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Drew Heller

Mr. Bless
Contemporary Literature
30 October 2013
Annotated Bibliography
Source 1:
Lewis, Jon E. Mammoth Book of True War Stories. New York:
Carroll & Graf, 1992. Print.
Both Lewis and OBrien tell true stories of the war. In
specific Lewis includes a first hand account of a soldier
named Stanley Homiskis. He writes a letter to his wife and
explains how he puts himself at fault for the death of his
best friend in the war. This is a similar situation of Bowker
and Kiowa that OBrien tells us about. Both of stories show
the loss of innocence the war brings about, no matter how
young a soldier his life can be taken at any moment. They
also show how innocence is lost in the soldiers that
watched men die, even if they were not at fault they took
responsibility for it and put the blame on themselves.
Source 2:
Rowlands, David T. Winter Soldier Reveals the Chilling Reality of
the Vietnam War. Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal,
10 May 2013. Web. 30 Oct. 2013.
This news article by David Rowland Includes a account of
the Vietnam war through the eyes of Scott Camil, a soldier.
He gives recounts of the horrible conditions of the war, and
the horrible ways the Americans treated the Vietnamese.
He gives vivid descriptions of the American soldiers
torching villages and making games out of torturing and
raping women. Like OBrien, Rowland gives us a vivid
image of the true horror of the war, by showing the true
inhumanity and barbarity it brought out of the soldiers.