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Assignment 1

James Dickerson
Question #1: Article: Government hacks and security breaches skyrocket, By
Chris Frates and Curt Devine, CNN
Question #2:
Cyber Security is a growing issue in the United States. Both
governmental and commercial data has been breeched in recent months
resulting in a lot of personal information becoming compromised. These
compromises have resulted in countless losses for major organizations including
target, home depot, and government organizations. Most recently SONY Pictures
experienced a data breach resulted in large amounts of lost revenue in relation to
delayed and canceled movie releases and credit monitoring for all personal
information affected. The consensus from experts in cyber security and
intelligence communities is that this will only be the beginning of a much larger
issue to come. (Frates & Devine, 2014)
Question #3:
- Search Engines Used: Google & Bing
- Google results: Slightly Less Current Articles, But More Largely
Recognizable Resources (WSJ, CNN, MSNBC, Forbes)
- Bing Results: More current articles, but less know resources.
(Whatech, Market Watch, & TweakTown)
- Article Selected:
o An Optimistic Lens on Cybersecurity, By Thomas H. Davenport,
WSJ (Davenport, 2015)
o Cyber Security Professionals Predict Their Biggest Concerns
For 2015, By Sue Poremba, Forbes (Poremba, 2015)
Question #4: Article: Cyber Security Professionals Predict Their Biggest
Concerns For 2015, By Sue Poremba, Forbes (Poremba, 2015)
1. Time: Written 01/02/2015 (No Updates)
2. Relevance: This article does relate to my topic and further explains
potential cyber risk in the future.
3. Authority: The author is Sue Poremba, her qualifications to write
this article are unknown. No bio or information about the authors
credibility was provided.
4. Accurate: The information appears to be accurate, the article is
supported with evidence and information from experts in cyber
5. Purpose: This article purpose is to inform the consumer of potential
risk with cyber security in the future.
Question #5: Articles:
1. Improving Cybersecurity: Is the United States safe from Internet
criminals?, By: Roland Flamini, CQPress(Flamini, 2013)
2. Cyber Defense, By Brett Tjaden & Robert Floodeen, Access
Science (Floodeen & Tjaden, 2011)

Key words used: Cyber & Security

Databases used:
1. Current Issues CQ Researcher: CQ Researcher provides articles
related to current events and items in the news
2. Science/Technology Access Science: McGraw-Hill database
provides reliable information, also has information related more
specifically to information technology.
Question #6:
The information found through both search engine results
and database inquires is equally important to properly research a topic. Both of
these options provide unique benefits and weaknesses. For example, search
engine results provide quick information when needed in expedited situations
and provide a large number of results to fit your need. In contrast, Database
inquires often require more time to provide relevant results but often produce
articles and information with more verifiable authority and more support accurate
information. Through further investigation if can also be concluded at search
engine results are also updated more rapidly which can produce more timely
results, but often this ability to rapidly distribute information can result is less fact
checking and less verification of the facts.

1. Davenport, T. H. (2015, 01 07). An Optimistic Lens on Cybersecurity. Retrieved 01
07, 2015, from Wall Street Journal:
2. Flamini, R. (2013). Is the United States safe from Internet criminals? Improving
Cybersecurity , 23 (7), n/a.
3. Floodeen, R., & Tjaden, B. (2011). Cyber Deffense. Research Review .
4. Frates, C., & Devine, C. (2014, 12 19). Government hacks and security breaches
skyrocket. Retrieved 01 07, 2015, from
5. Poremba, S. (2015, 01 02). Cyber Security Professionals Predict Their Biggest
Concerns For 2015. Retrieved 01 07, 2015, from