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All World Gayatri Pariwar 1
Version1,2010 edition

This book is an effort to make the supreme knowledge of

Gayatri mantra available to everyone. This booklet is a highly
abridged version of our beloved Pt.Shriram sharma acharya’s
“Super science of Gayatri” .We encourage(recommend) you to
read this encyclopedia of Gayatri after reading this book to get
an in depth understanding of the Gayatri mantra. The original
book can be downloaded at or alternatively at this

The practice of Gayatri mantra has yielded gigantic

materialistic and spiritual benefits along with supernatural
powers. Many rishis and intellectuals have adored this mantra
for its immense powers.
Anyone can practice the science of Gayatri mantra .This
mantra is devoid of any caste, religion, gender or other human
classifications .If you find this book interesting, please print
and gift this knowledge o Gayatri to your friends and relatives
and ask them to do the same. Let the entire world be
illuminated with the knowledge of God.
Wish you brightness ahead !
-All World Gayatri Pariwar






About the author of Superscience of Gayatri

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Version1,2010 edition
Chapter 1:Significance of Gayatri mantra


Practice of Gayatri Mantra is the essence of all Vedas. The Gods

Brahma,Visnu and Rudra medidate on and perform Jap of
Gayatri at the time of twilights.- Devi Bhagawatha l 6 A 16/15 l .

Gayatri mantra is said to be the

food of Gods .This is the mantra that transforms
human being to his/her original nature – Devatva
(Godliness) by annihilating his/her ignorance. The
self (soul) is nothing but the God but it has lost its
identity because of ignorance. When ignorance is
eliminated, we resume to our original nature.
The root cause of all human suffering in
the world is ignorance, infirmity and lack. These
three kinds of suffering can be removed by invoking
the triple currents of the occult powers of Gayatri.
Hreem removes ignorance, Shreem removes lack
and Kleem removes infirmity. This super science of
acquiring the most coveted bliss which was
discovered by the Indian mystics and Yogis, is their
greatest gift to humanity. This discovery is known as
Sadhana. Sadhana leads to Siddhis (divine powers).
Gayatri-Sadhana is the fount of miraculous divine
Version1,2010 edition
Chapter1 :Significance of Gayatri mantra

Swami vivekananda : “Gayatri mantra is a mantra of

righteous wisdom and therefore, it has been called a be-
jeweled crown of all the mantras”.

JBS Haldane (Eminent Scientist(1892-1964)): "The

Gayatri Mantra should be carved on the doors of every
laboratory of the world"

Bhagavan Sri krishna (In The Gita): "Amongst the rivers

I will be in the Ganges, Amongst the mountains I will be in
the Vindhyas, Amongst the Mantras I will be in the Gayatri"

Great yogi Shri Rama Krishna Paramhamsa stated “ I

tell people that it is not necessary to get engaged in
complicated Sadhanas(=Spiritual practice). Perform simple
Gayatri Sadhana and see the results. Great Siddhis(occult
powers) are attained by Gayatri Sadhana. This Mantra is
short, no doubt, but it is extremely powerful.”

The great western thinker, Arthur Koestler, had once said

that the Gayatri Mantra has the power of a thousand
atomic bombs!

Max Muller (German philologist 1823-1900):

"Let us obtain (meditate on) the adorable splendor of
Savitri (Sun God), may He arouse our minds."

Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948): "The man who recites

the Gayatri can not fall a prey to illness."

Version1,2010 edition
Chapter2 : Meaning of Gayatri mantra


Gayatri Mantra as a prayer to God that asks for

spread of divine knowledge and annihilation of our

Gayatri mantra as a mantra creates spiritual

vibrations with the individual that awakens 24 subtle
glands which in turn generate 24 different kinds of
specific energies (commonly referred to activation of
24 Gods within us).

Gayatri mantra is the only mantra which is beyond

all unnecessary categorizations of
race,religion,gender,caste etc made by humans.
These immature categorizations do not hold any
meaning in God realization (the realization of
Devatva). In this mantra, God is addressed as TAT
(means That in Sanskrit). It entitles full liberty to the
individual to worship God as he/she likes.

Version1,2010 edition
Chapter2 : Meaning of Gayatri mantra

Word by Word meaning of Gayatri mantra :

OM or AUM =OM comprises of three letters

A,U and M;A=stands for Atma or Soul-The mind
should think of only the soul and remove body
conciousness; U=Unnathi or progress –
emotional,intellectual, soceital and spiritual
upliftment of self and the world;
M=Mahannatha=stands for cultivation of top
notch qualities and attributes in life and living a
great and noble life.

BHUHU,BHUVAHA and SVAHA are known as

Maha vyahrities (Maha=Great ,Vya=all
pervasive, ahriti=cosmic knowledge)
Bhuhu is physical-with respect to individual, it
is body. Macroscopically, it is material
Bhuvaha is mental/intellectual –Individually, it
is mind and intellect. Macroscopically, it is
Chaitanya or the energy capacity to do work)
which controls matter in this universe.
Svaha- Individually,it is our inner self. On the
whole,it is Parabrahman (God) which plays with
Chaitanya and Jad.
By contemplating on these 3 vyahrities,one
attains the divine wisdom of using cosmic
energy on cosmic matter.
Version1,2010 edition
Chapter2 : Meaning of Gayatri mantra

TAT=that (God)-God is impersonally addressed as

TAT just like in the Vedas.

SAVITHUR=Savita means light. Here,Savita

signifies the triple currents of Gayatri –
Hreem(Knowledge),Shreem (Wealth) and Kleem
(Physical powers and good health). Savithur or
God’s light spreads everywhere with this mantra
and removes ignorance. Hreem destroys lack of
knowledge, Shreem destroys lack of wealth or
poverty and Kleem destroys lack of health or
physical weakness.

BHARGO= annihilate or destroy (ignorance)
DEVASYA= divine
DHEEMAHI=we meditate
PRACHODHAYAT=requesting / urging / praying

In short -it is a prayer to the Almighty Supreme God,

the Creator of entire cosmos, the essence of our
life’s existence, who removes all our pains and
sufferings and grants happiness beseeching His/Her
divine grace to imbibe within us .Her/ His divinity
and brilliance purify us and guide our righteous
wisdom on the right path
Version1,2010 edition
Chapter2 : Meaning of Gayatri mantra

Occult meaning of Gayatri mantra-

As mentioned before,Gayatri not only is a prayer for

supreme knowledge, but also a mantra. Mantras
have huge occult powers within them. Of all the
mantras, all the great rishis consider the supreme
mantra is Gayatri mantra with gigantic occult
powers and supernatural siddhis (powers).
During speech, the nerve-fibres of the particular
parts of the mouth from which sound emits stretch
up to different parts of the body and put pressure
on the corresponding glands.

There are many large and small, visible and

invisible glands in the body. Yogis know that some
specific energies lie hidden in these glands, Shat-
Chakras (six energy centre) related to the
Sushumna gland are quite well known but there are
several other such glands in the body.
The utterance of different words has its impact on
different glands and by such impact the energy of
these glands gets stimulated.

Version1,2010 edition
Chapter2 : Meaning of Gayatri mantra

There are twenty-four

letters in Gayatri- Mantra
which are related to
twenty-four such glands
located in the body which,
on getting stimulated,
activate and awaken the
hidden powers of
righteous wisdom.

Gayatri mantra activates the above-mentioned

twenty-four divine qualities in the devotee. With
their growth, varied accomplishments (Siddhis)
and prosperity start manifesting in the life of the
devotees. 9
Version1,2010 edition
Chapter3 : Benefits of Gayatri mantra


Materialistic benefits of Gayatri mantra

•Bestows attractive personality

•Develops the power of speech
•Wards off poverty and insufficiency
•Forms a protective halo around the person
•Brilliance in the eyes is noticeable
•Wards off dire influences, unfavorable
circumstances and dangerous situations
•Activates internal centers in the body
•The beeja mantras in the mantra activates
nerve fibres and glands
Spiritual benefits of Gayatri mantra
•Develops a sacred and focussed psyche
•Grants 8 forms of siddhis (powers) and 9 forms
nidhis (attributes) and several subsets of these
called riddhis
•Allows one to positively influence the environment
and to use divine energy for welfare of the world
•Personality develops divine magnetism
•Ignorance, infirmity and inadequacy are removed
•Makes one a magnetic personality
•Develops a feeling of peace, makes one aware of a
new power that is working within them
•Makes a person take interest in noble deeds
For more information on the benefits read this ebook :
Version1,2010 edition
Chapter4 : How to practice Gayatri mantra


Simple steps for Gayatri Meditation

Step1: Purification of body-

Try to freshen up (take a bath) before Gayatri Jap to
clean the body (Although Gayatri mantra can be
chanted in any state)

Step 2: Purification of mind and intellect-

Pranayam(Yogic breathing exercise) is the best
option to clean your mind to get razor edged
concentration for Gayatri Jap.
A simple pranayam involves :
1.Deep inhalation from left nostril followed by deep
exhalation by the right nostril.
2.Deep inhalation from right nostril followed by
deep exhalation by the left nostril.
3.Repeat left-right and right –left sequences at least
10 times.
4.Do a thratak-fast cycles of inhale-exhale for more
oxygen to brain cells (optional step).
Step 3: Prayer to Guru-
Each one of us have our favorite Guru. Pray to your
favorite guru to grant you full shraddha (discipline)
and Yash (success) in the meditation.
Some notable Gurus are :Lord Krishna, Lord Jesus,
Lord Buddha, Guru Nanak,Gurudev Shriram
acharya, Lord mahavir,Swami Vivekananda etc. 11
Version1,2010 edition
Chapter4 : How to practice Gayatri mantra

Step 4: Understand/remember the meaning of

Gayatri mantra (for say 2-3 mins)

Step 5: Perform chanting(Jap) of Gayatri mantra-

Ideally ,Gayatri mantra has to be chanted 108 times.
You can start with 10 times and gradually increase
to 108 times.
Generally, Gayatri Sadhak do the Gayatri mantra
chanting in 3 sets of 108 times each.1set in the
morning ,1set in the afternoon and 1 set in the
evening.(1 noon and 2 twilights)
But most of us work in the afternoon.
Therefore, some sadhak do 1 set in the morning
and 2 sets in the evening .This is the standard
practiced for today’s world.
If your religion permits idol worship, you can chose
an idol or photo of your favorite God’s form and
imagine the deity during chanting.

There are 3 kinds of Jap or chanting:

1.Vachak jap-Chanting loudly
2.Upanshu jap-Chanting by lip movement
3.Manasik jap –Chanting mentally
The sadhak can choose one of these as per
their convenience. Even the posture you sit during
sadhana should keep you relaxed so that you can
concentrate on the meditation.

Version1,2010 edition
Chapter4 : How to practice Gayatri mantra

Step 6: Acknowledge the Gods and Guru by

thanking them for their grace

Step 7: Maintain a spiritual diary –After

meditation, write down what went well, what would
have been better and how I will improve. Without
measurement there is no progress. Let us be
systematic and use scientific approach in everything
we do.

Few attributes of Gayatri Sadhana :

1) Some Tantriks (practitioners of occult powers)

perform Gayatri mantra at midnights which is
classified as Tantrik sadhana.
These are mainly to get immediate materialistic
benefits of Gayatri but are dangerous.
So, please be cautious by not performing jap at
abnormal times. However, If you are doing Manasik
jap (i.e, Jap only in mind), you can do it at any time.
2) At advance level, Sadhaks perform deep
meditations on Gayatri mantra which manifolds its
powers accordingly. These are called as anusthans.
During these deep meditations, strict rules of
Sadhana (spiritual practice) are followed like-
abstinence from liquor, non vegetarian food, sex, tasty
food, These anusthans can be started on any day as
per the sadhak’s will.
Version1,2010 edition
Chapter 4 : How to practice Gayatri mantra

3) Sadhana is always kept as a top secret and

never told. There are 3 reasons behind this –1) If
you discuss your Sadhana with others, others may
discourage or point out irrelevant mistakes which
may de motivate your will towards the objective. 2)
The more you talk about your spiritual achievements
or practice, the more you are prone to develop
Spiritual ego that you are great which is highly
detrimental to spiritual progress. 3)Ensuring liberty
of worship :every individual is different-every
individual’s approach towards God is different.
Some extremists force others to worship God in a
similar manner like they do which is not appropriate.
Liberty is the epitome of Gayatri Sadhana.
Therefore,a sadhak should not reveal his/her
Sadhana and impose others to practice the way
he/she does.

Cant we at least discuss Sadhanas so that others

can derive benefits from what you are doing ?
Yes .definitely we should discuss the good ways of
performing Gayatri sadhana but only if the other
aspirant is keen on knowing about Gayatri rather
than ridiculing your sadhana. Strategy and
diplomacy is used such that you answer his/her
doubts but at the same time not reveal your
Sadhana. It is always advisable to guide him/her
towards a authentic guru or book if you don’t know
the answers. 14
Version1,2010 edition
Chapter 4 : How to practice Gayatri mantra

Untold secret of Gayatri mantra :

Many Sadhaks perform Gayatri mantra and get benefits ,but only
few of them attain the complete benefits of Gayatri.
This mantra is like a treasure house of siddis but it has to be
unlocked. What are the keys to unlock these powers from this
Vasishtha and Vishwamitra are the two keys that unlock the
spiritual and material powers of Gayatri. Very few of the sadhaks
have unlocked Gayatri mantra using these keys. What are these

Vasista (Vaishist=special) means formidable achiever-One has to

be powerful achiever in his/her work field, keen learner and
ambitious to attend siddhis or perfection. When he/she practises
this art of perfection in many fields, he/she becomes versatile and
expands wisdom(= Generic knowledge of all intelligences)
Vishwamitra ( Vishwa=World,Mitra=Friend)-He/She has to be
friend of the world.This includes-immense love and affection for the
world beings irrespective of race,religion etc.respect for life of
plants and animals-intense feeling for everyone's enlightenment(not
only his/her)-thinking that the whole world is his/her family and
he/she has to protect it.
By repeated and rigourous practice of Gayatri mantra and living
both Vasishtha and Vishwamitra,you can unlock the hidden powers
of Gayatri.Both the keys are essential.
Version1,2010 edition
Chapter 4 : How to practice Gayatri mantra

Started practice? How do you feel?

Please let us know how you have started feeling

after practice of this divine mantra. We would love to
hear about your story. Please email to – or mail to Yugantar Chetna
Press,Shantikunj, Haridwar,U.P., India 249411
Also, please do not hesitate to contact us for any
queries regarding to Gayatri Sadhana. We are shall
be happy to help you. You already are member of
our global family.

Divide Knowledge and it gets multiplied

Are you happy with this book? If so, it is our humble
request that you share this knowledge to your friends and
relatives so that they too will march along with you on the
path of enlightenment.
All you have to do is :
1.Email the soft copy
2.Print and gift the copy of “Super science of Gayatri” to
your friends/relatives/Community/Charity.

There is no greater joy than sharing knowledge. See how

good you feel once you have done it .It is priceless!!

We wish you the best for your Gayatri mantra practice !

With lots of Love ,

Version1,2010 edition
About the author of Super Science of Gayatri

Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya, a pioneer of spiritual renaissance was born

on 20th September 1911, in Anwalkheda, Agra District. He scrupulously
carried out the biddings of his Guru, a great Himalayan Yogi-Swami
Sarveshvaranand, when he was fifteen years of age.

The Yug rishi (Prophet of this Era) initiated a movement for

transformation of era, lived a disciplined life of devout Austerity. His
personality was a harmonious blend of a saint, spiritual scientist, yogi,
philosopher, psychologist, writer, reformer, freedom fighter, researcher,
eminent scholar and visionary.

The Yug rishi had compiled, edited and translated the 4 Vedas, 108
Upanishads, 6 Darshanas, 18 Puranas, 20 Smritis,24 Gitas,
Yogavashishta, Nirukta,Vyakaran, hundreds of Aranyakas and
Brahmanas with lucid commentaries to enable the masses to understand
the knowledge contained in them.The translation was also aimed at
eliminating misconceptions, superstitions and blind customs, which were
propagated in the medieval era by misinterpretations of the Vedas and
other scriptures. This contribution to the world of knowledge and human
culture was highly acclaimed and the distinguished title of ‘Vedmurti’ was
conferred upon him in recognition of this magnificent achievement. Also
he accomplished a feat of writing more than 3000 books on all aspects of
human life.

A great devotee of Gayatri, the Acharya lived an ideal life for 80 years
and voluntarily shed his physical sheath on Gayatri Jayanti, 2nd June

Version1,2010 edition

All World Gayatri Pariwar is a
NGO-spiritual organization founded
by Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya.The
mission of AGWGP is to develop
the mankind through scientific
spirituality and thought-revolution.
AWGP is spread over 80 countries
and around 4000 centers in India. It
has close to 50 million members.
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Our initiatives for the Golden era:

Thought revolution aims at changing our attitudes and daily
routine and all the aspects of life to transform ourselves to
intellectually divine human beings.

Scientific spirituality aims at the integration of the

modern and ancient sciences in a practical way aimed at
the noble goal of health and happiness for all. Innovative
scientific research aimed at grass root applications is
being carried out here in the ancient sciences in an
enliven collaboration with relevant modern sciences.
Establishment : Brahma varchas research institute

Divine India youth association is a movement to

harness the innate potential of youth and channelize it
towards the path of National development through self
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Million youngsters to come together and work for self and
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