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MDQ Academy
Brentwood, New York
Jan. 12-16

a b a i g @ m d q a c a d e m y. o r g
m d q 2 n d g r a d e r s . w e e b l y. c o m


Sister Amnas Classroom Newsletter

The story this week was called, Pearl
and Wagner: Two Good Friends. The
comprehension skill was authors
purpose. Students created a PIE,
project where they understood that
the P stands for Persuade, the I for
Inform, and the E for Entertain. We
worked on this concept in small groups
during guided reading time.
They also learned about antonyms
being words that are opposite and
color-coded antonyms for an
Students wrote a story picking one of
three characters, settings, and plots.
The mix and match type story was
very fun to write and read!
We started learning about verbs in
grammar. Verbs are action words.
They had a sorting activity where they
needed to distinguish between many
nouns and verbs.


Students found and wrote definitions for

different landforms and bodies of water. Weve
learned about mountains, hills, valleys,
peninsulas, islands, and other landforms, as
well as bodies of water such as gulfs, bays,
oceans, rivers, and lakes.

This week has been tons of practice with double-digit
subtraction and regrouping. Every day we have been
practicing how and when to regroup when
subtracting. Students did a cute snowman project,
where they built the snowman using the snowballs
that either had regrouping or no regrouping problems
on them. They also worked with partners and played
a spinner game to find numbers to subtract together.
Although we will be done with this chapter next week,
we will do the test the following week. Next week are
lessons 5.9-5.11. Make sure homework pages are


We have finished up learning the three lessons

in chapter 4 about different environments,
habitats, and food chains. Students learned that
a food chain is the order in which animals eat
other plants and animals. The food chain
always starts with the sun that gives energy to
plants for growing and then some animal eats
the plants, an animal eats that animal, and so
on. Many interconnected food chains are called
a food web. The test for this chapter will be next
Wednesday. Use the study guide that was sent
home or the one that is uploaded to my website
to review the concepts before the test.



Speech Competition
Please remember that the in-class speech
competition is Feb. 3. Read below for more
details. If your child does a rough draft, they
can/should bring it in for me to check over, listen
to them, help them improve, and work on their
speech. I will be happy to help them with
techniques before the actual class speeches. Do
not write the whole thing for them; brainstorm
ideas together, but please help them come up
with Quran verses and Hadiths that they can put
into their speech. Also, do not use big words that
they do not know the meaning of or cannot

Reminders to Students/Parents

1) Science chapter 4 test Wednesday.

2) Landforms and bodies of water
edible food project due Jan. 26.
Please make sure to read through
the directions that were sent home
this week. It is mandatory!
3) The new fluency homework
REQUIRES color-coding of the
sentences in the text that help find
the answers to the questions on
the back.

Speech competition is mandatory

for all students! The notice went
home about a week or two ago.
The topic for our class is Prophet
Mohammad: Friend to Kids. They
need to write a three-minute
speech with parental help. The in
class competition is Feb. 3. Two
girls and two boys will move on to
age level competition in the school
and the winners from there move
on to the Inter-School State

Next Weeks Highlights

Language Arts: verb tenses
Math: Finishing chap. 5. 5.9-5.11. Test
will not be next week.
Science: test chap. 4 Thursday
Social Studies- more on maps/globes

Upcoming Events/Requests/Comments
1) Literacy Week Week of Jan. 26. I am
looking for one or two parents to come
in to be a Mystery Reader, for
Tuesday, Jan. 27. You are to pick a
grade level appropriate picture book to
read out loud and come surprise the
kids in the classroom. Please let me
know if you are available.
2) No school this upcoming Monday.
3) If your child received a fundraising
coupon book in a yellow bag last
week, and you have not returned it or
bought it, please do so ASAP. Those
are not free to keep at home..
4) School picture order form is due at the
end of the month.