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Virtue that every men possess inevitably constitute to the personality of men, they are an identity

and a frock so significant to their existence. It is the virtue which you could measure the moral
standards of men, a way to amalgamate people with respect to the virtue they possess, a wealth to
some for the goodness they have in their hearts and unfortunate for some who have a virtue of the
But the important to understand is that the virtue also provides comfort for those who are in
grievance for their resented destiny. Such luck for those who are immune to this, they are people
with great virtue and of good moral.
Behind the great successes of many learned men are due to the virtue they possess, such patience
when you have nothing. Patience is somewhat for my comprehension and to the essence of its
importance, is the mother of all virtues. No men who achieve grand achievement due to wisdom
alone, nor cant a Saint earned most goodness in their heart by just being good and humble. All of
them from successful merchant, charismatic statesmen and among great thinker and philosopher
who gained their well-priced achievement earned the so called success by means of their
intellectual and advantage skill but the patience to wait for a long time to enable them seizes the
opportunity at hand.
Patience after-all are in born for those who live with nothing at all. For those who live in disgrace,
they waited for many years in hiding, until such years of patience and of waiting were given a prize
by an instant opportunity. Those who live in poverty and bondage of ignorance, whose parents
work hard just to send their children in school, its their virtue of patience and the children to study
hard to educate themselves possess patience. There are many instances in real life which will be a
good example how this virtue shaped many lives to modest way.
Patience is somewhat could be explained into this, it is the endurance of men to pursue any
undertakings no matter what happen, regardless of great time and effort consumed along way, as
long as in the end you gained what you aimed for.
Patience is fortitude, resilience with brilliant flexibility to manage different circumstances. Capability
to work and adopt in different environment could be the best way to expound it and be
supplemented by the pressure to work multi-tasking. Pliable men are with patience exceeds their
dream by working and directing their deeds in the accomplishment of the great undertakings, some
are not thinking about amassing worldly wealth but of greatness that yourself worthy wantingfulfillment of what our heart desires.
It is the determination that propels us to be patient, wait for the exact time to grab opportunity and
make such timing to underscore our creed and what we wanted to catch. Determination is a way
which had changed the world we live in by many heroes who died in bloodshed and sacrificed their
life for the sake of what they are fighting for but determined to achieved it regardless the life they
have gave up for the cause.
These instances and explanations are what I have conversing to myself, be patient as always I say
to myself thousandth time wait for the time for you to kill and opportunity that will come in your way.
Just be yourself and wait, its the best weapon you have from the moment. Just aspire and dream
of much bigger, higher and wait for the time to make it come true, be determine to accomplish it but
never and never lose hope. Its the patience that will make you a living testament of success, not
the wisdom you possess, it cannot stand the waves of challenges in the ocean of failure, but be
patient in waiting the boat of your dream that will transport you in the continent of your
accomplishment, failure is always there, but be patient, if failure almost loomed me, just pray and
ask for guidance and wait for the moment you dreamed for. Failure could also be good friend in
time you are alone, for it will provides you a comfort amidst turbulence, a weal fortress that could
be again strong shaped you mind and heart with it but never swallowed you under it, make such
time to transpire good vibes to you, remember after a rain theres a rainbow that reminds us that
theres a hope for a brighter tomorrow. Until such time came in, youre ready to grab it with your
whole heart and mind. Success will only be a lifetime companion to you.
This is all about my story a beginning of a journey seemingly undirected but patiently honed by the
experiences in worst period of my life, sharpen my saw in preparation for a laborious venture into
the world we live in, and in the world we wanted to create out from the dreams we have in our
childhood. It might be a laughing stock to some if mistakenly granted this story about the

challenges so simple for many but to the character of the story was herculean and unable to carry
the burden maybe due the fact of his experiences in his younger years.