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* RAJASTHAN NURSING COUNCIL, JAIPUR 1 Year GNM Exam September, 2013 Paediatric Nursing PAPER— II ‘Time : 3 Hours ‘Max. marks : 75 ze [ Note: Any five Questions are to be answered. All Questions are carried equal marks. ate: fred oie meat & sax aiferes watt welt & aia wart EL oe Define Growth and Development (G & D) of the children. (b) Ilustrate the factors influencing ee eae ) Write role of Parents in Growth & Development of school going child. (9o) Fava Hr eee Pra at aRRantte FST (HBA vet rere ar ameter A aT HTT AT opeitnn use yagi nae (+745) Q :) Explain Malnutrition. (b) Differentiate the Kwashiorkor and Marasmus. (© ) Write preventive. Yoram for Protein Energy Malnutrition. (+448) Can geben ah eee Part wp wena aarrereare at Faw PFET | 4 & wie sat gators rare a sure FavaT 423,40) Write Preventive measures for Dianoes in infin: () Classify dehydration with their signs and symptoms. (c ) Describe the management of severely dehydrated child. (5+5+5) (30) fargsit a eget enema & fre sora FaFwA (@ farstatrercor at setts Perego rar a See OR aap PenFSA ( aiatre Farstcfraneon Baretta TEN a rawr ar aT PVFSTA Ce ‘any Ten Home accidents among children with their Preventive measures, C= (10x1%) esas es eencann (6346) ities for child immunization Q5 Write the followi i (a) National Immunization schedule (b) Cold-chain (¢ ) Nursing respon: faeafafad at fafa (ao) Teste reo AN CH) Stes Aer H Tea H remreney S aA AAT STAT Q.6 Explain Maningitis. Write the signs and symptoms of Meningitis. Describe Nursing Management of ‘Tubercular Maningitis (TBM). ~~ G45+7) aftercare afSr ASrong fea as Reg wa ero at Fal ee Aaa aftr gacua am ante AST Q7. (a) Classify Cangenital Heart Defects (CHD). (b) Write the common signs:& symptoms of CHD. (¢) Deseribé the post-operative Nursing Management of Tetrology of Fallot’s (TOF) child. ( 4+4+7) (Qh seararra gem Rerpierat a agp fanfare |) Fee Pepierat te erarea Bees erereTt at FRA Cer Reheat atten Chatter A ype mee em sirterer rere afar reretre aor aroha RHF Q.8 Write short notes on any three. (a) Photo Therapy (b) Collection of Urine specimen of an Infant (¢) Child Abusé (4) Exclusive Breast feeding (¢) Juvenile Delinquency Peat cha ux aifeice fecroh fafert 1 (54545) (3) Trea wey Hey a aye ara eiEOT CH UTES SATA (K) AETOH TeTAA () ATT STTTET