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‘ i} | THE STEVE GADD BOOK Tne Re ol a toto 7 yp HW7K © 1985 by Percussion Center Publications. All transcriptions made by Hans Fagt, Musical notation ,Lay cut & Cover design by Morten Grpnund, Preface. Tt seems that during the last decade of drumming regardless of musical style,one person is constantly men- tioned by drummers as one of their major influences: Steve Gadd. No other drummer has been transcribed to such ‘infinite detail, but until now, mostly within the confines ‘of the practice room. His succes oS a musician and his popularity among other drummers is due to his flaw- less technique, good taste and respect for music This is not intended as a book of etudes. This iS a book of selected Gadd grooves, fills and solos. For example pg. 1, "Midtown Rush", illustrates the groow in the introduction , two cheice fills and the groove in the interlude. In short a collection of Gadd highlights, complete with Usted artist, album ,title and tempo. Copeninagen,Janvary 4h 1985, Aone Jagt cymbal Hinat —Opanihat —Goubell f.fom 2.tom Srare Som Mtom assdrom sa fat og wth at Means open dovble, stroke roll Means Sstoke roll aah Tom Scott : NewYork Connection tune: Midtown Rush (J108) UG Liha SCH G ITA tune: Looleing out for #7 (roa) Mee ertrererereh tune: Dirty old Man Came) 3 > sz ze Sarena, =e ae Chick Cored: The Leprechaun ‘tune: Nite Sprite (#130) “ga TD iti i Orit) Sere soo yb iy by Dy b te Piferte fl Chick Corea : The Leprechaun ‘tune: Lenora ati rythm (J=120) Don Sebasky: The rape of €L Morro (e120) >> E Chuck Mangione: Mainsqueeze ‘tune : Love the Feeling (d=96) with horn ‘one bar fill, Chick Corea : My Spanish Heart ‘tune: Spanish Fantasy (Part one) (dette) Stanley Clarke : School days pep AT (outro) * a eerie Era Stuff : Stuff live in Japan Charles Mingus : Me,myself, an eye tone: Three worlds of drums (3152) excerpts from Gadd Solos Lady Sa Tnree worlds of drums : (Continved) GREAT? ERT Lee Ritenour : Friendship tune: Seadance soto (aH) 7 pS ADAN DE As Mongo Santamaria: Red Hot tune: Afrocuban fantasie (Dette) Pave nyt JA} BE we ge dT wr Dare = Be ne Chick Corea: Friends tune : Samba Song (d= 138-144) SowinaSiong (cont) ieee eee aeecceseesecae meer pny TES Fe FAT a Paul Simon :One. trick Pons tune: Lafe in the evening. (Two sticks in each hard). eases sass Paul Simon: Still crazy after all these. years. tune: 50 wos to Lasve your lover > pe Repeat and fade Lee Ritenour : Feel the Night tune: French Roost ( J= 432) French Roast (cont), At Peet Sadao Watanabe : Morning Island tune: Town East (J=116) AU Jarreau : This Time. tune: Spain (=120-126) cowbell patterns pee edohagah pak, panne BAS Ie 3; i 6 See egret yi nig .napnoojn. hl pee pe Se = = t) Afi, Ly, “te BET ipa shpaanpie Tt —f FT 15 Ayia, abide t6 ot Ben Sidran : The Cat and the Hat tune : Seven steps to Heaven (d= 188) Brecker Brothers: Delente, tone: oe (98) ami Chorus: A ph hor pepe ee ay 7 > ~ rm 3 = «BT * Fy ee eS Manhattan Transfer : Mekka for Modems tune: Confirmation (J = 104) ean sg aes oe es oe eT tT, ANS «LOL, SS ae ef ete reer sererset whoper Roberta Flack : !m the one, tune: I'm the one (d= 96-100) Hubert Laws : In the Begiming tune: Airegin (2482) brushes be Lyb ‘an = oe ent oe ae 7 aot ah = AL hae es ae 3 f or mpl an $f Ot or = ahs ye fee eee: i - she bh gghedloc Port ot or tededdde J} Jim Hell : Swan Lake. june: Malagania ‘Don Grusin : Out of the Shadows, une : Last tin to Paradise (J = 412) eee | rf > >> > 6 >> > > Bice bce creeteslycrrtiirrerserese Pays! apa “Torn Scott : Apple Juice tune: vice (Js 100) : pee eT ey al tr Bp BO Chock, Mangione :Tarantellas , tune: One eyed Sailor G00) > a % ith Gonmandmant (+208) Ith commandment (ont.) (4 #152) JR pry pF jap, i Ftp ce gle peg pa fd pyerareeresres eran enn Team A a THA 24 e 7 PUES PERCUSSION, i Se Poreussion Center, Frederiksberg Bredegade 1,DK 2000 Copenhagen F.(045)1-105710. Telex 16423 DK PERC.