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From the Joseph Papp production of Michael Bennett's “A CHORUS LINE” Highlights from : A CHORUS LINE 1 I CAN DO THAT - 2. WHAT I DID FOR LOVE - 3. ONE Arranged by ee oes ene Lyric by EDWARD KLEBAN HARRY SIMEONE Music by MARVIN HAMLISCH Slow 4 Soprano 4 Alto Tenor Bass Slow 4 (Maestoso) No chord Piano Bright 4, with a beat Bright 4, with a beat Fm "1 CAN DO THAT" [A] Happy! + I'm watch-in' Sis__ go pit-ter_—_pat,_ A dancer placed in front of the Choris, aking the cue from Lytle, could be very effective. Copyright © 1975 by Marvin Hlalisch& Egvacd Kleban [Al eghts controlled by Ween Maste Co Ince and American Compass Music Corp. Said, I can do that__. (Chorus Line (SATB)-2 Solo or small group of Sopranos. one morn-in' Sis won't go 0 dance class, 1 grabher — shoes___— and tights. and all __