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RAJASTHAN NURSING COUNCIL r Year G. N. M. Examination January, 2013 Time: 3Hrs. Paper-I Max. Marks: 75 Bivlugical Science Note: Any Five question are to be answered, All questions carry equal marks. 2 Reffatamriaandiiing atugitasieaarae Qu. (What So youmean by Pitaey Gland? Degas osition, structure and functions. 5+10 freqetatrtenewaramgtt? gaaifeatt, rar’ Q.2.4, Describe the Structure of Eye with diagram and write mechanism of the Sight. 148 _tferaetsra sora afar fear z (QA Enlist Sense Organs & describe structure of Skin with its functions in detail. s+ wrrgfadt etait acre eer air| QA Give a detail structure with diagram of Heart and illustrate the Conduction process of Heart. Weratarracerafien aoirafira eygerat earert roche eeTa 5+10 Q5. Whiat do youmean by Microbes ? Describe the different methods of destroying Microbes. “wperotteropomrererareeaptt 2 sree ean afer fee enreofa ffir 5+10