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RAJASTHAN NURSING COUNCIL 1° Year G. N. M. Examination January, 2013 Paper-II Max. Marks: 75 Behaviourial Science (Psychology and Sociology) Note: Any Five question are to be answered. All questions carry equal marks. ate: fardintaupttanedifine aetaed a afar ware! Qu. Explain the Dynamics of behavior. Write the relations of emotions in health and disease. Explain Role of Nurse in controlling the emotional situations. 54545 area Breer aH TS HAT! WAT a i ret fafa ear feet ss A it QX What do you mean by personality? Describe the factors affecting development of personality. 5+10 ‘afer aera eet ? ere frre wer er are eae rao TEL :Q3~ Write ShortNotes on any three. S+5+5 fardita femur fre (a)Adjustment (b)Intelligence ‘afarat (c)Attitude aE (RRM) (d@)Memory carearedt _Q4. Explain the Sop Ne ee Faerun Profession. 44546 waTreEareaT met, i i v Q.5. Describe the Rights and Responsibilities of an indivi jina democratic Society. 7+7'2 Deseret a encore a u , Q.6-~ Define Family. Enlist the basic needs of a Family. Write in detail the role of nurse in Family Life Education. i‘. S+5+5 roerattarcas pre areata fcr rete ft fret 1 Q.7. Write Short Notes on following. TAT ‘frerar feoruit ferret % (@DrugAddiction yrefewert (b)Dowry System one 98 Write ShortNotes on any three. ni | SS45 faerdtctrer femrott ferfiorg! e (a) Learning and its types dren ites tra (b) Frustrations qyart (c) Resources ofthe country and economy awatnerreg onitiat (d) Economy and social security snfefatreet arene grat