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Research, Plagiarism, and Citations

Mrs. Ts 10th Grade English

Name: ___________________________________________________

Pd. ____

Research Finding Evidence

Research and Organizing It is very important that you find evidence from at least
____________________________________________________ to support your main argument or
____________________ statement.
If you find information from only one book, for example, your paper becomes more
of a book report than a persuasive paper.
The more research you do, the more _________________ your information will be.
You will need to __________________________ of every source you use so that you can
give _______________ for information taken from those sources.
Tips for Compiling Research
As soon as you select a source for research, ________________________ all the information
needed for your ________________________________
Every single time you take a note or copy a direct quotation every single time! ______________________________________________________________________________
When writing an exact quotation, always ____________________________ your work.
Immediately put ________________________________ around anything you copy word-for-word
If you are taking notes using a computer, never, ever
__________________________________________ information from a web site into your notes. It is
too easy to wind up plagiarizing, even if you dont mean to.

Plagiarism Common Sense Ways to Battle Plagiarism

Citing Sources
Citing sources is a writers best defense against __________________________
Just because material doesnt have a copyright symbol doesnt mean its not copyrighted.
Current copyright law holds that anything a person writes is
_________________________________________________________ by copyright law, whether or not
it uses the copyright symbol.
Writers should cite sources when they
Create ideas that are based on someone elses material or ideas
Common Knowledge
Common knowledge is a body of information that is commonly known and that can be
found in a variety of sources.
Penguins live in Antarctica
Denver is the capital of Colorado
When in doubtcite the source!
How to Cite a Source M.L.A. Format
Step One: Within a Paper

To give credit to a source in your paper, put in parenthesis the authors

_____________________________ and the ___________________________________(s) where you
found the information you are citing.
Most people have heard the saying, A rose by any other name would smell as
sweet (Shakespeare 45).
Many electronic sources lack page numbers so you will have to ____________ this
from your in-text citation.
If you cant find the authors name, use the _______________ of the work instead of the
authors name.
Some experts believe that Shakespeare may not have written all of the plays that
carry his name (No Fear Shakespeare 37).
Punctuating in-text citations Is simple. Put the parenthesis before the end
punctuation in the sentence. _________________ use any punctuation between the
authors name and the page number.
Step Two: At the end of the paper
A works cited page is a _______________________ page at the end of your paper.
It includes the information about every book, magazine article, web article, web page, etc.,
used in your research.
Author. Title. City of pub: Publisher, year pub. Medium.
Stewart, Jon. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents

America (The Book): A

Citizens Guide to Democracy In action. New York City: Warner Books, 2004.
Electronic Sources
Author. Title of Work. Title of Web Site. Name of

Publisher or Sponsoring Organization. Date of publication or latest update. Medium.

Date accessed.
Tonnesson, Oyvind. Mahatma Gandhi, the Missing Laureate. Nobel Foundation, 1 Dec. 1999. Web. 4 May 2009.
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