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The First Buddhist Council

The 1 Buddhist Council was held 3 months after the Buddha passing away. Took
place in Satapanni cave of Rajagaha. The 1st Buddhist Council started in the month
of July, the beginning of the rainy season.

The main reasons for the Council were have:


The immoral words of Ven.Subhadda.

The elders were compelled call for a council.


The five rules of Ven. Devadatta creating a division in the Sangha.


The transgress rules of Vinaya by Ven. Chabbaggiya.


Ven. Sati wrong explanation the teaching of the Buddha. He says the Buddha was
preaching nothing but only the Atmavada


Dispute of monks. There were two groups:


Dharmadhara said Dhamma is most important in Buddhism.

b. Vinaya is much important than other teachings Buddhism.

Ven. Mahakassapa was presided this Council, held under the patronage of the King
Ajatasattu. This council lasted 3 months. Ven .Mahakassapa invited 499 Arhants to
take part in this Council. Ven. Mahakassapa knowing that Ven. Ananda has not
attained to Arhant-hood got the permission from the elders to invite him for the
council. Later Ven. Ananda attain to Arhant-hood the day before the council.
Ven. Mahakassapa invited Ven. Upali to review the Vinaya. The whole Vinaya
Pitaka was recited by Ven. Upali. The Vinaya Pitaka has 5 books as: ParajikaPali; Pacittiya- Pali; Mahavagga-Pali; Culavagga-Pali; Parivara-Pali.
Then Ven.Mahakassapa invited Ven. Ananda to review the Dhamma. Ven. Ananda
revised all the Suttas preached by the Buddha. He has added Thus have I heard.
All the Sutta Pitaka recited by Ven. Ananda. The Sutta Pitaka has 5 books as:
Digha-Nikaya; Majjhima-Nikaya; Samyutta-Nikaya; Anguttara-Nikaya &
Kuddhaka-Nikaya. But in 1st Buddhist Council they do not mention Abhidhamma
There was another argument about the major & minor rules. The elders were of the
view that all major & minor rules should not be revised. They may have come to this
decision to keep up the unity among monks. According to Brahmadanda all monks
boycotted Ven.Channa in addition to the punishment imposed on Ven. Channa. In the end Ven.
Ananda was arraigned by the monks in 5 charges against.