 1 steer oe 1, “Gals of ti Chine cong nt Flere en oie tt a erin Trang ind egies fig eal noma sess ang fo the ‘ti eter, sil ste, ‘rey over aing FGA panel sess ating ‘ies may prendisaSctoos Jr are ape 4 abate ens ening saa being ste nce Ja design toaig compressive sess ‘ar bending sess in eso at ‘eee ond Jr cogs sil onesies fof a scing stse o ‘x pe Ener’ behing stk = Pace? 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Inmostcns mentors of ete wel ig eon Hen el as aan ocigh srg tt mus ao be sual or welds For 0d oe anne 20 Dein fren ‘ety el shoul show hgh bad awed pss, bt hold ve "owt logins teh use even te fs fed neat tonveld.Snesnlabiiybafoedy thks and news af ayng lees evan th ring ett batho tee pose “Aor fr in wey ith ero eq, Cy of he chee cones ina The male tr th eli Theoon ifet ny eclcled yon eptn och wa shown bow in wich {ch symbol fest he proportion af weight of Ct pric element in een (1S 02159, CoM, (CreMo yy, ove co here Ise, Ma manne, Cris, Mo imbbdenun, Vi iste sels edo hve ih xan galt. Wen the bon pont seed an nt (y= 030-043), los eles ompese bythe eng er poten fh eld ae. Hove th fats contest 0.12% tm Cy cn be ed up 45% 1.6 Chemical Composiion of Stet Seven vais of stl we diced aa. The Brean of Idan Stans (Gis) css act stl inn fran eteprn ted o he ent Yield rengh ofthe bse tril ed tte eI 798). Ty oe Id eng ih he pie de of pie ed by I ae 1. Sil fr ibn np {ap 19305 10a 3 Sel feraticeoomne 386 2098 Weng 1395, 816819, 10941251, 158 ‘Toe chemical composts of ome ypc ses pied by the Brea of bearers 197 (rca rina ewe) ai 18450 ein {nd high songs ey) A espe 9 be chemin! competion: of al Heels of frat grades a ven i nteanionl sanders is shows in Mars Sacto Setentins 24 ‘ste 1.7 Chri eanpstos fn percentage eome el struct preheat Oops “GC me Pw st (se) (om) mc) fe) ome) Feds ra Fe gs "ie Semi el oni e123) Coextua ronan? = phan Soa: Ta ea (ent) a) ana) aan Table Th wip restos ele as deg astacre ‘sing fence of pce. 1.7 Types of Svuctual Stee! ‘The satu devgnar is ow in pont set sre pti ‘ppl on he olloving pe tao ‘carbon steel (S 2062) Caton and manger a the main aregterng ‘hms Tepid nium sel engl fr tan scl vat Homatou 306480 Mand elses nium ye eng om about 23010 30 MPa (ee Table of 1 00: 2007, oh srr carton ste As dase ey, nl ha igh ton ‘cotta ees hws ered duty gh, aed Welly This al ‘epcta rst xh anion ier sn iowa te, we ‘aie lteter ied bling Such eave peste imate ‘eet rngig om aoa 0-550 My, nd ino ld enh 22 Desig ft Src alu: n-th rset (1 6500) Shs a ao (Cor cn bt aioe tp stengh do oe non fs cho ‘bbs ord, ant oul mayne ewes resid 0 Tetra 25%) Sich elon vpecte natal sen ng Fo ‘i010 9 Mans moun yl segs 30-498 Me i-srngh aveched a teered stale (S 2003) Tho sds et Inutdtodosophighengh Hughey metp ei yee ‘esa wg eonges Ty hve sete inosine sags and 950 sands nn ye eng beta 0d 70 MP Wear sels These ae wale stage comosin rest ee, Ich sor sh epi (os Soon 85 deo es ee) iy ae oon re gh of tt 80 MPa ands elt rng sour 390 ‘Stiles sls These we cry orn es wih ini of 105 (rem 209 chron nd OSD el ee, Meal at stil late even Soo 3. Freesat tals Aso cle emometaalymetd they ean ethno or Me eta oaths et ae ie Scarier 1.8 Mechanical Properties of Steel, ‘Themes ropries of tel depend po he lowing (@) ebm emporio, (0) sling mated {© roll hikes, (@) bat wot {© session “Toe nar chil pret offs ae inate seat (i called ice sent yell ses called po Hr), ty, wal, tough, comin etc, machin. "Tce fn ropes tte wih te ton of el ettace aera fre dy fhe teri. 1.81 Utne Strength or Testo Stent Unite stent wiih inna pie inate eiestongh (UTS) sie ees wos fl otal roma alle eston tandem, {gly led coon, A ples specimen a pr 181E06 isbn ip 110. teirtes the props eh, andthe el reset ae ya nor preter The disenion the sine eal ‘tte occrswitin the despa eps ph ost opens ae ey erin Sec amt Spefeaions 38 Fra 140 Stand ete pine a pS 108 uct spell patio he aber which te ese tenth ‘eid The til age engi ake 565] 4) Inte coef spesian ‘nihavicnglac coe ction ve tnes the meter nto eu “Tnctoponlefiae¢tenengmeting with speifeddsenees betesn te pp and etl wer ein tein The ands we apie weg he tecded en Apes sti cre of ia asd hghstengh sel [etic nally ering ened ata in i L10) {the veee-sin cu ofl eoepeinen stow Pig (6, "Teun tne regi he highest ates which asl specie fue Eaton ive by ait ee od ‘Sigler fess esion wo “etme ese stg or scald he engin tina tnale tess i diferente co sul inate ess. 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The Sel cbs one wnt Incr ge, Tat sie endeavor ape rely ‘nung tf he sae betas coasted wt he ‘Ted aes he coercing yl nin = Boo ist, a tows tly tou ty ene nee ai renin Sia tec Te plete range oly eonsseble on 008 fe The duty of oe The ares cess hoe he eld ses when hein ‘toon’ si yr snen ual tele esse sree. Ax ese carer ths tap, pl reductions the ces eon oe and the lond cigs door ut eae ure espace "theyll sin nil sel oh cde of 000125 0 0.125% Depending th tel dynes Dvn 4d [3 The verge ale | {Ogi tken styl pit of rca sf The alu 8 en 0 Tose tet g 210.25 mm. Theil slp oft eben Pa tie ied hte harden modu Ey Ets step elo ar with dy/-bomatypely bewees 30 and 100 (Alston 1979) The ein ade tage bcos eis, a one ofthe ‘ching tintin cnscrotiry dvdt pretaebosting even tis se teyond one of sn barn "ing sot second by an arp dere a ad shown i gi whch ea nr ewer epi The pr pit Ga) iene by he shape te tet pine nl by te sing tine (eecantesmncine empl spprseThelowr yd ott ach it ad ele he a ras Smt ont Spoons 21 es seve a canis oe me eens, Te set-in came SOSRENE Tito yp oweaton (uh ste Now tat te uppers rates me yal gins else wih ese nape ofeding ta ToS ipa eet tte ie foenonnal stor el age fom ban Rae ens inm-eny wet bem ee Yl polter ‘eacginaes sete trate be dint Stein compressa Face wesc clnlyminensan. 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Desig of Stet Srucnres Bole Comections 397 mu hicknes design, B= m1/2~ (002) x 6772 = 5025 kN, = (f(aascsnns <1 50x50) or prying Fores fon the eae Hine ofthe bot othe point where prying force ats bs 24.28 mm, say 25 mm, 1 = Ln Bfay 1125 (@XIVIASD, =35 wm of ado te 424 ot = 197 sept ja om Pring fe = A, = 502515 = 143.61 ok oed= 302+ 14346293 N Shy = 5 049 7918 Nm 3 ee ie join iste 4 rommecrnans sa foe a er (5.12) Bx 40{(150 2 15% 0.560 x 150 x 404y(27 40x 67) DESTSLS0 133] = 14.24 KN = 53.3 kN he oat i sate its observed that an endplate thickness of 0 mm sree ovoid the of significant prying frees nthe bos, Note ta th end em in Hiave calenlatiew ia act serait: Tt will he email entv when the thickeeas of the, Soluien Minato Toney [diner weld beoran Ate hoger ea) Ble Ook HS Col fh 2f He monn, HR. dish Cee ej de bt hte DRAB otha dilerveled Le (22/3) Hte-9-o eT me We eee BAF Seon secu0y amp ‘sopSue wa-g ony pur yHsn8 unU-g puree rq KOU, Pies eqoop uw syoq aa, 951g wr wage so Ko Jo tameaBumn 24 eyes. aN O18 seam fy 7 029 sf pagndas 09 Loupe apoi8 9 aouerp-tag fo naan sayy oye ony 49 won w PHN O4s eg EN? pao uo 4405 Jo p02} een mow wo Ese 1 8H 0 404 SM SLX $b YS eu a fo E09 em fo won Yr ee 1 (E9017 Sr) = KOuILO mH eer: unhiso= yt ad am oes : 237 8 ofa sue ENA 009 <1 SBE = 01 02% S01 x O52 51 = Ada Buon N009 = 2020) tao ‘eos UF a8 DF ep 200 NONE < NY Sel — ALON DGS “mont gy 01 Jo 4 a Beat SH 01% 9082 > 050 910 =a m0 oad ays N00 = xd gg 2g ys OK rd saounep nae gg # apc Soy) BSL WL = llOSZX2)401 x 00081 x EF 12] = uIP HEE =P aa 0008 SNOT 401 + 0%) x 0 = Wa (= tana) N96 -og p08 9 sunsso pun ogy ote 3 904 fo "fa, 9 fo koe up ao od 99 1 09 sera ae pong abu popoauay 22 une pnyr eg» fo Sm 24r, 6 Od atom Fupnog anaoyy NA OOeE = 009% =a R009 = 01 00x 021 052 = a ml ary yor dq pops de) omnes or Oe | a0 tho 66e. oroney one omens ns fo dua 96g 40. Design of tel Sraces ated Connections 404 ‘pacing of Mammen Ba atengih singe er 1 fa 4 Orginal og f he pate one = rhe, 7 iieney (97085) 00 ~ 409% Fo. 800 Tis, he oof ot with lage ameter sigh creases the ec Example 5.6 Calc the eficteny of isa double ole ap jon as in Fig. 539, Assume Fe 410 grode plate and grade 4.6 bol of daneter 3 ‘nd 8m hk plate. of 20-nm-iametr bot in double shes (om Table $9) 245.32 = 9061N os of the cover ple > SU 518 X6~ 3.75 mm jt Hefore, provide 4-mm thick cover plates. in 5 ices tobe considered in the eaeaaton the hsknes ofthe main 4-Ti! ¢ . tthe sum of the cover plates, whichever is less. Hence, tit 3 : 53 20%.6 x A012 1000) = 96 EN AKG s .qe0 2) 365 4100125 1000) 4 A = 673KN gas : By wet fh pate neigh ia, Hence, Fett = ESrstof joint = 6731 - - Bsecrath ofthe solid pate pr pitch length (0.9 60634 0\(1.25 x L000) " 2 . te = 106.3 KN Fo. 850 Pit tceny = (6131063) x 100= 633% ston Porat anon opin seer Pj doing oe pte if om ns tng ho {3 inwngens tam ae 2. 13 4190.25%100= 0 lll ming oer late of om un, dan 2-2.uho hs one bolt toe, but pate ers long 2-2, the bol lin -1 a ‘with it Hence, the reitnce of plate fearing long 2-2 ~ Strength of th section of pate 2-2 plus one bolt strength esx ol hoe in aro NA TRL = (LVS 14eL) Hoa 90 Yo AuedeD aHAL ‘vos 10 00 f poy» pe soy awww w 09 28 ats emu gg fo 28248 Sumo saya med W'S OE oa) at nv pond yo pou Koo yoy ae mpeg 30049 9 aT Hs 295-4 w wmogs se sysmpans-9 505409 201 ops ene r= 906 IRE =o Jo nq poxRbg O1>9$0= $c0-rS0C0= fO3HEEED + LESH a N1906 eq Jog 15 (UPD + AAA) . "DO . ‘(oc's) ib 308 4 091 = (0001 * SZ"T(OO» X OF x 07 x $°2) = Hg 9q JO MBUaHS HUET $21 9199 = (6's age wo) worsuan cans NAW06= ESP x2 = 109 9m J0 yuan aK 2G one sg) gs 9 IONS 001 x Se OIF x01 x (@e~2— SUD) 60 Sees (oa 9 09 om Sansui we ed ute 4 agg ayaa} oq, thu ge sg 8 3anny es 0 mp pean, $29 = 01x (8) = at 082 ORL Nawoee: Na ost «7 x52 =" monodi0o s My swoduos vo ‘ores: ‘neo umeycow ou 0 09 90 aubuy 04 OzpU Bs pec Ph Pa) mow oF $21 Se ons ouu0> o m0! amg waiaC BG ee o's Sig os oma Susp G0 moump ung yosyog om wursppe aproig ats, dapuon st uu gs =02 5% > ws yz LE = (ee dosoe = at x59 (0001 x Se Dots x01 x ze) x60 sO'9t Sugar ur an 130 | GoUBUANE a oY Rape NILSIEDT = 6 1837 = KD, GeugogsornsuDAS "0x Om) a 040} 05 1B pao 19 = pe 18900 ~8}0q 0 -9quME psa NU H8'18 = ERE YOR oo (000 x Se Door OF 02% $2)» Hoag wHAS oR NAPS 18 =6'0 9106 = se BS oq, x81 ‘ots gud eBay wp x98 0 op suon22s as) amano pH Ina Jos ys 04s Busy 25h 20 570} 97 PU sO fc myn 0. Sy an eouaitef fo oonbapo ar auucatc OVS 8 tooo =a mona ms a LOY 4 Design fet Srucaree old Comecions 408 ‘Note that ifthe connection is only requ fo fnction as noi wer Joads, the ineraton equation has to he checked at servic age a lowe ‘Tensile load per lsd (assuming lad factor of 15) = 4003 x 6) = 444 Shear load pe bolt = 3001.5 6)= 3833 2N Thus, at service oad, (03.33152.67 + (44481419 = 0402+ 0.100 = 0,502 1.00 Baa of 7p = 455.32 Ne mck higher tan he spi renton of350 kN Pence thre wil not be any block shear faire i his ase : Hsncl 518 Design a cmection afer jolt as shown i Fig, 5.65, sing Misbiack tof ropertyclas 4 Sand grade $10 see Assume hat themembers Dim are capable of ising he oad Hence the connection is safe, mH ape Esp 5 nS comet we dee \ £ row of bolts. Ifthe reaction is 350 RN and there are four 20-mm diameter ba 2 is through the web, asin Fig. 3.64, check f the secton i adoquate for Bock th D ° am ) = ‘ 12emir-sick web) Bass 56 aa a S S Ler innit Rr ae Daignstengh ete web = 250 Nan? . Me et ssegits, Net length of bear Tie = (3% 50+ 75) 3.822 148 mn Net length of tension face = 60 ~0.5 x22 = 49 my 2 (3% 50+ 78) = 2700 mm? 12 148 = 1796 mm? = (2700 2808 x 1.1) + 09x 410 x 588.25)1000 ~ 388.263 + 173.58 = 527.86 EN on eon the angles Ate mm thick gsc. The gun pt is aniched Damen Se ang time teow Fre tem tick propery clas 46 ot om Tele nox Feng in docs = 29.02" SRIN: hy = 403 +18) ~025= 089 eee enema $0.40 x 8 x SOIN(1.25 x 1000) = $0.1 KN Not a 4 2/3 St MoNSEUUED SHH Ni o0e < Nv zeuce (01 Se DIP «8% 95 HEI <= IEIO KORE ww 9st = 021 OCU = EA AARON EMNNTN, wu zt = o> gdb 00g Bae sagan oq a oF oq He ou Sir aon 1 92949 tu op = 905 = tH tam ss 7¢ = 91 x72 |mNNER ApS NADA] (eg wana ps0 990) $69 = 'SIOSE = NX OSE OR 0 somo pu 5 ano 30 ny uy wea Jo Soma pu au a $45 = (0) x LUT X00 = err ‘oa o2vt%0 pai 127 = Cstmn0t =syoqJ0 qu Famnbod a1 €5b = (6 aah, wos) says aa EN ur $1 = (002 9851) ey joo SPN ‘oa ocr Lay eso eH eum asf sc say 98 Davgn of el Sraces one, provide a seating angle of 150 75 x12 mm wit four M20 boa Provide atop lip angle of 6 60 6 with four MIG bolo rade 6a ay ‘nig 5.66, Examole 6.15 Design astifened sat angle fora reaction of 20K fom a of ISMB 400 wing M20 bolts of grade 46. The Beam hs tobe connected 200 column. Asie Fo 410 gro sel, Solution Length of bearing required a ot line of bean Rdg) = 80% 1000)(.9 2501.1) = 106 mm Assuming lence inlading tolerance of 10 mn, ‘Roque length of the outstanding lag ~ 106+ 10 = 116 Wid ofthe beam = {40 may 250 MPa) Provide ses angle of 130% 1308 mm of length 140-mmn connected to the be by twoM20 bos, Stier angle Select to anges IS (80> 808) = 1280 man? Length of eustanding log = 0 ~8~72 mm “Thickness ofthe angle = 8 mm Be Tah= 9 16 tae eso fie. 87121) Distance af end eaton tom colunn lange = 13072 = 65 na Provide 20-nim-damete rade 46 bots a pte o 5 sam, ‘Songth of olin single shea (rom Table $9) = 45,3 KN Swenath of bolt in beasing = 2.820583 400/28 x 1000) = 128 kN Hence Siength of bot = 45:3 ‘ ‘Lets provide ls in two rows wih pitch of $8 fae Fig. 5.67) = YieMT on [6x2 NSKIRBH ha ‘Provide five bots in each ow with an edge distance of 45 am. Depth of sifener angle= 4 $5" 2 x45 = 310 nm = 210-45 ~265 mm ‘The neutral ai es at 47 ~ 26877 = 3786 mn ‘Shear fre in each bolt= 250/10 =25 kN Beating wea required fr siffnar ange = (250 x 1000}(250V1.10) = Bota Comecons 40) Rornieom = “fea — ryt Ml =a0n) + enn eA) 250 « 108 x 65/2 26821) (171 14,136 10" Nn TINTS) = 14.136 10° x 227.14/197,717 8 = 16240 “ele tengh of -mm bolt (able $9) * 66.6N, paper lage 104.6 of 18 code, (Q5145.37 + (162416667 ~ 0.552 + 0.059 0.611 <10 Foe the connention is sae on Peco tp lip angi of 60606 ih fou MIG ol ada pking 8 shown in Fig 5.67 [plo sie 188% 160 8 mn a he : ection for a ISMB 400 beam, 0 [ae 8 Dino Dole web ana comecon fora SME 40 om (area reaction of HON due factored load. The conection tthe flange of een caso Don sage sh oa 1) = 526 a a eae a eas Giaeearar es STS a 3 NA TW'ST = (SL TSE * SHS (ZOD): fw 4 = fypuu2a3 yap yuo 0) 2110940 293} E46 MHOC om wg on 30 298) Pan moss nyc oon Non ton oa a ty Ss tu 9 30 gpa oquan vu 395 "HA HT UAOGS e098 fap, NA 9S = wins Hot co (o001 x setuar x02 8x S2= oq 2 2 ta § uo sous: SoG, (001 x se 1008 L0% Sr) 1x1 xB. oa bd aoaessas ds gpr9 = Rupaasy Bun wan op were.) “gps Huogaouuos a 9199, NA9CS> NA ELE = OE SLD = am gE WHS (0's a enon 9 po ep ‘ss unpaid 9S SNE ICI = (FLX gOS > HAN OL = (051 6901 OF. turn a0 got) uo seas gs pm eng um pc et = (951% $1 x 201% Opt) = rem a 3288 nae xyes 1 =92~ Ot = gai meg oF ad po BuneMND prom PA NFO] ‘as 0g} = 90> OST = 9apONR ua St = Spx 2+ 09 = 99 pu JO BT NAG = OPT = He 2n0p KS FANN NOC =[Gs01 +52 S01 08 > OF1 = ‘9 apes yo myoq oc oy aE 6'€ = ¢SHOP{ = 930 AquME pon Nate's = 1000 ANS e/g = N96 = (0001 52-000 9% 02% 52) = Spo oanp watt op 04 wo 99:0 2 EOL ‘ae po au wo oqo Gonde> Basa, sums 2 Ne = (6s age) ao ssw Hoa 9zAKIO Aono IHS J woporat 9 opm see 9 My np nyo Suto 530 et ass yom ye J 3 0 Stow eo =v 495 Mana goes oR de) W'F apeus fo snog OCH Pum (rapt OSC — {D 1o=Ke apoAB gry ay B5(y waumyCO SOP sero su re as 4 ppt ot soa oy egy as. uct gop es pao se er apo ° wan < IN OFOEE = p01 X 97,062 X 8 x OST TL = MZ = Kayan woMIO SN Snes fo¥e et = el pn Si ngs Jo 94 099 BapuNg PND Oe HBL J #06 % 96 VST HH Om 0 1 po eumnas 2a fw Bole Comectons 18 Example 6.18 Design a web se plate conection (eed to the column and 14 totod othe beam) for SMB 400 in Fe 410 grad ste and to carry a reaction a {140 AN, de factored loads. The connection is 1 the flange of an SSC 20 a a ‘olen . @ ] Eo tuo Solution ei. Connection to web of beam fo |=. ‘Anum M20 rade 88 bots and mm thick let pat a2 ‘Shear capacity of olin single shear = (245 x BoOy(1 25 x V3 x 1000) = 90.53 KN Bearing capacity of connected ply = (282049 > 4009.25 1000) = 142.40 &N "Note thats eS provisions, bearing capacity wil be greater than shear and ence is no possible to sgn the ol to fil by beating, Regie number of bots = 1490.53 = 1.55 f= \ Secon onxae fm aogem Provide tee M20 boli of ade 88, Web side plate tae fon Provide 100% 10mm pie, 300-1 ong, wih bolt tine 60 mm fom thee) alee the column, Mast a 6.70 Richard ta (1982) have found from expvimeats hat some eens x ped atthe conection ad should be recounted fo in the design ofthe pte nits pons. Tey suggested tht fr beans with wiry dssibated he ecentrety owl he called by using the formula B= nh) sk is the eccentricity as measured fom the bolt neo he pint ofinlction Check or econiety effcs due tothe oil of beam web Minimum hikes = (5 reaction) x dept of pat) = (8 140 100091250300) =9.33 < 10mm, ‘ence the chosen thickness ie ine. ‘Moment the face of cola die tothe event of load ~ 140360 = $400. Monten that coud be developed by bolts = (2x 90.5 x 10097100 ~ 18,100 im Design fora moment of 18,100 Nm a ‘Moment expat of plate 12% 2801.1) x (10% 3006) x 10 = 40,909 Nem > 18,100 Nn, ence safe festive length of 6mm filet weld ~ 300-236 = 288 mm orzo shear athe end of weld eto moment (18,100 6)(2 «2884 = 0655 kN ‘Vestal shea 14(2 288) ~ 0.263 Nim Reset shear= Y(OESH FOIA) ~ 0.699 Nim Approximate minimum weld sie fo det eam, ands the depth ofthe beam. The est esuls li rbot pitch upto 180 mm (fer eoncentted he eccentricity coticient ae svalabl in Richard tl (1980) or may be from te point of nection ofthe beading momeat (BM) digzam) F> Assuming a spun of bea ~ 6m, B= (3x 200 600/354 400) = 23.44 ram ce, te moment ating on the weld ine ‘M= 140234 +60) = 1,682 Nin < 18,100 Nin (assumed in th calslitons) oe {5.49 Given the Braker connection shown in Fig 5.71. Wh 2mm shay ininy ose MB ont grade 46 bots and plate of Fe 410 see's the bolt pater and plate ‘The trees sstng ont sae shown nF 571, om eis ey "iS weil svoe and chile ite a The sing fe on bo icmp os Ro [COT TRF YF = FHT = 57204N f= Sess inthe b= 5728 100095 ~ 1623 MPa < 185 Pa Cost fr pit ening Jo= 5124400242) 198.9 MPa 20 Mo Heck ‘Cs fr pose ein rp th pie lng the fr ei i Moment of erin = 12256 2% 9572-202» 23057 = 16483400 mnt Stn modus 216450 (770) = 2, 00? Bening amet tv n= 100% 150 15 0 nen Gy -Mz=150 012,500 123.2 Me 251 MP9 = 227 Cok pit ling b= (5072 = 125 29.3 (Tele 2 of 1 0) ‘Th the oi ident eel sho, pe eng tl Beng Example 6:20 Det th se of Blt ped 0 cannect he racket (pponing a eve ier th cl showy ni 572 eo108= 625mm BP-6xe2s= 245m! 82212478) =22500 mn? Be y)-45957 Sem e519+ 292-225 am 2, = [a somyass975 ~ 046%, y= 04626, ‘he foes tg onthe a alt sn he bilo Pan, Be = 1x = 000 i 420, Dusin of ee Sree Fsteasassay, "r= 20045 + 10651 +2311)-20 464 copay team Hangs = GA Conir pron f en pe sbove ap ange sun Os filet wel fang and an wie ot pe) Aopen tance = 5 Teen onthe nd ie pe = 1072 97 Tension cay of MO ox Cable S11) 241 Allows pig asd = U4 10851 (maar Ca SONS sxe PT AS] CxO 9) = 253 960 amd emp e e see eeaee Sie brcmioey daar ee Swot ea ie) «2668 Sie ert ae san ‘many obo 38 (eas ost 25H 0S 086-090 «10 "Testi thc ge oan “Soman tp tb deh a eal Sa ra obotetaceans ornebon Bea aapee ery i ase one ors epee cla «Bae 2 gcc ig MI eof rate SE Rl hr ee me Fe.s70 ich tt. (Se on fom expres ta some cece ie Aero t in oaecon ed ahold frat ssn the le elicit hey ath iy ‘po mnigeuy where i cee end um eo in the pi of aeon Tetiobeam fo ig 50] the rule ght ofthat fatto ish ep oft bay the eho he bea Theses [Eve shwnthat sma ro pap 1SDem foreoncenead ‘Goeth eerily cuir ar sabes Rut 1980) ey be ‘en fmt ono san of bending ment BM en "B= Gx 200 600 400) = 73.4. enc, mmet ing on he wel ie Me 4234 0) = 1682 < 18,00 (ann helm) nc sf rata 649 Ginn te Bact comets Pig $7. Mh 24a ‘Bamcer ode 46 olan plate of Fe 0c the fl pater and pte ‘so forth prea Ina Baring pe consonants he ‘She he ol ptr simi (inn pti rans) he iid ‘Proly lcd and acd 8 57 $16 Dorey Sutsncaves B= a +140) = 128000 Bey) 17000 ot 2.9250; 6° 380 mn “The mai ye fae in edie of as anal tho he oar of at pe Ry Vn (+ He) sf2t8 +9) = 200+ {2005 20 40> 3807017700) = 453 BN “Teenmini vectors nthe dann razon eae Blt Ryan hy Hep Bee +P) "at 00 250 4 S).0Y177.000=61.84N Rest vcr fe he bl te (BTVAF » 70600N Assuming in 2-4 bal, ses i alt o> 662% 100035327 Ma 15 BP oes, rove en Xen-merge 6 ol, aes sb, "fo M2 D6 = 1365 MPa 18 Pe Note Sons ede etic het ameter o 24m ‘peo he pte, ep buckling Te ef nee forthe role ‘Example 5:21 Pid he msn laa ned "other hi he ‘chet show n ig. 373 ean ranma 88 ol witha dws of 20m arse nd ple cnc oe Fs th Dee (0 Joe considrs hfe a fh jot same a no ot 28,8,% Fess Solaion ‘The re cm be reset it hana an vei open 24> Pogo" =0397 Pye Pino 086 ‘ol wit hare ems et hitb iy sing he faces ‘nario boli aul for shown Example 19) acento Sin dreson Bey) A+ SP) = 20000 mt y= OSSGHS «(D866 40) 0.57 109) 3020000] = 09142P 21, = 055 «(0845400 ~05 10) x 5420000] - 0841 Reset foc bot = POSTON = 2820 (eas cone ali jit Seog of 2b ean bo de fo Tae $7 eve = £3105 27010 = 16448 Bt seeegh 90.658 ‘gang alse th he mina face et Voters anes iN Pasnssn2n=n98iN (5 Siento rota of 2D mtb fn Tale 5.1 = 52.6 Teer ferent Ts, a a235iN oc tent pnp jot he ot eng apc of eB ‘ponp sree ty 425 (rom 72901 to 82.351 othe sae prac and ‘Siete of eo xara 622 Design rai cemeton one afore loa of HOLY shown nig. 338 418 Desig Sotuion Sot cmc te bck con fange me anja ig nome 130% 230 ~ 30000 tN ‘Proview rms ef le iw MID ride “Chrcty oon NAD ts sige sr Bl 5. ‘omy of aliens 86 ‘ta ich =2.55-20~50 my ep Sm Rogue unr of bt (CONFI = iG THERERAT] Aen ses a9 ows ee dts for x 20m Bol ie 38 Ade sosnm edge dsc. Hes, Depo ake pale =5.65 42340 408 ma btast0e 365mm Asus th st ati at 7 fa eto of omens hat 3697 = S214 “Tas, er ts ol he a ots we in eon, 39-268 40-5214 +1204 a 5218)4 (198-440-5214) Foto 0-2) + G25-+40~ 32.10) 2248286 # 1786 © RAG 24796431280) = iss wPnzinse's 1T8@ o1nse 2088-31280) Sais na? “ui eh itl at ~ 00 10" T2868 878 © 2407 Taal Stet fe hil alt= 12012 ~ 1048 Check (4597 (241666) = 0088+ 0130.61 <1 ine Nero tl nthe ie cane eed fe 605 ate lng 8-8 aero fe os 120x200 24.000 KN ‘hoe be wl be doble sea “Sep of M20 olin dnb bar 3062N Aig het fang on gus as 8m “Seep ofthe lt ewig 2520 8x 001.25 1000) Rie one, ‘Srenghof het = 50.68 ‘sone pie = 8m = Ni@RA iO TPH HIGGO) aioe ‘ove Gat pth of 5 ad edge stan of 4mm ‘Ste into = 1206 = 2058 td Comeons 19 “Tn nel = Sk 1ona028 +9738 1S) Tasin ewan fice inte t= (CSP SRIAD 4118-90688 eo he conmeton issn Bot aon C= - ‘Tore epi oan eens lo 1205 ‘estssing ive 2m dinmoes Dols witha ich 65 mm. = 200-2365 7010) i070 = 8400 en Shen bot = 1205» 2048 Fein b= MoD 0% 206+ 1804) Taxesin Renita se (GSAS HDA) = 382718 <9054N Hence omeston a. ‘amp 5:28 Dein te nd plate connection ec SB 300 ba Eas 200 canto anor wert foe sero 120 RV and Jr hoi ening momento 120 in, Use HSPG oof amet 20 ‘en The connestin a shown 5:75, Fa age a cn ea fn sero 20% (008 13.12) (P+ 2F) (00-11) taoxtoheaoxe 2k ohas or 122869 QFymB69) Bx 2A6-+68.44) Tne = 117560, {9 Dutt rae Pea hy= 04st psy of ea Han = 2280.) 140x107 4168301 ‘hii ely 626 oa ta F Hee he cometon i sf ‘Ba pat ad bots Const pro of ‘ig and 1m went ple) Data cot ine he he Fhe et weld Ado e tne = 50m ive hf ad pat or bl = 1892 50m “eas apna of 2D a (ables 11) = 1 AN ‘Alloway ba Q= 11 ~ 10531 = 36988 Monct thee be wil, 10451303649 50131038 ert capac of ops = (/L10KuT) ‘Tero, Te {fiSIOSID WLIO ASOITT = 16 man rt se» =0:7 x BOOED = 056 AN = Cy2y Pt AON] 190230) DNS 2515x056 90520407 5030) 1991)=2538 BN < 3649 EN assed) Foxes (os: p= fr ope oe aed =. for acted ad). (het for combined shea esi ‘Shetty of MB ot (oes ae 11) =52.6 488 ‘Shar peri = 12062 (2052657 + [0451 + 2536) = 0145 +846 «0995 = Im ion othe shove c,h wi connecting fg onl plat a team wet end pat ol Be cake The clin Range ml lo ‘ecied Ura flonan rove nthe wb clr eh ine sopra hown nig 575 These esse shown nth a ‘hapten eed one sole 6.24 Devin aang angle conection MIG bolo grade 4610 ‘ronferafacstored amentof Nm and he of 50 om ab of SNS $3010 econ of SHB 10, ove fing (sane sno kt we tn Comets 34 ‘Sottion Fees tots (Eom le $9: ‘Seog fa atin ingle shear = 292 Sengthin Geshe = 2902 = 584M ning tenon wb kee mn (SMB 80) 23% 1681x4025 x10) = 103.68 Teste sent of bt om Re 53) = 2.71 ‘ge clip nates Foleo fap aglesfsrlSA 135x952 withSsmm eg, conte ‘othe clans Haas ange danse 95. om. 5.10)= 55.) 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HS 4255) 3809 esa sere per bol = 30007 548 26 Design fe Sears Rent fe =F SBS) = 48.46 Nt cqcy Hewes the omesion ot. {se 0 90905 amps, og ig hd side beam TSMB250 ih, = 99mm Boning aac fw team 2.52069 400.25 10) ~ 1104 ‘rye blot 0a pach and mm ae dist, Hz ee Fire ntl do mena to etl) 19550-0525) 50) = 849 AN ‘ec shaper boll 25 a eee eo omen we of ape bs ‘Arson in Fig 57% th secant th wb feapporing ea by bol incwocsnnsatnbroantengeotADmmele ants, Aang ena rrr 25 ee pote hrs he fa on Dt a iotemament (eto eet) SS x0S120- 4 < BSUS! +65 57162 er share pec = 795 = 1254 Rowan ser facepe c= (TOP HEF) =20454N dear ice = ORS ‘Stew espacty dong hes Block hes pac Tyy = BAO LD 89554 460) (094125) 89 (50-722) 000 4584 “ual hort ef 6 1525 Tet veal sear ys (09 410609129 2894 04.5 122) 45089 "st. 1)/1000 39892 48 Ta 60218 Sarre = 300 BF = 479 WN < otc Conecton web of paring beam ‘Assn ini 5 his comes she we of speci ey ot, Inowocohen attr gnigeof 2Dmmeleandaptoh tS mm Assing eto meme (ne ese) 175320512069) DSHS? 68+ 1S = 162s esas eprint YORI) 20454 bakes ie ene he He contin hwo 90 90> 8 ang ca 160m ne ‘bf paring bs hes cate a ef ans hn be eng cpa on 2 we 2520 2 A10(125 108) “vs is do mst do nyo iow) =a 1190285) + 120-2791 Tal ve he ae 315 12.5" 044 Resin heat force = {50+ 21.798 ene, th eonaetn i sf Let hand bean ‘the en ofthe nach depth weton =400~ 26-374 an ‘Shar apa = (74389) AI) 100) [3676 EN hen fre = 20018 Siar caps tog ate ‘lek shew dpe Tay = S003 11) x89 (544260) +(09 C0129 x89, 2% (50-220)/1000= 445346 z 756.961 sae ce 75 EN Tay “DSO 11) x69 (54 +250) (09 4100.28) "69 (0-222))1000= 218861 Tyg =(09 x A049 125) 6.9 (546 2%50-25%29)+505¢69 ‘2501/1000 19483 8 Shei fe = 75 AN Sharpay Hage be ceesion 9a sample 5:27 Dein ls spe fran MBA sso rafere fected eg meme of 120 anf her of 04% ce se lanes pices fe momen an tha ewe po carn te share Me 379 [Bp emt 22Temes ‘Berman 2m ‘| | Read nee e820 ers = 160. edt, 895 Flnge sie Tc in the gen NAD ~1) = 120 12HG0 = 19312538 ‘Sipmtinc eto ia Te S.1) "52.61 a ‘ekg ests gga = 23.20% 69 400125 x 1000) = H2.4 RN Btwaie= Sabi SR Ns | wee ‘Use the rom of at a ich 6mm, ‘Netae of lange (4 = 2533 9 1636 Flange psy 301.1) 15341000~ 969 fags fee = 3125 Hence commen ste ‘ie nm og pe iat Rogue ick of pas = 325 12S140~ 223). 10 21403 am ago ppt 00 6 For D0 FSC Bote de 8 double hee ‘Slip reste ero om Table) 2 526 1052 Ty am ik we pe plato ah sof we Beaing rises pr tot ="25 20.58 4003S 10) = 128 Botta 105218 Try tes at yal pitch fm and Oe fw te ete ofthe it "oszoa bee Ene bo et stent (ote) = 90x40: 50(2% 0) = 208 ‘Vert tea fre per t= B= 2667 en sere = [567-3 = 3.3449 10524 ie web pets fae 0% 108 The deep Ss scaomatig 33 {amp 5.28 eign ere nei 22 ceed ‘an I 25 wr facta el ln of OI, eos se Fe Pete Teel enim ec P Sotten Fer ISB 25,4 550 4-9. man =n eat wo~ Qs Dro Das adda Dato spew Porton uy web = 801342899 11021 ‘retwo Mor snes ear Skene f a ng eB 3.1) 52.6 mn ewig rtance "255205068 01.2510) = 161 ‘Bolt value= 104 kN mt ae She te prtoh=1022 381441041 ce nT nt Ger oa be ge th 38 me Tt $8 Ha, via ee see 5 otal pis 30 STD ob se Flog splice % Potion ofa arid by cach lng = (5010232 ~ 1629 Forfar MOO HSFG tots of gace 88'a wo ome insglodian ol ip sts 4526 2104 ea eg ane 462542091 400.2510) a 2 oe 8 A Pa. 820 “Top boltsvengh =21048N> 18928 Hence hecmnctn ee Prove m ee dss of 8 mi end vere ish of mm. Provide 2 ‘mene pep ‘Thins of Bag ie pe ~ 1699 142501.) (25-2522) =m Howey pve un hick gp sks egal he ange "Aon vee pn of sine 270x251 mn The eds ts sesbownia Fg 5. a 528 Ch i he oe le re Fi ‘anfera embon of te fling: competion of 001, momen of 100 {mand sr of 2094, As Bt epi deed for dc beaingand (Ma Nba are ted The el Fe fon ts are grade 83. Teabenng moms sams be ay dh ans er la Th fs nth vega 00+ 1003010728 e Ty POMAg AN a RAE nba om a OH assess, cseeced anton wil ke place outa an set heat lg Hane of the pps coli ston (in & Puke 1998) These flare ple, lomthe mest af seabu h o wton atin ie wish ene ica 25:0) 7-02 PO2N (24) nO) [000% 1 +40 10 Gas) (2252 21.) (2801)229) Prove a sin tick plate Number N20 fol prince Ye a9 MO b= 52.6 KN por bles) nya RO ZDWNADD =[1005 10+ 40 10 as2452.6x 108225 a ‘ene, aol oro with vi pith of Oman i snr ‘of 4b mm. 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Ar Welding (GMAW) Garside metal a weig (OMAN) i teed mot ce gat ‘el (AC) orm nr gr IG) wag, GMAW ao alow bogs {may ope poss wha yest ange of loro ah In i ‘Sete ptowhereth wel tein sul taehing welding we te ‘cel Wen thew oer htrggron te welding elon thee eve happen taney lis 200). Tongs ec be welng pone spt td ib ceo wie strkes tae eth flat pation erent po 400A oy ste en bee 0 tive ih welding pede Inver! donee on, the Get Kept teow 1D A + Thee sd enn bee erase wie mth ol ough ‘he wl gma: Nott the welng pn cae ly a o f ‘se: ower bls, con ete eats wie ie ig ie, ‘today ice ology sed kc etncr ies Fi 6. =<“ 6.4 GHAW process ano a tg sentence eo docs oc oan hen tt rete re etcrepaereneesomrsea oe eee rosumecttevalateaanaqies De ic ea ovo ag oe ne rete a ag A eg ae cert sat apn Ss tthe rel a ea. bo ee eerie) berebetdome oe etgatet een catreta teers ecco est 2 sistas hast atl mer 8 in ecto n eerbnsonper a cae aiiiealinta (0 ey range cron arse (See cle bag pen reper ae nc el on SAT Dea ctnreinmmt ent ofr ce EE earn mp el a tee Noe ainioo, 5 ma ied Senn 33 peg mrt, Oe oc ee vey tito ito FD py 0 Thr ie ptm i th pts pe sd ‘The dadratge cf GMAW allows (Caley & Mow 201) (@) Welling equipment eed in his pacers cn be ore expensing, me sompicid a ihe pute on SUA (&) GMAW snore dieto we mg quar a he guns he gn (able eno sf diene. 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The vali of ints sushi of weligposions woe be teow ad oead tat i,b= wees era fsa esos, 2 ents saat rt pion of werk, ants aay fafa vant, ovata nd etc down,‘ ns eating en opetng ‘torres. The vale of xi 5 ine ow yee “he varios gates of ctor pri 814 lc ale prope sown i ible, Het clafntion fer the rane ocd ‘Tambo (19). Farr nematn 08 compotion sa cae of Sade ‘valle our (8) and Owens al Chel 198) 6.3 Advantages of Welding Welding of he lowing ndntge aver ling ort (@) Weide comcian climate ered mainline exept. ‘ora enna fr erection pupae, Sls tts eager tl Comectne 40 {i ign oft comecios (a it) welled ometon es ‘ne menbar vibe sale ot eso Tus t ge nonce ths ‘aso enelon ments, sce hale fet a eine, (Wilding singh sod wghjoingefplaestiecenenpooed inte eastonine of water tgs etm ce (9 Wet jats ae eee ice ey ene Be tan of are bezwees te menbon Moreover the sie pe aed tlt mate a mined Terie sage perro alr emer ofrotce nection eh Du the lian fot sch ling sad Pann welding leon cet naan do he gl ‘Ein dies eo red i eaing rc, td ell rea ‘Wn alo reqs ene eo fr essing he wer Te std hat hl eel sigs by employing weg oer boing sy be apt I3 (@ Weed traces a magi et ts det como of mide by veling 5 compared to bled ns I hl ote cover plate, Cmca meyer nn tnt Snlegs nace foe Rg anna lg ecw Ale sues darth eto mens or onsen nth (oli comectons ly ese mapped cee ‘conta ote comerine Taser fon Fp, which hens ale an waded he ‘Fa. 6.2 Apaaance oi rd wd se gos (0 Welding ten meas tothe digi cooing ton The diner ‘aoa hou by herald soos btny buoy cron, which ay be eeoomiel sd avtagess Wading hess in fo Inmovaioe of pn we jot, tld bar taper ea vce ‘re, comport costo, ul teen nose pans 450 Dosh ofan (@ Weling spe cea for ents saps of in. 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Minimum Efeeive Leng of Flt Wa ‘Who ing lt wl, nh he weirs bi pth wel it oes om te beggars se sc ud hee itende The sid ised oF 630} ete se petngl where weld asa inion eg of oe thes regen ie ‘weld shouldbe ne at ofthe eee ee the above rss, he ft gt akan ima wie th sof wld Ener howe es steeoettn 00m igo teinoluewhicheodto improv te ribaion of ses pe. Figwe 35. 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Renfro (Fig) eich provi oem leo seconel ne, ia csr spr ofthe este oat hk carp tne ‘v0 ig. 638 .etve heal neni for ror wale ‘The efecive io hice ofp pecan jit weld i kena he nia hee of he weld atl canon the pte ine, eng ‘entuceoent ie Fg 66) ancled single poe le oF and eve pra re wo sl om nscale knoll edt eat ee tne oft timet atone However epee eres cae te eect hot cts 8° it he ia ‘nee hy should eed (S816: 1969) The wee en nape Detain Wes, yl fm bth sks lot bef 035 et ‘hehehe fh hiner pe jie, nl sole ara the dp of te wid ig (0). arcs an dod five hon theo 5° fie she hime sb oy bse mb eleatone Grove ‘els sod bt ji, weet pene thn ene pid atone ‘hetoron stoi sold be costs nandead crying pons feign eats, 9.2 Flt wets ‘Tre eeive thot reson of let wld ite ore dts thet fetes of he wld an town n Fig 9.37, The ete rat sk 0 Meet Comestions 8 « Fa 637 Eee thot mentions or wo sericea Ecce aeeweemgnaic oat [Preiead it wels ued when th era ing of i ek ee ice ety gam stout contr over nee ered epson nge thickness a the ester ege of the chanoel. 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